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Review – You Wealth Revolution Instant Awakening by Gia Reed

The You Wealth Revolution Instant Awakening with Darius M. Barazandeh kicked off last week with some powerful speakers and a definite shift in awareness.

So what makes this tele-series different than all of the other offerings available? There are a number of things that make this “Awakening Circle” unique. First, is the fact that it is an experiment in Awakening and as such Darius, host and founder, is involving all of the listeners through surveys completed before and periodically, throughout the series. These survey results will be invaluable in determining how WE, the listeners, define awakening and also which speakers/content facilitates this shift.

Second, the listeners are immediately drawn into the Mission of You Wealth Revolution, which is: To Awaken 1,000,000 Hearts & Minds Across the Planet; Create 500,000 Healers, Teachers and Messengers; Save 1,000 or More Lives.

Darius explains that we are Awakening every moment, even on a cellular level, and that, “A mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to where it was before.” He uses the analogy of a rose bush. You watch the plant and wonder when is it ever going to bloom? Then one day you notice that a petal has swung open and that petal receives the higher energy of the sun and soon another petal unfolds. As with Awakening, with each moment of awakening, we receive the highest energy of the Divine.

Does this mean everything is instantly different or that you will have no problems in your life? No, but it does mean that as we Awaken we react to and handle these problems differently. If we believe that because some one thing we desire didn’t happen yet in our lives that we are not Awakening, then we are closing off this possibility.

He believes that a revolution in your Wealth, Vitality and Joy is happening and that this is, “An Energy Awakening Movement Unlike Anything Else!”

Here are some high points from a few of this week’s speakers:

Panache Desai

Panache Desai, the first speaker in the series, shared his belief that we are already Awakened. We are just realizing it. He says, “You can continue to be defined by the World. You can continue to be informed from what’s going on outside of you, or you can choose to be informed from what’s going on inside you!”

Panache went on to explain that vibrational transformation creates space. As we increase vibration we increase our ability to receive. The more we accept ourselves, exactly as we are, we vibrate the frequency of Love and the Universe affirms this and sends it back to us. He states we are vibrational hoarders and we don’t let sadness, fear, pain etc. come up and transmute. He recommends Solfeggio frequencies to help us free our energy. Check out the  Ancient Solfeggio  Mind Power MP3.com audio Solfeggio Harmonics.

Rabis Hayek

Rabis Hayek studied breathing around the world and gave some very interesting insights into the power of our breath. He explained that Mind, Body & Spirit (called Body, Mind & Breath in the East) need to be aligned to add potency to the steps to manifest your desires.

That which is in you, a part that has never been hurt, harmed or in danger – this Life Force – is beckoning for transformation. Our breathing practices, especially combined with other spiritual practices, can be unstoppable. He points out that the word inspire is taken from the Latin: infuse with breath.

Brent Phillips

Brent Phillips shared his miraculous personal story of dealing with many different dis-eases in his body and going through years and years of searching for a treatment or modality that would change things. He eventually found that Theta Healing (Theta frequencies can be found at Mind Power Mp3.com) was the answer. As an expert in Computer Science and Engineering he presented a more linear approach to Awakening.

Brent used the analogy of a computer screen to explain the need to communicate with our subconscious mind (he says 99% of our power is in the subconscious). Trying to Awaken through our conscious mind is like looking at our computer screen with all the programs running and suddenly when one stops working getting out a marker and some whiteout to try and fix it. You need to fix the hard drive (the subconscious). He believes that the only way to reach our “Soul Software” is through Theta Waves. Check out the Theta mindpowermp3.com audio Shamanic Journey.


These are just three of the 31 Teachers, Healers and Masters that have joined the Awakening Circle to bring you into the New Earth Energy. There are 5 speakers per week and replays are available if you can’t make a call. Although the series began on January 21st, you can still join this free series and experience the new paradigm in Vibrational Awakening and Transformation!  There are listeners in more than 100 countries joining this powerful movement!


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