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You Wealth Revolution – Instant Awakening Experiment

Like me, you probably love to hear stories of people who have had MIRACULOUS and INSTANTANEOUS awakenings.

A few years ago I heard about a man who had a STRUGGLING business and unfulfilling relationships. He was absolutely STUCK financially, emotionally and physically – he even thought about ending it all…

Maybe you’ve been there yourself?

But in one MOMENT something awakened in him… he realized he could TRANSFORM and DISSOLVE the vibration that was stopping him.

Then suddenly, he could perceive ENERGY. A few weeks later something else in him AWAKENED and he found his PASSION. Very soon thereafter his money and relationship blocks DISSOLVED.

…and then like clockwork (almost automatically) years of DIFFICULTIES were CLEARED…he awakened to a NEW SELF.

Today he has a loving marriage and the life of his dreams. He’s ABUNDANT, HEALTHY and has boundless energy… (seriously – it’s like he’s running on divine batteries…).

People call him ‘lucky’…but you probably suspect there’s something more…

Can you IMAGINE what that would be like?

Another person I heard of went from gut WRENCHING STRUGGLE to the awareness and consciousness of a practicing MONK in just moments…

Now he has an incredible life filled with abundance, love and success.

Can you imagine what it would be like – IF you could:

- ACTIVATE the CONSCIOUSNESS of a 40 year practicing monk (in moments…)
- AWAKEN the self within you that is already ABUNDANT, HAPPY and FREE…
- ACTIVATE what some call ‘higher powers’ in you…by simply accepting them…?
- INSTANTLY melt away personal BLOCKS and fears (without struggle)…
- ENERGETICALLY CLEAR friends and relatives (even remotely)…

How much easier would your day-to-day life be? How amazed would your friends and family be?

Well, I’ve GOT GREAT NEWS: I am inviting this community to SUPPORT ME and 100,000+ people in over 110 countries during the first ever Awakening Experiment!


Curious how many ‘extra-sensory’ gifts and ‘SUPER’ powers you can awaken? (and just how wonderful your life could get? – Come JOIN ME)

~WARNING~ A NEW PARADIGM of Vibrational Awakening and Transformation is Coming!

PLUS – Get an Energy Clearing Kit (a $497 Value F.R.E.E.)

* Starts Monday, January 21st 2013 – It’s Growing Faster and Faster **

PLEASE READ: Some IMPORTANT Points to the Experiment:

- By JOINING the Awakening Experiment you’ll be INSTANTLY connected to the Energy Awakening Circle…

- The Circle’s Energy Technology Matrix works to Awaken YOU each day…

- You will be asked to perceive your own Awakening each second and each moment… (remember a new paradigm is coming…)

- You can send the founders your RESULTS (or keep them private – but we guess you’ll want to share!)

- WARNING: IT’S NOT for everyone – if you want to stay where you are, bump up against the same fears and limitations all during 2013 – DON’T JOIN the experiment…

Did I mention that a who’s-who’s of transformational leaders are joining the experiment too?…

You’ve probably seen them on the Oprah Network, Fox, CNN, Woman’s Day, and more…

They include Darius Barazandeh (founder), Panache Desai, Rikka Zimmerman, Mashhur Anam, Christie Marie Sheldon, The ‘American Monk’ Burt Goldman, Richard Gordon, Kenji Kumara, Ann Taylor, Dain Heer, Derek Rydall, Dr. Susan Shumsky and more than 30 other teachers, healers and masters!

You’ll ONLY qualify to join this Awakening Experiment…IF you want:

- To RECEIVE fully the AWAKENED YOU within that is already abundant…
- To GRACEFULLY open your own Clairvoyant, Psychic or Intuitive Abilities…
- To EFFORTLESSLY find your life purpose…
- TO CLEAR away years of blocks, fears and challenges…
- To EASILY awaken to your Gifts, Genius, Magic Powers and…
- To Make 2013 the BEST YEAR ever for you and your family…

As a BONUS: You’ll get DAILY ACCESS to 2013’s most advanced awakening TECHNOLOGIES each day so you can MELT away the low energy that keeps 99% of ‘OTHER’ people stuck…

** Starts Monday, January 21st 2013 – It’s Growing Faster Than Expected **

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