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Creativity Boost Audio Download Instructions…

Click on the first link with your RIGHT mouse button and a menu will open up (if a problem arises with the first link, click on the second or the third)

In Internet Explorer Choose “Save Target As…” and download the file to your desktop (in Firefox you choose “Save Link As..”).

Once you select the “save target as” or “save link as” entry, a download screen will appear asking you where you want to save the file to on your computer.

Once the download screen appears – save the files to your “Desktop” (in a new folder) or another folder you can easily find.

Once you have downloaded the file, go to new folder on your desktop, or any other folder that you saved the files in and double click to open the file.

Important Information and Warnings Regarding Brain Wave Entrainment Audios

Brainwave entrainment audio technology works by stimulating and enhancing specific types of brainwave activity that produces cognitive and emotional enhancements. During this process your brain will produce more desirable types of Neuro-chemicals and less of the undesirable ones. In other words “you’ll feel better more often” Your brain will also experience an increase in blood flow, increased production of NEW neural pathways, axon and dendrite growth. These are all extremely valuable things, however there are certain pre-existing conditions that should they exist must be considered before using our programs.

Those who should consult a qualified physician before using this technology are… – Pregnant women – People who wear a pacemaker – Individuals who have had or are prone to stroke and seizures – Epileptics- People that are under the influence of medication or drugs – People who are taking mood altering substances, legally or illegally – Individuals under the age of 18

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