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Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop: Becoming the Hero of Your Life Story

In the first lesson in the Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop, we explored how the most important aspect for writing is to move past the limiting beliefs about who we are writing for and how good we are at writing. I suggested that the first step is to simply just start writing.

Today we’re going to take the next step and actually do that. What I’ll do is give you some background information, some direction and focus, and then you’ll have the opportunity to see what writing miracles unfold within you. And when I say miracles, I’m not saying that what you write is going to be instantly ready for publishing by Hay House, but rather, there are little miracles in your experience every time you write anything from within your self.

As you intuitively know, the most important elements of any story are the characters; without characters, there is no story. The thing is, life works the same way. If you’re not choosing to move forward in your life story, if you’re not actively deciding what kind of character you want to be, then it is being decided for you by other people (past or present).

In reflecting on this idea, I am reminded of the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely a must watch. The main character starts having strange experiences, hearing a voice in his head, and as the plot unfolds it becomes apparent that he is actually the character in ANOTHER person’s story.

Harold Crick is his name, and he’s faced with an interesting complication: The other person hasn’t finished writing the story. When it narrates his impending doom (death), Harold is faced with choosing either to accept his fate at the mercy of the Universe (or this narrator, at least), or becoming an active character in his life to see what he can do. While I won’t spoil the movie for you, what I will share is that Harold does in fact decide that he has a stake in his life, and he’s going to take action to move HIS story forward… not necessarily the story that the author is writing into his life for him, but the story Harold wants to live.

(As part of your Writer’s Workshop homework, go rent “Stranger Than Fiction” or re-watch it if you’ve already seen it)

Like Harold, every single day you are faced with the choice of what story you want to live out. The difference is that your narration comes from within, and most often it’s a voice from your past subconsciously telling you want to do. The real questions are:

Will it be the story from your past history repeating itself in new ways?

Will it be a new story of hopes and dreams emerging from within your heart?

Will it be a story of faith and trust in the unfolding present moment?

There are many opportunities for the next story you write in your life. However, there’s one thing that always seems to get in the way:

The villain!

Sometimes the villian is a very real person who has made your life miserable, who has hurt you, or at the very least has made your life difficult. Sometimes that villain takes the form of an inaminate object malfunctioning, like the computer failing at the worst time, a car getting a flat on the way to work, or one of “those mornings” where you seem to only get red lights when you’re in a rush.

It may seem like God, (or the Universe, Creator, Source, whatever label you prefer) is against you. The thing to remember though is this…

A hero is only as strong as his or her villain.

Who would Spider Man be without a cast of characters to put his world wide web changing silken skills to the test? What about Superman, Wonder Woman, or Cyndi Krupp?  Who would they be without foes to vanquish or questions to answer? :)

Sometimes the greatest villain we have is our inner critic, the one that tells us we’re not good enough, nobody cares what we have to say, or that we don’t have the necessary skills or credentials. If any of those thoughts are familiar, then today is the day to acknowledge that “villain” in your life story and choose to take him on.

In order to help you understand and experience this in a simple, practical way, and simultaneously vanquish that foe (as well as quite possibly another one)… I’ve got a little writing assignment for you. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy AND a wonderful opportunity for self exploration.

Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop: Assignment #1

  1. Privately and for yourself list a handful of challenges you’re experiencing in your life. Then look over  the list and find one that you feel safe exploring in a creative and unique way. It can be anything you want, big or small, internal or external, and the challenge you choose doesn’t have to meet any qualifications whatsoever.Remember, this writing is only for you and nobody will ever read it if you don’t want them to.
  2. Pick one of those challenges and write a story about how that challenge came to be present in your life. Specifically, pay close attention to the characters. In your mind, try to identify which characters are the villains, and which ones are the heroes. You might even write these labels into your story, if that feels right to you.There’s no word limit nor requirement, so use as few or many words as it takes so that if somebody else were to hypothetically read the story, that person would understand how the main characters reached the present moment in the story. You’re also welcome to either write it in the 1st person perspective with you as the main character (e.g. “I went to the supermarket”) or the 3rd person perspective with somebody else as the main character (e.g. Harold Krick went to the supermarket”).
  3. Once the story is written up to the present day, ask yourself quite honestly: “How do I wish this story would end?” Then just add that new ending onto the story you’ve already written.Again, there’s no requirement that you believe this ending is possible, only that you have imagined an ending you want and you write it onto the story you’ve written so far.

Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop: Bonus Prize

Simply by following the above 3 steps, you’ll have completed a story. Not just any story, but a story that includes you as a character (hero) with a challenge (villain/foe). Not only that, chances are if you’re like me you’ll write a happy ending to the story, too. :)

In order to make this even more fun and take it to the next level, Cyndi has agreed to GIVE AWAY some special prizes to participants in this Writer’s Workshop! The first prize is the  Free From Fear Package, and all you have to do to be entered to win is to share your story in the comments section below.

Note: If you want a chance to win the prize, and don’t want to share your name that’s okay. As long as your email address is correct (so that Cyndi can contact you with your prize), feel free to just post your name publicly as “Anonymous.”

And while I hope you’ll share your story publicly (even if anonymously), you can still win a prize just by writing your story and sending it by email to cyndi@evolutionezine.com

Before the next Writer’s Workshop, Cyndi will give away The Free From Fear System to at least one person at random from everybody who shared their story. The more people who comment, the more prizes Cyndi will be randomly giving away.

How’s that for fun? :)

For now, I just want to wish you a wonderful day and let you know that I look forward to reading your stories!

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade
Inscribe Your Life®

P.S. If you choose not to share your story publicly, please at least comment and share your experience with or thoughts on this edition of the workshop.

P.P.S. In case you missed the special gift from from me last time, here it is again:

My audio titled, “Think Without The Box®” It’s about 30 minutes long (you can also download the PDF transcript), and here’s just a little bit of what you’ll discover:

  • How to silence your inner critic
  • What it means to “Think Without the Box®” (not just outside of it)
  • How to understand and change unwanted habits
  • And more…

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Evolution Ezine may receive a commission if you buy through one of the links – these proceeds help keep the Evolution Ezine free.  Thanks for your continued support.

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11 Responses to “Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop: Becoming the Hero of Your Life Story”

  1. Carol J Haworth says:

    The greatest impact in my life was when my mother died in 2006. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had spent 40 years trying to prove that I could do better, make more money and be way more financially secure than my parents were. I would be a better parent, a better business person, and I would succeed wildly.

    The day my mother died, I inherited the house they bought when I was 12 years old. It was 70 years old when they purchased it. She also left me $1000, which was all she had to her name. I realized at that point that not only had I not realized all my dreams, but I hadn’t realized MOST of them. I had the same house that was there when I married, only now it was 110 years old, and I had about as much cash as she did.

    Although I had made lots of money with different businesses, it all went away just about as fast as I made it. I had spent my entire adult life spinning my wheels. I thought “HOW DID I GET HERE???

    At that point,I GAVE UP. I thought, what is the use in trying, here I am and nothing, NOTHING has changed. I’m tired, I’m old, I’m just going to rest for the time I have left in life. I GIVE UP! AND I MEAN IT! no more beating my head against the wall, no more struggle, no more pain.

    What I didn’t realize is that by stopping, I had set a NEW cycle in place. The universe said “Okay, you’re done? Then we have no more use for you.

    My physical life began to deteriorate. The more tired I was, the more tired I became. The more tired I became, the more useless I felt. I began to have negative thoughts about my worth.

    I was in an endless sea of despair that was dragging me further and further into destruction. The music inside me was dying, I could literally FEEL it.

    I was stuck in this prison of hopelessness. I was so far removed from help that I didn’t realize there was a way out. I didn’t know where to go for help, I didn’t know there WAS any help. I had tried so many things and never could make a difference. Things always ended up right back where I started.

    I was a prisoner to limiting beliefs that I didn’t even know I had. I was a prisoner to the negative vibration of the universe that I had created in myself. I was my own worst enemy!

    Then, one day I attended a FREE seminar. Thank God it was free. I wouldn’t have given you a nickel for another seminar, had been there, done that MANY times. All they ever did (I thought) was waste my money, get me jacked up to believing in change, and then being disappointed when it didn’t happen.

    Something happened to me that day. A stirring in me that I had never known before caused me to BEAT the speaker to the back of the room when he presented his opportunity. It was the part about “limiting beliefs,” and how we will always get the same results if we don’t change the programs running our lives. I remember thinking “This is my last gulp for air before I die. If this doesn’t work, I’m done, gone, dead. But what if? what IF there is truth to this? What IF I can still succeed?” That stirring inside me wouldn’t die. I made the leap.

    In the weeks that followed I again began to doubt myself. Thoughts of, “What was I thinking? Here I go again. It will probably be the same thing. I am just too tired to try again.”

    But, since I had paid, I went to the event and it CHANGED MY LIFE! I am on fire, I am transformed, I am dynamite. I have more energy than I have had in 10 years. I feel more alive than I have ever felt. I have a purpose and a passion that will never be extinguished until my final breath.

    Just because I am 60 does not mean I am done. I have only begun the fight! I have the same amount of time that everyone else has. I have ALL of it!! I sleep less, go more, live better and have more direction and guidance than ever before in my life! My positive vibration goes out before me and attracts everything I need for success. Sometimes the opportunities for learning and growing come so fast that I can hardly even keep up with them. I have never been on such an exhillerating journey.

    I have the intense desire to share these feelings with all who will listen. I promise you, that if you will just take that first step and open you mind to the fact that “Anything is possible” and then, if you will follow it with faith that those of us who have gone before you know how to get you there, you will not regret it. You will begin a journey that is so fantastic, I can’t even describe it with justice.

    I will not take you to a destination. Life is NOT a destination, you aren’t supposed to arrive anywhere. Life is a journey; a marvelous, fabulous, rewarding, exciting and indescribably delicious journey!

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  2. Laura says:

    Lisa had always been an intelligent woman. She had always been a positive and uplifting person to be around. She had many hobbies, one of her favorites was blogging. She blogged about many different things, and was always very proud of herself. One day, she was surfing the web, and she thought to herself,”I really want to figure out a way to make some extra income”. You see, Lisa was currently working as a yoga instructor, and she felt very passionate about it, but she felt that earning some extra money doing something else wouldn’t hurt. So, she got out a pad and paper, and started jotting down many things that she enjoyed doing. Some of the things on her list included: meditating, helping animals, blogging, yoga, reading, and writing. And that’s when it hit her, writing a book seemed very interesting to her. She decided to go with writing, and felt exciting about the whole idea. But then suddenly, her negative thoughts started to take over her: “What will my book be about?What if no one likes it? What if the judge me?What if no one buys it? What if I run out of ideas?” etc… These thoughts played in her head, every time she grabbed a pen and started writing her book. She felt hopeless. She really couldn’t take these thoughts anymore, they were sabotaging her success. “I have to figure out a way to think positive and be successful”, she thought to herself. So, she decided to take action and search the web, and get as much information as she could that would help her. While she was surfing the web, to her surprise, there were thousands of people just like her going through the same thing she was going through, and made her feel a whole lot better. In kind of made her day, in a way. She continued searching the web, for some solutions of how to handle these thoughts when they arose. After about an hour, she had finally come across many methods that will help her get on track again, and would also help her be successful. Deep down, she just knew they would work, and they just sounded like the answer that she had been searching for. “Yes!”, she said to herself, “finally the solution to my problems”. She wasn’t going to let these thoughts get in the way of her success,so she started applying these methods immediately. At the end, the methods (such as: The Sedona Method, The Work by Byron Katy, and EFT) all helped her get back on track and gave her the extra boost to accomplish her goal of writing her first book. She feels proud of herself that she took action in finding a solution, instead of complaining about her problem. She now feels more confident than ever, and she can’t wait to tell the world about her book: “Staying confident through tough times: Take action on the life that you deserve”

    The End! :)

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  3. Debbie Herbert says:

    “Let me just see what Laurie wants.”

    I leave my unfinished manuscript to check the e-mail. Ten minutes later, back I return to my book. After a few minutes getting back in the writing groove, my story has taken another tangent.

    “Let me just research this a minute for more ideas.”

    Again, leaving my unfinished scene, I Google my subject. It’s fascinating. I bounce from link to link. An hour later, I return to … you got it, my unfinished book.

    Time to buckle down. I manage to write a few paragraphs and then … crap! There has to be a better word here. I’ll just go to an online Thesaurus. (Did I spell that write? Maybe I should get to my online dictionary.)

    Would you believe a thesaurus can be interesting? That there are even blogs about emotional thesauruses (spelling again?) character thesaurus, etc. Good stuff.

    Back to my book. I write one more line and realize it’s late afternoon and I have responsibilities to get my butt in the kitchen and make supper and be part of the family again.

    I seethe. Why can’t I learn to focus?

    New day. I WILL write two pages — and I will sit here at the kitchen table with pen and pad and go nowhere near the computer.

    Okay, clean page. I’m ready. I sit and wait for inspiration to write.

    My epiphany: it’s not lack of focus, it’s lack of confidence in myself as a writer. What could I possibly wirte on this blank paper that will ever articulate my ideas and that anyone would ever want to read?

    Clearly, I need to have some mental preparation and self-esteem building. The problem isn’t e-mail, Internet surfing or other modern intrusions. The problem is me.

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  4. Sheila Curtis says:

    I was in unpaid training for a second job, one that would potentially supplement my sporadic and greatly-reduced real-estate income, in the early years of the second depression. It was fall of 2010, and America had just begun to realize that “economic recovery” was to be an uncomfortably lengthy process. For some people life went on as usual, but for others, the cracks in the world were beginning to show. For others, the cracks were turning onto black holes that swallowed them up.

    I’d lost my own business in the great financial de-leveraging, but after a period of severe depression I decided to get over it and move forward and help myself and others through new sales opportunities. I would re-invent myself and find some joy in new beginnings and the new opportunities I would find.

    Once the decision was made, and with the help of much meditation, opportunity knocked in several forms. One was a part-time straight-commission sales job representing a moving-truck company. It seemed to tie in nicely with real estate, so I started going on sales appointments with an industry “pro” to learn the business.

    Bill, the elderly salesman who was training me to quote moving-van costs, pulled up in front of the middle-class suburban home a few minutes before I arrived. He sat and relaxed for a bit in his comfy air-conditioned truck, musing over his own ongoing dilemma of urgent need for income versus urgent need for retirement due to serious health problems that were causing him to rapidly lose the ability to walk. In the meanwhile I slowly made my way into manicured suburbia from the nearby dead-end road in the middle of a deserted orange grove where I’d taken a wrong turn.

    Arriving in the nick of time to keep the appointment, I hopped out of my car and chatted with Bill as we walked toward the door, preparing to estimate the weight, packing materials, and freight costs necessary for the move. A quiet older lady with a gracious Southern accent let us in, and directed us to meet her daughter Terri in the kitchen where she was giving her tiny dog a bubble-bath in the sink.

    Both ladies seemed quite subdued and not very talkative. Bill and I introduced ourselves, Bill as an expert and me as a trainee. Terri got straight to business and quickly rattled off some directions as to what was to be moved and what would stay, and Bill began to list items rapid-fire on his “cube sheet’ for calculating the dimensional weight of the shipment.

    After going on 4 prior appointments with Bill and watching him write down unknown calculations on various complex forms, I still hadn’t learned much, so I decided to try a new learning method. I stopped Bill and Terri from the rapid-fire item-listing, which I couldn’t begin to follow, and started asking questions instead. “How is that carved wooden Indian going to be packed? Has it been moved before? Where did you get that? What’s the story behind it?” etc.

    The questions eventually opened the floodgates of communication. Within a few minutes, both Terri and her mom had warmed up considerably, and were starting to like Bill and I. By this time we had learned that Terri had gotten married just two months prior, to the fellow who owned the house, and that we were participating in a very sad event… she had learned of some personal problems on his part that she felt she just couldn’t face, and she was unhappily moving out and filing for divorce after such a short time.

    Terri wasn’t working and couldn’t afford the move, she explained, but her mom was able to help her with it. Mom explained that the reason she was able to bear the cost of moving her daughter back home was that her own much-loved sister had recently died and the proceeds from the sale of her sister’s house would pay for the move. Youch.

    By this time we had itemized the contents of the house, and were proceeding to the garage. As the door handle turned, Terri commented that the garage contents were the most important part of the move, although some of the items might be sold before the move. The moment we stepped into the garage, we were in another world… Terri’s beautiful classic car was the centerpiece of pure automotive magic. Immaculate in every detail, the vintage 1950’s Chevy wagon glowed warmly in the soft light. Behind it stood a beautifully-painted custom motorcycle, airbrushing equipment, paint-mixing tables, and boxes upon boxes of posters and pictures of Terri’s unique art.

    Voice quavering a bit, Terri explained that she’d shut down her auto-painting business when she got married and moved to Tampa. With all the expenses, she wouldn’t be able to re-open it and therefore everything was for sale, in case Bob or I might know of any prospective buyers. She hoped to recoup $10,000 from the $35,000 she’d lovingly put into the perfectly-restored car. And she also needed to find a job fast, in any field, anything that would help her to put food on the table and pay the bills. A familiar story in these times. Terri’s bravery in the face of so much disappointment was very moving.
    But she wasn’t the only one… all four of us had recently experienced great and life-changing losses, and all four of us were re-inventing ourselves and moving forward into unknown futures and new experiences.

    Something clicked in my mind with an almost audible sound. I remembered a friend from an online meditation group who’d recently moved to Florida, who’d asked me if I would be interested in promoting and selling her business services in the Tampa area. Pat and her husband did custom automotive painting! The “click’ was me making the connection that perhaps Terri and Pat could join forces and create some business that would profit them both, in the field they both loved.

    Terri gave me an attractive color brochure and her website address, so I could send them to Pat and see what might arise. I emailed Pat right away when I got home, and sent her Terri’s web address to view her work.

    By the time Bill and I left that house, it was like we were tearing ourselves away from old friends. The emotional warmth and mutual appreciation were wonderful. After exchanging hugs all around, Terri and her mom stood outside smiling and waving at me and Bill until our cars rounded the corner as we drove away.

    It was a win-win situation. Bill got the sale he needed, I got some good-quality training for my new job, Terri got renewed hope of being able to work in her chosen field, and her mom got some emotional relief from the sincere and supportive conversation plus a sense of trust in having found a good moving company. We all got an unexpected lift, and felt a wonderful energy, from the sharing. Sharing hopes and dreams and warmth and a real sense of connection makes all the difference in the world, and helps us realize that we can indeed thrive and find great value in life regardless of troubled times, plans gone awry, and upside-down economies.

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  5. Robin says:

    Many years ago I told myself I was very happy and that my life was working well. I was 33 years of age and at the time was Mom to 6 kids under the age of 12. Three were mine and 3 were special needs foster kids. I lived in a log house exactly 1/2 a mile up a dirt track that was also a wildlife trail shared with cougars and bears. My life was filled with the lives of my children and with the challenge of trying to make a small homestead work. It was a busy time.

    Out of the blue, an acquaintance told me of a retreat she was going to, Faith and Sharing. It had come out of the work of Jean Vanier who had founded L’Arche, the homes for the mentally handicapped. The retreat was open to anyone who wanted to go and would last 5 days. On a whim my closest friend and I decided to go. It was also the first time I had been on my own in my 14 years of marriage.

    It was a long drive to get there as it was held in a campground deep in the country. We arrived in the evening and were struck by the gentle energy that seemed to welcome us. There were about 140 retreatants half of whom were handicapped and many of whom had come from as far away as Seattle, about 300 miles away. The theme of the retreat was Earthen Vessels and two Jesuit priests facilitated it. To complement the theme a potter by the name of Bernard, a former monk and onetime secretary to Thomas Merton, would visually demonstrate the theme of each talk. That evening the talk was about the importance of centering our lives. As Fr. Peter spoke, Bernard would throw a lump of clay on the wheel and showed us how clay that was not centered would collapse in on itself when it tried to rise up. The centered clay rose into a beautiful vessel with much potential to contain and to pour out. I felt a stirring in my heart center but also a sense of unease. I knew something inside of me was looking to be expressed.

    The next day we were given a lump of clay and told just to hold it. As I held it I began to knead it and formed it into a new shape. Not surprisingly I had created a mother holding a child. The second day we were given lumps of dry clay. As I held it I felt a deep and overwhelming sorrow rise up in me and I realized I had become as that lump of clay, dry and cut off from my source. I began to cry and cried for the next four days because I realized I could never go back to my life as I had known it, because I now knew how unhappy I really was. All the busyness had been stripped away and I saw myself as I truly was.

    Life is like this. It can catch us unawares and show us the truth when we least expect it. The choice is then to stay safely where we are or risk the unknown and make the very frightening change that we are called into. I chose to end a very unhappy abusive marriage. It was a rocky time of uncertainty as our Province was in a deep recession and I had children to take care of, the father of whom chose to leave and never support or stay in contact with them. But I knew with a deep certainty that I had made the right choice and that sustained me through all the difficult times. It made me stronger, allowed my kids to develop in a healthy way and taught me that I could face adversity and stare it down.

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  6. Annie Stith says:

    Life was where Annie had always hoped it would be, especially after the rough start she’d had with her father. But, despite all he’d done to her, she was truly happy.

    She enjoyed the work she did, even tho her clerk-typist was often overstepping her bounds and challenging Annie. She had an incredible relationship, even tho her partner was, at times, jealous of the attention Annie got. And she was involved in a church, even tho her beliefs felt just a bit bigger than what the church taught. All in all, Annie went to bed at night, grateful for all she had in her life.

    Annie didn’t know the challenges she was about to face.

    Annie went to her doctor for a routine checkup after a bad bout of flu. When the doctor was finished examining her, Annie mentioned this little, on-again, off-again pain she had in her lower abdomen. She would’ve written it off as an ovarian cyst, but it had lasted too long. Her doctor found the spot and wasn’t sure, either, so sent Annie for an ultrasound.

    After hearing “Damn, I can’t find it in all this stuff” (which a tech should *never* say), Annie was sent back to her doctor’s office. Within 15 minutes, she was being told the doctor was calling in some favors to get her into a gynecologist because Annie had “a whole mess of fibroids” and needed surgery.

    Things moved fast after that. Within a week, Annie’d seen the OBGYN and surgery was scheduled early the next week. She and her partner had also had to watch a video they not so fondly referred to as “Debbie Does Menopause.”

    The surgery was worse than Annie expected due to the number of growths, but better than the OBGYN had thought because she believed Annie had
    ovarian cancer, which she had not told her. Annie’s regular doctor, after seeing the report, told her that all those growths had been sucking her energy. She predicted Annie would feel like a whole new woman once she recovered from the surgery.

    The doctor was right, but not in the way she’d thought. Annie never *did* recover her energy after the surgery. In fact, it got worse, and she began to hurt all over. Many of her joints felt like a toothache, her low back and neck were stiff and sore, and her muscles ached everywhere.

    Annie’s life began to fall apart as she began a medical journey she had no idea would last two years before she was diagnosed. Struggling to work, she had to quit volunteering at church. Her partner had some psychological problems and felt Annie was better off alone, so left. Eventually, Annie could no longer work.

    At the beginning of Annie’s seeing specialist after specialist, it was found she had osteoarthritis in her knees, hips, and one shoulder. She also had degenerative disk disease with nearly gone disks in her neck and lower back.

    It took nearly two years before a rheumatologist finally diagnosed the severe fatigue and muscle aches and pain. Annie had both fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain complex. Having names for these conditions didn’t help, though. Her regular doctor told her he and most doctors consider fibromyalgia to be a “trailer trash diagnosis,” meaning it was the latest “excuse” for lower-middle class women to be lazy.

    As it turned out, Social Security Disability felt the same way. Annie went thru her savings, and then also thru her voluntary retirement. Then, she had to give up her apartment, and most of her belongings, to move into an 8′ x 10′ bedroom at her sister’s.

    It didn’t last long. Annie’s sister believed she was just being lazy and could work if she wanted to, because she knew a woman she worked with at Wal-Mart who had fibromyalgia. If *that* woman could work, so could Annie.

    Soon, Annie had to move again because of the stress and arguments caused by her sister’s attitude. Fortunately, her ex that had left her and she had become good friends after the relationship, and there was room at the house where the ex and a new partner lived. That worked really well for a while, especially since Annie’s SSDI had finally been approved by a Judge after two years, so Annie had income and could pay rent.

    However, the partner eventually literally went paranoid and psychotic, and imagined Annie was both stealing from her and the ex and she were having an affair. Annie quickly found an apartment in a hi-rise full of rats, roaches, and crackheads, her only choice.

    Annie had reached a deep lowpoint in her life. The daily struggle with pain and fatigue took its toll on her mood. She made no friends in the building, so she became isolated and lonely. She became unable to keep up with the housework in her apartment, and was constantly in fear of being evicted because of monthly inspections. Her car stopped running the month before its plates were due, and a mechanic in the building said he’d look at it “when he had time.”

    Annie knew something had to change. She got a tax return from the State that she usually had to spend on relicensing the car. She had been wanting to get a cell phone because of the free long distance, but when she figured out the money, she realized it was only $10 more a month to drop the landline altogether and get service that included unlimited data on the ‘net. Thinking about the support groups she’d run into online before, she decided to go for it.

    She got a SmartPhone instead of a regular cell phone. She hooked up with a fibromyalgia support group for a little while, but all they did was whine. She accidentally found some blogs about how to start your own blog, and even how to use it for a small business.

    Annie recalled how much she loved to write as a kid. She took an online course about “finding your passion” and discovered she wanted to open her *own* support group. But Annie wanted hers to be for those who experienced trauma and had gotten “stuck” in healing or therapy or recovery. Where people were at a point to move on with the rest of their lives, without the trauma being central, only they didn’t know how to get “unstuck.” A place where community would build, where Annie could write and maybe even supplement her income.

    So, Annie began with just her SmartPhone and her passion, and built her website/blog/support group/small business. It started out slow because she had to find the right places to advertise it, but after a couple of years, it had grown into a wonderful community where people supported each other. Annie wrote her heart out, and finally made enough money for a laptop.

    Eventually, Annie developed some telecourses with workbooks that were a big hit. And she became a paid “Plan A Mentor” to some of the community that wanted some special care. Her most famous book, “This IS Plan A: Starting on a Path You Never Expected,” hit the New York Times Bestseller list.

    Annie moved out of the hi-rise into a nice duplex in a better neighborhood. She bought a used “toy” truck that was easier for her to get into than most cars. She got her right hip replaced because she was finally “old enough” to qualify, and she could again take up walking.

    Annie and her three cats live happily on the South Side, not having much, but having enough to give
    plenty away. Her online business has reached a plateau with some members outgrowing it while others are just now finding a need for it.

    Most afternoons, you’ll find Annie in her home office, a cat beside her computer to keep her company. Smiling.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    How the challenge of living with a psychopat came to be present in my life.

    It was nearly 10 years ago. I was newly divorced and I was quite desperate.I was still lving with my husband who abused me physically and mentally. He was nearly 35 yeas older than me. I had nowhere to go. He wanted me to leave and I wanted to leave him. I reach out for help and I didnt get any. I couldnt afford to rent an appatment of my own and I had no relatives to move back to. I t was even hard for me to rent a room.
    Now long time afterwards when I reflect back on the situation, I would have turned my exhusband in to the police for maltreatment. Maybe then I would have gotten some help.
    When I told him I should go to the police, he just laughed. – I am an old man who is sick, they will let me go. They wont judge me.He had a stroke and except from the physical damages, he had become a completely different person. A total stranger! A completely different person than the man I fell in love with and married. In the beginning he excused himself. – I am sick, therefore I treat you badly.
    But it wasnt just me he treated badly. They couldnt stand him at the hospital where he was treated the first time after the stoke. He was mean at the nurses and he teased them. So they just sent him back home earlier than they should have.

    Suddenly, without warning he got into a quarrel with me about nothing really relevant, I thought. Also when he was out on the streets in our neighbourhood, he fled into tantrums. He yelled out loudly so everybody could hear, especially after old ladies. – Put the dog on the lead!
    When I told an acquaintance of ous how my exhusband treated me , he explained his behaviour to me. He didnt make excuses for him but said that he wanted to get rid of me because he didnt want to take responsibility for me anymore. Maybe he didnt hav e the strength any longer. I remembered my exhusband told me I had destroyed his life-philosophy. His life-philosophy was to just enjoy life, take every moment as it came. Cape diem! Then everything would be possible, practically everything.
    Of couse, he should have respected me more, but he didnt because of our differences of age.

    Things got better for a while, when I attended a course to search for a work. I wasnt home with my exhusband all the time.
    All my life I have been fascinated by different cultures and languages. Especially interested in Asiatic cultures and religions. religions. There was an Indian man dressed in black sunglasses and a turban. I used to talk to him during the breaks.
    My girlfriend at the course told me after a glance at him. – He is fishy! Maybe she thought so because he had dark sunglasses, I remembered thinking.
    When the course ended we exchanged telephone-numbers, because he wanted to. Time passed and I didnt think more about him. Then suddenly he called me and we started talking to each other by phone more regularly. He was nice and I told him that my biggest problem was that I needed a place to stay. I explained why to him and he offered me to come and live with him. He could rent me a room in his appartment. I agreed because I had no other option right then and I understood that in order to save my life, I needed to move as soon as possible. Still I first arranged so that my exhusband was well taken care of.
    It was such a relief to move. I felt so free and liberated. Little did I know what was to expect in the future!
    I rented a big room with beautiful blue wallpapers. Everyting fellt fine in the beginning. Mickey was very calm, nice and charming during nearly the first whole year.
    I got a work at a nursery school, closeby. I loved the children, between five to ten years of age. They couldnt keep me at the nurseryschool for more than a year because of lack of money. It made me sad for a while.
    I had to try to get another work. I met with other people who also tried to find work – at a special place for that-. There I met an older lady who came from Chile. We talked a lot with each other. She also invited me to her home. I described Mickey to her. She said without hesitation. – He is a shit! At the time I thought she exaggerated. She never met Mickey in real life, still she was right in some aspects of his character. – He is a hard man, she said. When I told her that things and a big sum of money had disappeared from me and that he blamed the neighburs. She said without hesitation. – Its him! He has taken your money. It must be him. I didnt know what to believe. How could she be so certain. – I have travelled a lot around the world and I have met a lot of peole from different countries, she said.
    I had reacted in the beginnng, to why he was so stern towards his five cats. They were sometimes afraid of him and when they didnt obey him, he chased them with a fly-catcher. But he has been kinder towards them through my influence eventually.

    After the first year Mickey began to be less nice. He started some kind of psychic terror. When I studied foreign languages at the University in Stockholm, he teased me – The Professor. His tone was hard and without humour. He could say to me – Everything you do is a problem. He ran into conflicts at his work and lost his temper.I have read about psychopats. It is common that they start to terrorize after a time – if they dont get what they want. He had f. i. tried to seduce me with no success.
    How did I found out that he was a psychopat. It was first after 7, 8 years together that I found out what he was capable of. I found out that he stole my cell-phone and that he had planned to give it to his best friend. I got furious! I even turned him in to the police. Then he got really scared. – I can go to jail, he said and returned the cell-phone in a clumsy way, so I understood even better, that it was he who had stolen it in the first place. I began to understand that he probably had stolen my lost money, several years earlier.
    He has got no real conscience. How else can you steal from someone you are sharing your life with.

    After that I have tried to move away from him without success. I dont think he ever will steal anything I can report to the police about. But sometimes it hard to live with a person you cant completely trust. Our relationship will never be the same.

    How do I wish this story would end. Honestly I wish we would separate.

    How do I wish this story would end.

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  8. Eneth says:

    Once upon a time,long, long ago, when the dragons still roamed the earth, one day this little dragon was hatched. He was unlike his brothers and sisters and as he was growing up, he became even more so.

    His tail was short, he could not blow fire and he could walk upright. Soon the others came to pick on him and he was very heart-broken. Dragons were not supposed to cry, but this little mite just couldn’t hold the tears back any more and then a strange thing happened: he became invisible as soon as he started crying!

    He did not realise at first that it happened, but as soon as the others started to ask where he went, he stopped crying and looked at himself, but he could not see himself! He became afraid and called out, but the others could not even hear him.

    Now dragons did not know anything about invisibility, so he could not even try to go and ask one of the elders for advice even if he could find a way to make himself heard. So, in desperation he went to the river and decided to drown himself as he was not worthy of living anymore.

    But lo and behold, as soon as he touched the water, he became visible again! After this happened a few more times, he realised he could use this to his advantage, but then another problem appeared: the more he did this, the less he could eat as he became sick to his stomach of their normal diet of wild animals.

    Secretly he tried out different plants, but still he became sick. Without food to sustain him, he became weaker and weaker. Then one day, in desperation, he laid himself down under a big old tree to die, but suddenly he heard a voice:

    “You are not supposed to die. So, get up and live!”

    He looked around, but could not see anyone. As accustomed as he was to becoming invisible, he just thought the speaker must be invisible too, so he just spoke back:

    “I need food to live and I can’t find any!”

    The voice answered: “No my child, you are special and you need special food.”

    “But where shall I find special food and what will it look like?”

    “You need time.”

    “I know I need time to look for food, but how shall I know what to look for?”

    “You only need time.”

    He became impatient and started yelling, but no-one answered him. Then he started thinking about the words and pondered upon the concept of specialness. After quite some time he realised that he was indeed special, because he did not know of anyone else that can become invisible except maybe for this mysterious voice. And then the voice spoke again:

    “I am not invisible. You are lying under me. Now, go and get some time to sustain you”

    At long last the little dragon/monster realised that it was the tree who was speaking to him and he said:

    “Thank you Father Tree, but how will time sustain me?”

    “O you stupid little creature, you have to consume the time!”

    So the little monster became invisible again and went in search of another dragon’s time. Soon enough he found out how to consume it and was filled with so much energy that he could not believe it was so easy to sustain himself.

    From then on he stayed invisible and enjoyed his life, but after many aeons, the dragons became extinct as they were all slained by men. Then the monster knew he had to find his time from another source. So he went to live with mankind. Soon he became very lonely and then started to not only steal time for sustainment, but also to amuse himself.

    For the last couple of years this monster has been visiting me regularly ans now he has took permanent residence here. At first I was very annoyed with him, but he just does not take any notice of it.

    So, I have decided to make friends with him and teach him some values. Maybe he can become like Robin Hood and steal from the rich to give to the poor and seeing that I shall be his friend, I will be first in line to receive!

    One of these days I shall have time to write more stories like this.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    As I was passing the gyneacologist’s office, something told me that I should go in. I have been married for six months and there is no reason why I cannot get pregnant. The next day during my lunch break I decided to walk into the gyneacologist’s office. His nurse said that the doctor was available.
    As I related my wanting a have baby to the doctor, I was adviced to do the necessary pap smear test and a scan. As the doc did the scan, he said ‘o oh’ you have a cyst in your right ovary. I am afraid you may need surgery to remove it before it burst. I was so worried, oh my god what should I do? Should I tell my husband? The doctor adviced me to bring my husband and he will brief my husband on the surgery procedure.
    I went back, told my husband about my ovarian cyst. My worried husband agreed to meet with the doctor and also see another doctor to get a second opinion. The second doctor concluded the same and advice that I proceed with surgery to remove the cyst as soon as possible.
    I was not agreeable to going for the surgery because I knew my weak body may not take it. While contemplating on my decision, saying my prayers… a friend called. My friend related how a good Chinese physician has helped her brother and suggested I visit him. My husband was not too happy with my decision not to go for surgery and to see the Chinese physician.
    Visit the physician I did. I was told that I was weak and was adviced to take some herbal concoction to strengthen my body. After several months of diligently taking the herbs, I felt much better and stronger. One day I discovered my menstruation was late and after checking I realized she could be pregnant. I bought a test kit and tested positive. Yes, I am pregnant now I said to myself.
    I was being head hunted for a publishing manager’s post and had already went for the first interview. I called the head hunter and told the lady my dilemma, my pregnancy and the ovarian cyst; will there be a second interview? The lady recommended a doctor which was very good at ovarian cyst during a pregnancy.
    I saw the doctor with my husband. The doctor said it was imperative I had the cyst removed during my first trimester which was immediately the next day or exactly one week after. With such urgency, my husband decided the following week would be the best so that I could have time to prepare myself.
    I went to the temple to pray and to ask that my child in me would be safe during my surgery. I promised that I would go on twice a month vegetarian diet for life should my child be safe and the cyst successfully removed. The surgery was a success and my child was alive with a strong heart beat. The surgery happened at the right time because the cyst burst as it was being removed. The doctor could not show me the cyst but I believed him because six months later when my child was born, he had a mass of red markings from the back of his right buttock to the back of his knee.
    I went back to the temple after I recovered from the surgery and gave my thanks for the wonderful blessings that I have received during my time of need. Never in my mind did I think of death, all I had in my mind was for my child to be alive and I will be there for him when he grows up. My child is now 18 years old and doing fine.

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  11. Sheila says:


    “Did you get it?” Tammy asks as she sees me walking toward her. “Yes, but it was close I almost got caught!” I exclaim excitedly. Grabbing my arm and pulling, Tammy says, “Come on let’s go, I know where we can do it.” We run down the block and she stops in front of the church on the next street over. Looking around and not seeing anyone she pulls me around to the back of the building. Here the bushes are large and close to the wall of the church, with a narrow patch of earth between just big enough for two twelve year old girls to crouch and not be seen. Though since there is nothing else beyond the church but trees and more bushes the chances of anyone coming by are slim. Tammy digs in her pocket and pulls out a lighter holding it up so I can see. I reach under my shirt and pull out my treasure, two cigarettes stolen from my parents pack only moments before my mother walked into the room. “Here, one for you and one for me”, I say handing her one. Moments later coils of smoke rise above our heads as we puff and attempt to blow rings with the smoke. This is not the first time for either of us, we have been taking turns for some time now pinching one here and one there so we can be cool and grown up like our parents and all those glamorous people we see on TV, in the movies, and advertisements everywhere we look.
    It’s 1977 and it seems everyone smokes everywhere they go, the car, the grocery store, restaurants, and offices, even at the doctor’s office. Actually I cannot think of anyone I know that doesn’t smoke! We know we will be in big trouble with our parents if we get caught but they just think we are still little kids, they just haven’t noticed that along the way we grew up. This is what you do when you grow up, besides all of our friends do it too. Luckily we don’t have to get them from our parents all the time, we can walk to 7-11 and buy them, we just have to write a note to give to the clerk that says our parents sent us to get them. Besides I will quit, I can do it anytime I want. I’ll definitely quit when they go up to $1 a pack.

    As time moves forward I think often of that time in childhood wishing I knew then just how difficult it is to kick an addiction. Wishing I had understood that it was an addiction not a rite of passage. Instead each day with each puff of smoke it became more and more a part of me. When I wasn’t smoking, I was thinking of when I could smoke the next one. When I ran out, I was finding the change to go to the store for more regardless of the price. Even though intellectually I knew it was really dumb to continue, the monster inside would awaken and remind me that I had to have it! After having children, I stopped smoking around them going outside and hiding so they wouldn’t see just like when I was younger hiding from my parents. Even this degradation didn’t stop me, not because I didn’t want to but because the insistent voice inside kept saying that I had to. The monster had to be fed or I became incredibly agitated, irritable, and even angry but it wasn’t really me it was the monster’s feelings not mine. It had slowly been born and grew inside and in such a way that it was unnoticed until it was too late to stop it from taking over. Now I must somehow separate myself and exorcize the monster within or all that means anything to me will be lost!

    Finally in the year 2010, a valiant knight has arrived! Disguised as a square clear piece of tape, the knight will distract the monster with food. In the meantime, I will adopt new practices and reprogram my mind and body. This will release me from the monster’s torment at last! I can finally face myself and my children knowing that this dark secret has been exposed and cleansed by the light! No longer will the monster force me into servitude, cause me shame or dysfunction. The monster has been exiled, never to return! I now hold my head high and feel pride in its destruction! I value myself and my family too much to ever allow such a monster into our midst again! I must and will continue to maintain the strongest shield to deflect any advance to protect all that is mine!

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