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Word Vibration Activation

Cultures the world over use sound to attune to, invoke, and transform consciousness. Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings. Indeed the most modern science shows us that all life is vibrational in nature. This is in line with age old mystical thought of most cultures, which often alludes to the vibrational nature of Creation.

The Hindus have a saying, “Nada Brahma”, which means, all is sound, or all of creation is sound. They suggest that the primordial sound of manifest creation is the sound of “Aum”, or Om, and that if we were to attune to the creative spirit, we would hear this sound.

The Judeo-Christian culture might say, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1),” thus also tieing together the nature and power of sound with Creation. Other cultures have stories stating that the Creator had a thought, spoke the word of that thought, and Creation of that thought sprang forth from that word into manifestation.

There are numerous theorems stipulating the melodic structures of the universe, from the spin of the planets around the sun, to the sun around the galaxy, to the spin of electrons in our body, and the structure of our DNA. Our modern music is based upon these principals derived from Pythagoras and others. (from What is Sound Healing which can be read in its entirety by visiting http://www.worldsoundhealing.org/SoundHealing.html  )

When sounds are strung together they produce words.   These words help us describe our experiences with the world around us.  We use them to interact with others- to put form to – what is essentially formless.  Just ask any quantum physicist and she will tell you – we are all energy.

Since man began combining sounds to communicate he has been been changing their initial meaning, coloring the sounds with experiences, with personal stories.  Words became more and more personal, less and less Global.

Same word – different people – vastly different responses

We all know that to be true – just watch people’s reaction to the word God – super charged….

But underneath all the meanings and stories we have attached to individual words – the vibrations of the sounds that make up the words remain – and each has their own meaning – and their ability to align and empower us.

This audio has been designed to get underneath the stories we have placed on words and to realign ourselves with the power a pure vibrational match provides.  It is very much a “Grand Experiment” that we Invite you to Participate In.  Initial Results are exciting (see below) and not always what we expected.

To Learn how to get your own copy of  Word Vibration Activation visit…

Word Vibration

To Get Started…

*Pick a Word you want to activate within your being (a word about words to choose below)

*The audio is only 12 minutes long . We kept it short deliberately so that it becomes convenient to utilize regularly.  On occasions when you have more time you can listen to the audio repeatably – either using the same word or working with different words.

*Listen to the audio without expectation.  You will be guided into a space that contains the vibration of the word chosen.  The more you can relax into the experience the more effective this work will be.  This is not about your memory of the state this word represents or how you think you are suppose to feel when in the energy of the word.   Let it do whatever its going to do.  Nothing required on your part but to show up.

*At the end of each activation take a few minutes and record your experience in a journal.

*Throughout the day and days following the activation repeat to yourself  “activating Happiness”  (if that’s the word chosen) and then allow it to occur – do not force anything – just watch.

*Go back to the same word a few times (allow your intuition to be your guide) while using the audio.  Each time you do you will be strengthening your connection with the word and your ability to access its creative power.

That’s it basically – though there are a few more things you should be aware of….


When you first start working with this audio don’t be surprised if in addition to the activation of the word vibration you also experience some resistance to it.  This may appear as a very temporary unexpected emotional response, surprising sensations, a strong impulse to stop the recording and tell yourself its not working or a waste of time.

What to do when that happens?

Notice it, say something to yourself like – “ah look, there is some resistance, smile, breath and watch”.  In other words, don’t resist the resistance or invest too much energy in it.  When you work with it in this way don’t be surprised to see it dissolve rather quickly.

And also don’t be surprised if it comes back, in the same or different form, on subsequent activations or even when you go to activate the word through the course of the day.

We have been holding on to our beliefs, our stories, for awhile and there is some aspect of our body energy system that may want to hold on to it awhile longer.  Just allow it to take its course and you will notice that the resistance weakens and eventually disappears all together.

What Words To Use?

The following is a list of words that you may want to consider starting with.   We would love it if you shared others with us that you know to be powerful…

Mastering Alchemy – 7 Living Words (http:MasteringAlchemy.com for details)

Happy, Certain, Capable, Gracious, Commanding, Senior, Presence

Power Versus Force – David Hawkins (High Energy Pattern Words)

Abundance, Beautiful, Being, Patience, Kind, Free, Bliss, Reverence, Serenity, Forgiveness, Inviting, Humble, Joyful

Sedona Method

Courage, Acceptance, Peace

Sample Activation Experiences

The following are some excerpts from my journaling while doing this work.   Please, Please, Please come back and share your experiences.   Together we are going to Reconnect to The Power of The Word…


As I walked into Joy the first time I felt an energy moving into me from the outside, and a wave of energy moving up through my body.  I also experienced an uncomfortable sensation above my heart – and ache – but at the same time a feeling I can only describe as a smile moving out from my heart center into the rest of my body.  I noticed that my face was smiling wide – wouldn’t have been able to stop it if I wanted to.

The second time I activated joy the energy again flowed through me from 360 degrees and then moved up my body like waves.  This time no ache and the inner smile was stronger and quite pleasant.  The smile on my face returned.  Some twitching in my left arm.  Overall feeling of stillness and space


A bubbling sensation began in my feet and moved up – ticklish – and I began to giggle.  Couldnt help it – just kept giggling and giggle still when I simply state “activating Happy”.  The energy is fun and light – nothing serious about it.

Very surprised by how different it was from Joy


As I walked into abundance everything was very quiet, open, dark.  I felt a gurgling in my root chakra and a physical sensation of warmth – followed by a feeling of gurgling in the heart center – and was very aware of the beating in my heart.

I could feel my face soften and I had the thought that it would be fun to combine this sensation with others – like joy – strength – capable.  Lots to work with


Feeling “beyond words” – warmth in my palms and a sense of letting go of boundaries.  I can feel a sensation under my left arm and a gurgling in my root chakra.  As I  “come back”  and put this in words I am aware of a sense of heaviness…

Ready to Begin?  Visit Word Vibration Now


About the Author

Cyndi Krupp has spent the last ten years in study, meditation, contemplation and prayer and the more she learns the more she realizes she hasn’t yet begun to scratch the surface. Through her work putting together the weekly Evolution Ezine she intends to bring to the world community as many different approaches to Living Our Highest Best Life that she can.

There are Many Ways up the Mountain :)

Cyndi appreciates any and all comments about the Ezine – what’s been appreciated – and how you feel  it can be made more effective.  She is also always looking for content ideas and articles – Have Something you want to Share?  Just fill in the following form and click the Send Button

And, As Always, She is Sending Much Joy to You and Gives Thanks that We  All Get To Share This Magnificent Journey Together…

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4 Responses to “Word Vibration Activation”

  1. Petar says:

    Thank you from my heart.
    This is the real way to feed
    Love to brothers and sisters – FREE!
    God bless you!
    Love, Harmony and Light,


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  2. Nigel says:

    I like the idea of this, enpowering a word sounds good, I would like to try prosperity and see what happens.

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
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  3. Julie says:

    I don’t know what to make of that…
    At first it was nice, I was in my dream place. The door was there a nice big wooden door painted red with my word painted on in white.
    The word I chose was heart, it just came to me while I was reading the instructions. Plus I know my heart is closed down and broken. Anyway, back to my experience. The door was heavy and hard to push open, and when I got inside it was pitch black and empty. I was all alone in the dark. Floods of tears were streaming down my cheeks. The woman’s voice (was it Alicia?) was saying how you can bring this beautiful feeling up any time you want, and I just thought I don’t want to, it’s not beautiful.
    I came back through the door back to my dream place but feeling very sad and still crying. I also felt slightly nausious.
    While I’ve been writing this experience down I’m back to my consious self but still feel a bit melancholy. I’m now wondering if I’ve actually discovered where the work in myself is needed, for me to finally move on, my trauma was 5 years ago. I only just realised that the other day.

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  4. hossam says:

    please sending more and share with us it’s awesome

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