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Listening to the Wisdom of Crystals

I love crystals….

It wasn’t always that way.  I mean, I always thought crystals were pretty, but I never gave much thought that they had any special powers or anything.  And I never considered that they had a consciousness.

And even once I began my Energy Healing Study and practice I still didn’t think there was anything too this idea of crystal healing.

They were just rocks after all :-)

Then while studying for my Metaphysician Certification I spent a weekend studying crystals, and the instructor filled the classroom with crystals of all shapes and sizes and so called “powers”.  My hotel room shared a wall connected to the classroom.  For an entire weekend I did not sleep for more than a few hours.  The energy coming from that room was intense and I spent the whole time buzzing.

And so began my love affair with these beautiful rocks :-)

Except, as many as I collected (and I tended to purchase at least one whenever the opportunity arose) I could almost never remember their individual names ( I knew what a quartz crystal looked like, but much past that and I was lost).  And I could not really remember what each crystal was suppose to help with.

But it didn’t matter.  I would buy the ones that called to me, and I would use them in whatever way felt right.  Having them around me, in my pocket, on my desk, under my pillow felt good and so that’s what I did.  For years.

Then this past December I visited Sedona, Arizona and was blessed to spend time with a wonderful new friend, Jo Lynne Hawthorne.  Jo Lynne has been working with crystals for quite some time and she taught me how to make crystal grids and how to communicate with the grids to connect and get answers to the questions I have been walking around with.

crystals in a grid


I don’t know how it works or even what I am “doing” when I am working with the crystal grids.  I just know that it is a lot of fun, that messages come through, and that I am drawn to doing it again and again.

This is a sample of one of my crystal grids, do you like it?

All I do is sit with my crystals and my journal and I say hello and sit quietly for a time and then I begin to place the crystals where they want to go.

When I am done I journal.  Often before I begin I journal a bit too, writing about what I hope to gain more insight into.  And then afterwards I write whatever comes through and always, always I feel better and more connected when I am done.

I really wanted to share my love of  crystal work with the Evolution Ezine community but I am not an expert and didn’t even know where to begin.  For me it has always been an experience I didn’t know how to put into words.

Which is why I am thrilled beyond belief to be able to tell you that Jo Lynn and Mary Hall are offering a FREE two day class and we are all invited :-)

This 2-DAY Workshop will include 2 live teleclasses allowing you to discover and interact with TWO Crystal Grids that will open a doorway, providing an interface and portal to aid you in CREATING the LIFE YOU DESIRE.


In This Class You Will Experience…

*The magical portal and gateways the crystals provide for true miracles.

*Creating an intention that transcends your daily existence into living a life on purpose and by design.

*Using a crystal grid for setting an intention and bringing your desire into your reality.

Registering for this class is as easy as visiting Healing Crystal Wisdom

I would love to learn about your experiences with crystals – and what you think of the class after you have taken it.

Isn’t life wonderful????


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  1. Leila says:

    I like the idea of your crystal grid. Could you teach a class at a time suitable for Europeans? Thanks.

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