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What is the force that triggers your reality? by Jim Francis

It is the expectation, based on people’s belief system that enables the individual to manifest situations, events and material objects.

For example, if a person absolutely knows that they are naturally unlucky then they will never be able to successfully manifest “luck” events.

Expectation characterizes the belief system of the individual and portrays the innermost aspects of his or her personality. It represents the psychic building blocks from which the physical constructions will be successfully constructed.

Expectations are basically formed from your emotions. If you can develop “emotional excitement” about potential physical constructions (such as events) then you will find it much easier to manifest that which you desire.

Individuals who are temporarily “emotionally burnt out” will simply not be able to manifest in a satisfactory manner. In fact the reverse might happen. That is, events that you don’t want may materialize.

It is therefore vital that you keep in touch with your emotions and if you should feel yourself becoming emotionally “bogged down” then it is time to take a break from your everyday activities and give yourself time to recover. Seth* indicates that a person’s expectations are the result of their emotional heritage….and their own ability to understand and manipulate that heritage.

Each and every individual is constantly receiving a stream of inner data and the individual will accept data only that is in line with their personal expectations.

If a person wants to change their fate then mere desire is not enough…it is expectation that will cause the manifestation of desires into reality. It is actually expectation that triggers inner data into physical construction.

An expectation of success will encourage success, whereas an expectation of danger will attract dangerous circumstances to the individual.

Expectation is the force that triggers psychic realities into physical realities.

In Psychic Manifestation, Jim explains how the effects of consciousness can override some laws of physics, which we have always assumed to be absolute.

With the advent of quantum physics and the Superstring theory scientist now realize that all is not what it seems…

* Seth is a spirit channelled by Jane Roberts for a number of years. Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul is probably the most well known book featuring the teachings of Seth via Jane.

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7 Responses to “What is the force that triggers your reality? by Jim Francis”

  1. Debbie says:

    “if a person absolutely knows that they are naturally unlucky then they will never be able to successfully manifest “luck” events.” Is this because of a self fulfilling
    proficy? If you believe it will happen then you give off the energy to make it so?

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  2. raju trivedi says:

    i am interested.this article.more knowledgeable.

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  3. Sandra Dean says:

    Jim Self is one of Those Who Know. His ecourse is most welcome, and thank you.

    Seth is the one who gave me the language necessary to be able to think about and approach understanding of my inner experiences. Seth, in a manner of speaking, gave me the rest of my life.

    Seth Speaks is, I’m sure, a popular book. However, the one that did it, and continues to do it, for me is Nature of Personal Reality. I have read this book x times, and am beginning it again. This book has fallen into my hands over and over, and been given away to friends over and over. While reading it the first time, it felt as if my brain was literally expanding and expanding.

    Thank you, Mr. Self.

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  4. Sandra Dean says:

    Oh, my massive apologies. I see in the post regarding Mr. Francis that I referred to him, twice, as Mr. Self. I was very aware of writing regarding Jim Francis; however, just previously I had been reading and thinking about Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy. Mr. Self is currently one of my teachers and thoughts of him and his work were running in the background.

    Please forgive me, Mr. Francis. I wasn’t so much confused as a little bit in my head for a tiny moment.

    Sandra Dean

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  5. Hero, Jakarta Indonesia says:

    As with other skills in life, manifestation skill takes practice and it gets better over time. The more we practice it the better results we get, therefore keep practicing and be patient.

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  6. Jose says:

    Luck = energy. Lucky people are more energetically involved with society. The believe that when they ask, they will receive (Bible stuff). Because they feel lucky, they take opportunities because they don’t expect anything to go wrong in their lives.

    Unlucky people develop an expectancy (belief) that they can’t win at anything – and their eyes start looking for evidence that they are failing. Three bad things happen in a row, two happened this morning, so I wonder what the third will be? If you believe you are unlucky, then your mind will not make very much energy available, it is matching/aligning your outcome to your belief.

    If you feel unlucky, you don’t have a good reason to bounce out of bed and go to work (as you are just going to get more of the boring routine and disappointments of life.

    Feeling unlucky is a label you stick on your forehead.
    Feeling LUCKY is a BIG label you stick on your forehead.

    When you “think in just this moment”, you can’t use evidence from the past to “ruin this moment”. You are shutting off your memory banks and letting your mind create a “virginal expectancy” of wonderful success.

    Put a blindfold over your eyes to shut out 90% of the beta brainwaves, put on some earphones and brain entrainment mp3s that put you in a deep meditative state, so the world just goes by and you forget it exists for an a hour. After a few weeks practice, you will be able to shut the world out automatically – and you will be able to create in your inner workshop, exactly what you want – and it will show up in the outer world when Divine feels you are ready for it.

    In the 3rd realm, our senses limit us seeing what we want, because we have been taught to work harder, save harder or just rob a bank.

    Our subconscious minds know trillions of ways to get what we want – so we have to switch off the day world EGO that does not want us to get our dream met. This is called “getting out of our own way”.

    When you admit you can’t “do this on your own”, the magic genie (God) says, “At last someone wants my help”. If you also acknowledge that God made everything in the world and he can make more things for you -(God does not make junk), God starts getting pretty excited.

    If God hears the words, “for what we are about to receive may God make us forever grateful”, the speed of manifestation can surprise us.

    Not many people appreciate all the beautiful things God has made, so when you count all your blessings, the mantra flows through your mind:-

    for who appreciates things God has made, more will be given to them – but if you keep cursing for all the things you are lacking, you will receive more things to curse about.

    It is called FREEWILL. Appreciate things, you get more.

    Hell is inside us – our curses give us ulcers, stress, heartbreak, divorce, enemies, lots of bills.

    We always manifest instantly, but if we are not grateful for what God has given us already, he isn’t going to waste his time manifesting for UNGRATEFUL humans. Tell God you love his amazing, creative skills and HE BOUNCES OFF HIS CHAIR AND MAKES YOU LOTS OF SURPRISES, even better than what you think you want.

    If you have warmth, food, shelter and one good friend, you have everything you need to have a wonderful life. All the rest is consumerism, designed to make you feel you need to work harder to earn the money to buy goods you don’t need. You are HYPNOTISED and don’t even realise it.

    Cave men only worked if they needed food, and it was a team effort.
    In America we have people who have too much money, and people who don’t have enough – not much sharing going on.

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  7. Coregon says:

    Jose, great comments..I really resonate with what you say here. I especially like “For what we are about to receive may God make us forever grateful”. (I wrote that one down in my journal!) I also do brain entrainment program every day. I’ve found it’s the quickest way to reform our disempowering subconscious beliefs. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but for me there is resistance to actually SITTING DOWN AND LISTENING to brain entrainment program on a daily basis, even though I know how effective it is. My subconscious thoughts resisting change? I use neuro-programmer 2 which allows you to enter your own recordings..text to voice. To resolve my procrastination/avoidance of brain entrainment, I entered this recording on my brain entrainment program: “I enjoy, look forward to and consistently do brain entrainment on a daily basis because it is very beneficial to me.” I do most of my entrainment while in alpha or theta..sometimes Schuman frequency.

    Thx so much for your thoughts..great stuff.

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