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What Else is Possible? by Dr. Katie Garnett

What else is possible – this is a question that is being asked by people all over the world today, and why?

It is because it is a GREAT question.

Tony Robbins always says, Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

So what kinds of questions do you usually ask yourself? Have you ever heard in your head:

  • Why me?
  • Why am I so stupid?
  • Why is she/he so successful when I am at least as smart?
  • Why am I alone?
  • Why can’t I make any money?
  • Why can’t I lose weight?
  • Why are my relationships so unsupportive?
  • Why do I let people take advantage of me?
  • Why can’t everyone be more like me?

And many other questions that may be traveling in and out of your consciousness.

What’s wrong with asking those kinds of questions?

We know from quantum physics, that what you think about you create, and what you continue to think about continues to expand in your experience.

The very best way to feel even more stupid is to keep asking, Why am I so stupid?

The best way to be alone is to keep concentrating on the feeling and experience of being alone.

The best way to make certain you don’t get support from people is to keep asking, Why are my relationships so unsupportive?

How can you change your life experience, and change what you have in your life?

A really useful 3-step system includes:

  • First – ask better questions
  • Second – create your One Commands and say them while in the theta brainwave state (you can use the Tibetan eye roll and the 6 Steps)
  • Third – choose to live in gratitude

Living in gratitude is what links your new thought and new behaviors together to support their continuation in your life. Neurons that fire together, wire together, so to continue to get what you want in your life and be how you want to Be, remember to notice and support your new life by practicing gratitude for what you have already created.

Living in gratitude also means living in gratitude ahead of the experience as well. That may seem odd, however, to ‘lock-in’ the process of creation and the acceptance of what you have created, thanking the universe in advance is a body-mind demonstration that you understand and embrace the process. You will ‘see it when you believe it.’

Think about how you will feel in the short-term, and then think about what you will experience in your life in the long term, when you ask questions like these instead:

Your Start of Day Questions to Yourself:

What am I looking forward to today?

Who do I want to be today?

Your Mid-day Questions to Yourself:

What surprised me so far today?

What am I looking forward to for the rest of the day?

Your End of Day Questions to Yourself:

What was I most grateful for in my life today?

How does it get any better than this?

Your Head Hitting the Pillow Single Most Important Question to Yourself:

What else is possible?

Does all of that sound like a lot of work? It may feel like it in the beginning, so the questions are:

Do I want to change the experience of my life?

And….  Am I willing to do the work?

The actual questions you ask yourself may be different than the ones I have suggested, and that is because – this is your journey.

Why is putting your energy into changing the questions you ask yourself so very important? Because what you are thinking about is what you are creating moment by moment. Remember how you feel when you ask the questions that make you feel inferior and emphasize lack and limitation.

Then think about how you will feel as you ask yourself the new questions that focus you on who you truly are and who you truly can be. You know that when you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten – and that includes what you think about yourself, whether in statements or questions.

Negative statements fail you and your sense of well-being, positive statements serve you to live in faith instead of fear.

The quantum model of reality shows us that in order to change your life, you need to change the way you think, behave and even feel at the most basic levels. You can do this using both the beta and theta brainwave levels. To change your thinking, you can start in beta-mind and change what you say to  yourself, and then go to the theta brainwave to change your DNA programming.

Your courageous, ethical, compassionate, spontaneous, brilliant Self is always there, you can access that You with better questions in your daily thoughts and your One Commands:

I don’t know how I offer myself loving words everyday, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I am compassionate in my thoughts and behaviors, I only know I am now and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I use my words with wisdom and grace, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.

I don’t know how I create a new me with my thoughts, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled.

So the question is – What have you got to lose by asking better questions? (Nothing, by the way).

And the ancillary question is – What do you have to gain by asking better questions?

Let me know what questions you came up with as you redesign your life.

Thank you.

Love and blessings, Katie

Dr. Katie Lynne Garnett is a Heart-Space TOC Coach, teacher of The One Command, Founder of Unfolding Your Spiritual DNA, co-founder of The Brave Woman Seminars, radio host on Living in the Quantum Field on CTR, published author, and Certified One Command Coach and Principal in The One Command Life.

Dr. Garnett’s study of the phenomenon of quantum physics, paired with her research in the psychology of human behavior, healing, social change and the significance of the theta brainwave and energy shifts in relation to human potentiality, brings her clients the capacity to reprogram their lives as they choose and align with their spiritual mission.

Find Katie at:


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