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Weeding the “Mind Garden” with Dr. Carol Libby Adams

A gardener knows that preparation is necessary before planting.

If she plants her seed in a patch of land full of weeds it really doesn’t have much of a chance to grow.

Dr. Adams teaches the same when it comes to instilling new affirming beliefs and ways of being.

If our mind is full of negative, limiting beliefs, there won’t be much of a chance for our new, positive affirmations to take root.

Dr. Libby goes on to ask us all – Who Are You?

One Answer…”I AM”

“I AM”   Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity…

This aspect of Who We Are she calls “The High Road”.

Surrounding the High Road she asks us to imagine a whole bunch of “little” limiting selves that have broken off from the High Self.

These “little” selves separated from the “High Road Self” whenever a decision was made that was not in alignment with the High Self.  Dr. Libby calls this “The Low Road”

Standing between The High Road and The Low Road Dr. Libby asks us to imagine a self she calls “The Chooser”.

The Chooser  determines whether or not we consciously identify with the “High Road” Self or the “Low Road” Self.

When we choose “The High Road” we have coherence.

When we choose “The Low Road” – well – we have limitation.

Which Road do you choose?

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