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Water my Elixir by Nadine, N.D., C.N.S.

HEEELLLOOOOOO…  Can you hear me?  This is your body speaking.  In a recent class with Jim Self (Mastering Alchemy), I heard him talk about the importance of Water!!  Especially as we are IN the SHIFT.  As your body, I thought I would add my two cents worth as well.

WATER is very important to me and vital to our overall health and well-being.  My human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on my size.  I am proud to say that 2/3 of my body is comprised of this glorious nutrient making it my main component.  Did you know that 90% of my brain consists of water, so when I have a headache the first thing I really want is my main ingredient?  My tissues and organs are mainly water as well.  Here is my breakdown:

* my Muscle consists of 75% water
* my Brain 90% water
* my Bone 22% water, with
* my Blood consisting of 83% water

Body's Water

By drinking a healthy amount of water on a daily basis I can assist you with things like fat metabolism or the relief of muscle cramps.  When you give me my ‘elixir’ I am pretty kewl.  To help you better understand how vital water is within me, here are a few key functions:

*water transports Nutrients (good stuff) INTO my cells
* water transports Oxygen INTO my cells
* water transports Toxins (the yuk stuff) OUT of my cells
* water moisturizes the air in my lungs (I love this)
* water helps me protect our vital organs (yeah baby)
* with water our organs can then absorb nutrients better
* I am able to metabolize fat better with water
* our joints are protected and moisturized with water
* water regulates my body temperature so you are happy!!

Water Card

Water Card

Can you see why I am letting you know that every cell in our body needs water from head to toe?  My basic (minimal) needs are 64 ounces of water a day.  I metabolize fat better with double that amount.  After 64 ounces of pure water, I can make herbal tea work.  A yummy ‘fat flush‘ drink as well.

One day I heard another body say “I’m not thirsty so I don’t drink water”.  I gotta tell ya, ‘thirst’ is the last indicator that I NEED WATER!

TRUST ME on this.  When I feel fatigued, I need water.  In fact water, my elixir, is a source of energy.  When you give me my elixir I will give you a boost of energy. When I have a headache, I need water. When I am cranky, I need water.  Here are a few more clues I can give you as to when I am in NEED of WATER!!!!

* when my Urine is DARK and/or SMELLY I do not have enough water to process the toxins within me.  I need your help.
* When my skin is DRY I am trying to tell you I am parched.  By the way, did I tell you that our Skin is considered our third Kidney?  It is also our largest organ and needs my elixir.
* I leave white spots on our skin (say after pressing our thumb on our arm) or rings on our ankles or waist to let you know I am lacking hydration.
* I use ‘thirst’ as a last sign to let your attention.  If we have hair growing on our tongue or BAD BREATH, please, give me some water!!!
* sometimes I will even attack our muscles and make them cramp up or jump all over the place to let you know we are dehydrated.
* I also let you know we are dehydrated by pulling out all the water from our colon.  You consider it constipation, I consider it an act to help me find my elixir.

As you can see, you could greatly help us both out by flooding me with my Power Reserve…. WATER.  I’ve done my best to show how EVERY cell within us needs our elixir.  So GO FOR IT, fuel us up baby.   Power UP with WATER!

With love, praise and adoration
~your BODY & Dr Nadine

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PLEASE NOTE: Universal Copyright 2010 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as both the author and masteringalchemy.com is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial no charge basis.

NADINE is a Naturopath and Holistic Nutrition Specialist with over 30 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and teaches her clients the Art of building and maintaining lean muscle tissue as they drop body fat in a unique program designed for them. Nadine has coached all levels and genre of people and has taught a variety of programs including but not limited to Personal and Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, and Weight Lifting/Bodybuilding. Nadine is available for seminars and workshops based on availability. For more information contact Dr NADINE at 970-443-2541, email: Nadine@CoachNadine.com or visit www.coachnadine.com

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3 Responses to “Water my Elixir by Nadine, N.D., C.N.S.”

  1. Leila says:

    This is a good reminder for me as I have been very thirsty lately. Thanks.

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  2. Linda says:

    Great article Nadine, thank you. I’ve just been having a discussion about percentage of water in the system – and heard about (so far) unpublished research from the Max Planck Institute that sets the figure as high as 90%. 90% living water. Cool!

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  3. Charles says:

    Great article but what if you have a ‘weak bladder’!!
    Water water water everywhere but toilets aren’t.

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