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We Have Gone Warp Speed and Mobile and launched a New Club

So many things happening on our end – thought I would take a few minutes and fill you in….

We Are Faster – have you noticed?

Wanting to make sure The Evolution Ezine remained available – at all times – to everyone (high speed dsl or not) we hired a Tech Expert to come in and speed up the site.  Our new friend Alfred went through every line of code – deleting what wasn’t needed and fixing what was.  We also decrease the number and size of the images on the site (do you like the new simplified look?)  and eliminated any extra plugin that wasn’t directly improving the time you spend visiting the Ezine.

We Are Mobile

With the decrease in image load Alfred was also able to make the Evolution Ezine mobile friendly.  You can now take us with you.  I am told that we are not only iphone friendly – but can also now be accessed from any phone or wireless device that can connect you to the World Wide Web.

How cool is that :)

We Have Launched a New Membership Site and it is awesome

The Super Mind Vip Club opened its doors this week and we are excited.   VIP membership into the club gives you access to what is really 3 clubs in one…

The Super Mind Academy (our original membership club – the one that completely transformed my life)

Super Mind Music – On line streaming of music tracks that have been enhanced with brain wave entrainment

Mind Gold – Looking to get involved with internet marketing? Here’s your chance to obtain plr rights to Brain Wave Entrainment audios and ebooks – new products every month that you can rebrand, use, and sell – keeping 100% of the profits.

Visit SuperMindVipClub.com and click on the 3 Big Boxes at the top of the page for more details of each of the clubs – or  go right to  Super Mind VIP Club Membership to sign up for your $4.95 trial membership

(by the way – I will be managing the club – so any comments, questions, etc – come right to me and I will get the answers you seek)

We have combined the Super Mind Evolution System and the Braveheart System (formerly Free from Fear) and ….

Lowered the price (for a limited time only)

This is an interesting, sometimes crazy, always exciting time we are living in – and we want to be sure we do everything we can to support you living your highest and best life.  We believe (as do 1000s of others based upon their testimonies) that these systems can help you do just that.

The combination of these 2 programs (plus bonuses) is pretty overwhelming – so much so that we created 10 videos to help you really understand all that it contains.  You can access the first 2 videos below – and a new one will be released each week for the next eight weeks.

If you only access one or two of the components within these systems it will be more than compensate for the little we are asking for…

For all the details visit….

The Best Mind Power Offer Anywhere

I think that’s it relative to The Latest News – other than Melissa Ann Legg and Mom came home from the hospital last weekend and have settled in beautifully.  I am told she is a very happy healthy baby – and the entire Legg family is very grateful for everyone’s Well Wishes.


What a Wonderful Time to be Alive – and Smiling :-)

You may not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed on your browser to watch this video presentation.

You may not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed on your browser to watch this video presentation.

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  1. Annie Stith says:


    It took less than 10 seconds to load on my BlackBerry. And it loses nithing in the translation. Plus, I can always choose to go to the full site (it’s an option on the bottom every page).

    Thanks for all the hard work!


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