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Visualization for Weight Loss Success

Re-Program Your Mind For Permanent Fat Loss

It is hard to believe really that we as humans have achieved so much in our highly advanced age of technology and yet we struggle with our weight. It seems out of balance that never before in the history of mankind have there been so many overweight people yet we can put man on the moon, speak to someone by video on the other side of the world as well as get our computers to astonishing things.

At the same time there has also never before been so many diet plans, fitness instructors, exercise programs, gyms and all manner of books, courses, CD’s, videos and so on focused on weight loss. But these supposedly ‘weight loss solutions’ are not working with an increasing epidemic of close to two thirds of us overweight to one degree or another.

We may ask ourselves “Why have we become so unhealthy?” The answer to this is somehow we have come to believe and accept that food comes in a packet, can, box, out of the freezer or from a takeaway outlet. We have also come to believe and accept that exercise doesn’t matter and is not necessary.

But the fact of the matter is the human body cannot be healthy without ‘real’ (unprocessed) food and it cannot be healthy without proper exercise. We are eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise and we have this epidemic of overweight people to show for it.

But we don’t HAVE to go down this road; we can avoid it and reclaim a slim, fit, healthy body. We already know how to lose the excess fat weight that so many of us have piled up on our bodies. At its simplest, we need to get healthy and burn more calories than we eat, right? And the way to do this is good nutrition and proper exercise which means regular muscle building and maintaining activity.

Those two things (healthy eating, proper exercise) are the Action steps you need to do to be able to get and stay slim and trim. But the problem is successful and permanent weight loss does not start on the ‘outer’ part of the body…. it starts with the ‘inner’ the mind.

This is the most overlooked and neglected part of mainstream weight loss programs. They dish out plenty of the instructions – “eat 2 foods out of this column and 3 out of that column” or “do these exercises with this many repetitions with so many seconds/minutes in between” but they NEVER tell you HOW you are going to stick to it long term.

If telling ourselves was all it took there wouldn’t be many overweight people around would there and there certainly would not be a global epidemic of overweight people?

So, I hear you asking what has the Mind got to do with it? Well, for starters it is a very powerful thing – it can take us to success or failure depending on how it is programmed. After all our subconscious mind is where our thoughts, feelings, emotions and self-beliefs originate and ultimately direct our Actions (or inaction). This of course can mean the difference between reaching your fitness and weight loss goals and quitting before you even get started.

To lose weight you need the right mind-set

So, how do you get your mind right to make healthy eating and regular exercise a consistent part of your life so you can lose weight and get into better physical shape? You will absolutely need this to be the right mind-set to achieve permanent weight loss or fitness improvement. Diet plans and exercise programs are not enough, you do have to stick to them if you wish to get results and that is what they cannot give you.

Most overweight people would love to lose weight and many try (and fail) repeatedly. Somewhere in their ‘inner’ mind programming are old tired ideas, beliefs and inner resistance about lifestyle choices like healthy eating and exercise often built up and ingrained over a long period of time.

Instead of seeing a strong, fit, slim, healthy body as a positive exciting possibility they see it as a source of sacrifice, commitment and effort. They believe that they lack the self-discipline and motivation necessary to stick to a healthy eating plan and getting their butt into the gym a couple of times a week.

As time goes by we get to understand more about the mind/body link and how intrinsically ingrained they are. The first step to getting a positive change on your ‘outer’ body is to have your mind lead the way. If you don’t spend some time on making sure this is in place it may well be working against you instead of FOR YOU.

If you have some faulty wiring or programming in place that is hindering your weight loss efforts there is nothing but struggle and resistance with food/exercise issues and your weight. While it is there you will remain on the yo-yo weight/loss gain treadmill to nowhere and likely be stuck in an overweight, feel-bad body for a very long time.

To be able to lose weight you do need positive feelings, thoughts and beliefs where a healthier lifestyle that of course includes healthy foods and more physical activity becomes CORE to your needs. This in effect means you have the full support of your Mind and your inner programming. This is the Mind software that slim, fit people ‘run’ and if you do not have it you can give yourself an upgrade when you have the right strategies and tools.

Often people who have become overweight need to kick things up a notch or two. Things like higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth which when activated create higher levels of self-motivation. You will WANT to take the healthy body and life Actions you already know about to help you achieve what you want most – that strong, fit, slim, healthy, feel-good body.

This is the place where you want to be where any excess fat weight will just melt away and it is easy and effortless. When you have your Mind working with you better food choices become automatic and exercise is enjoyed …and the best part there is no struggle…no battle with yourself to do it. This is the place where the Action steps – healthy eating and proper exercise go beyond something ‘YOU DO rather they are something ‘YOU BECOME’.

So, if you wish to lose weight permanently don’t run to the latest diet or exercise fad regime thinking this will solve your problem. Adding layer after layer of Action plans on top of faulty mind programming does not work. It will fail you time and time again. As many as 95 percent of people who purchase the latest diet/eating/exercise programs abandon them a few days/weeks later when they cannot stick to them.

It is easy to blame the ‘outer’ visible symptom…your overweight unhappy body for the problem. But it really is NOT the problem – the ‘outer’ is just a symptom of the real problem – which is deep inside at your very CORE. You are likely not even aware of it but it’s there and will sabotage your weight loss/fitness improvement efforts time and time again until you ‘fix’ it.

You will need good reasons to lose weight

If you wish to lose weight or even to STOP gaining excess fat weight you need to ask yourself some serious questions about how you really want your life to be. Questions like why you want to lose weight, how will it make your feel and how your life will be different if you do. The more WHY’S you can establish the easier it is to begin changing your lifestyle which in turn will allow you to lose the excess body fat.

You need a picture in your mind of not only why you want to lose weight and what the benefits will be both if you do it and if you don’t do it. The clearer this picture is and the more compelling it is the quicker and easier it is to make the necessary life and body changes that will claw back that slim, trim, healthy, fit body and the easier it is to KEEP IT.

Yes, it does seem a bit of a pain to have to do this ‘homework’ on your mind-set and attitude but when you do it the path to lose weight becomes easy and effortless as you are engaging and teaching your mind to cooperate with you and your body.

This is a totally new, unique and effective approach to losing weight without the physical and mental stress and inner resistance that usually accompanies the mass produced diets and mainstream weight loss techniques. Once we change the way we think, the results come automatically and effortless and that is the place you want to be if losing weight is one of your goals.

Discover more from Carolyn Hansen on how to re-program your mind and allow her set you on your journey to the consistent lifestyle and body you are seeking! For actions steps that you REALLY want to take, but just don’t know how – download the Weight Loss Motivation Bible today.

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