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Unlimited Abundance


It’s Cyndi – and if it’s OK with you I just really wanted to tell everyone about my experience with Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Course…

I have been sitting here – off and on over the past two days – opening to different ways to write about my experience (people have told me I have a way with words when I get inspired :-) ) and nothing smooth or “professional”  has yet to appear – and yet I really really want to let you all know about this course and how it is transforming my life.

and I feel really inspired to do it now – and not when I am “finished” because Christie has invited us all to be part of a free Teleseminar today – March 8th – and I would love everyone to be there  (which you can sign up for now by visiting Unlimited Abundance – and even if its after March 8th when you read this sign up anyway because you will get a link to the replay )

Ok – here goes

Can you believe I am getting teary – thinking about what is happening….

As anyone who has been following me knows I do not ever recommend a product unless I have had a chance to review it – or if I know and adore and trust the creator.  That is just part of who I am – who we are – and how we serve.

As you can imagine there are quite a few products that come my way – and even the best of them I cannot spend much time with…

Until now.

I received Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Course at the end of January.  Within the first 45 minutes I was hooked.  Within the first few days I convinced my dearest friend to do the course with me – and Bill and I have been practicing everyday since.

Everyday I practice the tools that Christie has introduced me to – everyday throughout the day.  They are absolutely revolutionizing the way I think – about who I am, why I am here, and what I am capable of achieving.

The releases help me shift my state in moments – and they do – time and time again.

Almost everyday since the end of January I have listened to at least one of the recordings (it’s not the way the course is suggested to be taken – but I literally could not get enough).  I listen in the morning while I am doing my yoga.  I listen in my car when I am running my errands, I listen while I walk the dog,and sometimes I listen as I fall asleep at night.

The class comes with transcripts – and I have been reading them – and taking notes – while waiting for my daughters next swim meet or when I have 15 minutes between appointments or sometimes just because there is something Christie said in one of the classes that I want to make sure I write down so I can repeat it to myself.

I am completely changing my self talk.  Completely upgrading my life expectations.  As wonderful as my life experience was before Unlimited Abundance it is now taking on a whole new flavor.

It is amazing and wonderful and absolutely phenomenal.

What is so special about it?

For me it is because Christie really lays it on the line.

We are – everyone of us – Unlimited Divine Spiritual Beings currently playing in a Human Body.

We are not little Human Beings who are limited.  We have within us – each one of us – the power to move mountains.  And if we are not moving Mountains then it is because somehow – somewhere – we are believing the lies that we are little, small, limited.

But we aren’t….

Those lies that tell us we can’t or shouldn’t or wouldn’t – many of them we were born with, they are in our genetic imprinting.  Others we picked up during those first critical 10 years of life when we spend much of our time in a trance like state feeding on the thoughts and beliefs and stories of those around us.

And none of them are real – they feel powerful because we have been habitually feeding them each day – but as soon as we stop and allow and then release them they weaken – and as we continue to use our thoughts to shine a light on the truth – these lies dissolve and what is left is clarity and lightness and a sense of love and connection that is worth everything to achieve.

It is so cool :-)

And Am I More Abundant Now?

It has been only a few weeks really since I have started my Unlimited Abundance Journey and in that time….

*I had the opportunity to take a weekend vacation with my dearest friend – something that I didn’t think I could do before – and I had the greatest time

*My interview with Kristen Howe was aired and the response had far exceeded my expectations.  It went so well that within days it was chosen for their “Best Of”  Series and as a result even more doors are being opened and the opportunities for us to present our work is continuing to grow in amazing ways (by the way – if you missed the interview we will be making it available as a free gift on the site within a few weeks)

*We launched our New Facebook page (have you seen it?) and the initial response has been great – and I am having a lot of fun meeting more of the Evolution Ezine community

*This morning I found a little post-it on the wall  that I placed there less then two years ago.  It contained a yearly income figure that I wanted to reach – but in all honesty didn’t have a clue how.  I realized that the $$ I earned in February (while taking the course) was enough to allow me to make that yearly goal.  When that hit me – when it really hit me – it was then I realized just how much my life had changed.

This journey is just the beginning for me – I know I have barely scratched the surface – and it is one of my greatest wishes to take each one of you with me.  During Christie’s free Teleseminar she will go over some of the Blocks to Abundance – and lead an Energy Clearing exercise to release one of them.

To get more information – and to register – just visit…

Unlimited Abundance


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