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Tracy’s Mission to Make Seven a Day Smile….

Hi Jeff,

Today I watched the Super Mind Academy Training video looking for something new to learn and found exactly what I wanted.

My NLP certifications come from Will Horten www.nfnlp.com. In June when I return to Florida, I look forward to training with Richard Bandler and John LaValle.  My library has many highlighted, dog-eared books written by Richard Bandler.

As for practicing…I have a mission to make 7 people a day smile. To lighten their faces with laughter, to paint a fun uplifting picture for them to experience, to focus their attention on the possible and open up choices.

The last two months your teachings with the “is” exercise and the “power questions” were illuminating eye-openers. Naturally I was anxious to take a peek at what you would reveal next.  Unfortunately I developed tunnel-vision and decided that “I know this.”

Jeff, it is clear that you are the teacher and I am the student. Right now…taking a bird’s eye view of what I have learned so far… I am relaxing and trusting you to light up the path.

Radiating joy,


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