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The Effects of Toxic Emotions on Our Health – Part 2 by Linda M. McCarthy Ph.D

This article is a continuation of  The Effects of Toxic Emotions on Our Health

The deliberation surrounding the emotional effects on physical health will continue to be debated until definitive evidence is produced and the teachings of the ‘Central Dogma’ are no longer. The medical community can not dispute the placebo effect, as it has been implemented as an alternative for many years when other means failed to produce results. Interesting, the doctors who prescribed placebos to their patients did so by defending their justification that the placebo would present the patient with a positive outcome, not because they believed the treatment would have a psychological effect on the patient’s particular condition. I fail to see the difference.

The conventional medical community has a myriad of effective treatments available at their disposal, and for many patients this is their choice of healing. For others, non-traditional preferences are their modalities of choice and each should be respected rather than denounced.  No one has the right to declare a ‘one size fits all’ protocol for every person. Each individual has his or her own particular circumstance/s and that should be taken into consideration during the decision making process. When people refuse to accept the modus operandi, and begin to assume responsibility for the current conditions in their life rather than delegating it, a shift will occur. The powerless victim becomes empowered, enabling them to rewrite the story of their life. They are no longer a casualty of their condition, but rather the conductor in their own life.  The medical community must recognize that we are all separate and as such, work with the unified body not against it.

It is encouraging to see distinguished Universities such as Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland, as well as the University of Maryland in College Park, evaluating the scientific foundation for integrative evidence based therapies. Used in conjunction with clinical care, these therapies enable the patients to maintain their health while under the supervision of a medical team to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Every individual must assume an active role in their own health, be it nutritionally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically. The body is a vehicle for spirit, and recognizing the important role of maintaining balance in our life is central to our overall good health. Understanding that as vibrational beings our body is constantly transmitting signals to us,  we must quiet our mind in order to comprehend the information that is being relayed. It is no longer necessary to surrender to the concept that ones’ health is entirely genetically pre-determined in utero. We rely too often on our toxic psyche to reason why illness occurs, and it is exactly that toxicity that contributed to the original development of the disease. A person can not reason their way out of illness, they must believe that they deserve good health as their birthright. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D and author of ‘Biology of Belief’: “Cells need the brain to interpret the world and feed back to them what they should be doing to keep the system alive and floating. Therefore it is our environment, not genetics that primarily create our health or lack thereof.”

Appreciating that we are not victims of our genetics or heredity affords us the ability to take control of our life rather than yield to that notion that we are helpless bystanders. When we truly believe that we have the ability to change the perception of our environment, the cellular structure in our body will respond in like. In doing so, the power of the beliefs within us will begin to rearrange our life. At that point, we can completely eliminate our personal paradigm of false limitations, knowing that we have within us the ability to create at will. Reality is nothing more that the imagination claiming its beliefs to be factual. If we choose to rewrite the reality, old paradigms are shattered as a new story emerges.  We must listen to and trust our inner wisdom, for it has always has been there. Ultimately, it is the belief of the individual that will determine the final outcome of their biology and their fate. Find a modality, be it yoga, meditation, life coaching, EFT, whatever resonates with you on a deeper level.

As a Metaphysician, I truly believe that our ‘perceptions’ are the only thing standing between a body in healthy state or one in dis-ease. Restructure the perception and the reality changes.

A wonderful example I would like to share with the readers explains the differences in perceptions:

I was sitting outside in my courtyard watching a beautiful Arizona sunset. The sky was pink, with hues of red, and orange.  A neighbor came out and greeted me, asking what I was doing. I said that I was admiring the gorgeous sunset, as it is a special time for me to connect with spirit. His response and perception of the sunset was a bit different than mine. He said “You realize that the prettier the sunset, the more pollution in the air. So what you see as beautiful, I see as pollution.” We were both correct in our observations, but on opposite scales in how our bodies were responding. It was healing for me, a spiritual experience, for him it was pollution, a toxic environment, creating anxiety.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote:

Your beliefs become your thoughts-
Your thoughts become your words-
Your words become your actions-
Your actions become your habits-
Your habits become your value-
Your value becomes your destiny….

Do you see a sunset, or pollution? Your body is listening.

Article by Linda M. McCarthy Ph.D

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The Effects of Toxic Emotions on Our Health - Part 2 by Linda M. McCarthy Ph.D, 8.8 out of 10 based on 19 ratings
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2 Responses to “The Effects of Toxic Emotions on Our Health – Part 2 by Linda M. McCarthy Ph.D”

  1. Thrity says:

    Thank you for the beautiful insight.What is healing for you is toxic to the other! Our perception makes it happen.

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  2. Sabine says:

    Much food for thought. I always admired the wisdom of Ghandi.
    We all need to be far more aware of the power of words.

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