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The World Peace Intentional Cure: How You Can Transform Yourself and the Planet by Gabrielle Alizay

Please….What Are You Talking About?!?

“How can I do or transform anything?” you exclaim. “Life is hard and then I go to sleep at night, wake up the next day and it starts all over again.”

In that case, this Intentional Living practice is perfect for you. Low maintenance. High return. We like that.

Here is an interesting and very much disregarded secret: Trying too hard at anything can be frustrating, ineffective and draining.

It naturally destroys your sensitive soul dreams, negatively affects your physical and emotional health as well as puts a huge damper on your belief systems (even if you are optimistic to everyone around you). This does not mean that to work hard isn’t a good thing. It’s a great thing. You just have to work hard in a relaxed way. Relaxation about and around anything breeds mastery and evolved thinking. Smart.

The other-stressed-to-the-brink condition can lead to the not so secret emotional states: depression and skepticism. It gives us all a Live For Today attitude—and while existing in the present can be a very good and valuable state of being—in our need to find solutions for our personal and planetary survival— having such a one-sided focus can take a huge toll on our actual longevity.

We need a two-sided motivation. An ‘In’ and an ‘Out’.

So consider this. What if, into your present, you easily brought offerings, peace, love, abundance, and dreams right to your front door—both for yourself, for your family, and for your world? Would you be up for that?

Sounds easy…because it is. We like easy. Smart.

So bear with me—I am the morph of a few things. I have been a Feng Shui consultant for over 20 years. If you don’t know what Feng Shui is—then Google it. And whatever it tells you, whatever you might already know—okay, I am some of that description. But mostly, I have taken the very great wisdom and ideologies that Feng Shui has offered for over 4000 years and merged it with the power of many combined Intention ideas. I also have prayed to my Higher Power.

The Feng Shui masters obviously knew something. Like the secrets to the Universe. And when you do anything with intention, it naturally adds power, force and directive outcome to it. So then in addition you include prayer to your Higher Power (and we all know the influence of that) to accompany these two other powerhouses. The combo of the three is phenomenal and has the ability to create the emergence of miracles plus mind-boggling renovations into our daily existence.

Absolutely anything is possible. And I will vouch for that myself.

And I am not the only one who is starting to witness this fact in their day-to-day. I am but one of many and just happen to be the loudest one. Big lungs.

This I know: when your day to day existence gets better—the world around you will change for the better as well.

You are now reading information—about something that is easy and pleasurable to do, highly beneficial to your personal and planetary world, and doesn’t require that you even leave your home or office. Perform it daily. Then watch.

“A life without cause is a life without effect.”
Barbarella, (Jane Fonda) 1968 sci-fi film playing an interstellar representative of the United Earth Government.

Now Hold On, (S)hero!

Before you set off on the enrichment of your life and that of the planet, I want to explain some things to you. Though an unofficial scientist, I still find my conclusions to be fascinating. I think you will too.

Plus I want you to understand why you are feeling so much better about yourself, the state of the world, and the condition of the planet Earth after you start to perform The World Peace Intentional Cure on a day-to-day basis. Because you will. How do I know?

For this simple reason: you will learn how to create this truth of inner and outer peace.

First Conclusion (without trying to convince yourself if this exists or not): realize that you are learning to work with a very powerful, magical, enormously influential, invisible life-force called chi. Other ways to describe what is encompassed within the sacred chi essence: spiritual enlightenment, love, blessing, luck, miracles, joy, health, and abundance.

And daily, through the practice of the World Peace Intentional Cure, you will get better and better at learning the art of crafting this chi essence to give you exactly what you want as it is in alignment with your Higher Power. So because you will learn to flow with chi, expect to find love, miracle and abundance potentials floating around your home and office a lot. Chi will also cause you great joy.

Second Conclusion: When you honor chi, chi recognizes you back by bringing you your Highest Good dreams, solutions, and desires. Your precious requests come to you—you don’t have to go out and get them. You still apply yourself towards manifesting them—and more often than not, you will even now need to do some ‘work’ in the real world—but you will concurrently learn to breathe out and let go. And when you repeatedly ask and surrender your desires daily in this ritual, what is right will start to materialize absolutely before your eyes.

Third Conclusion: Regard the Microcosm/Macrocosm Effect. What you do in your Micro (the small world of home and office) directly affects the Macro (the world at large). Google the science of this formula.

In the meantime, allow me to paraphrase the inspiration of it: As you improve —so does the planet.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Carry out this simple World Peace Intentional Cure daily. This one step will initiate a hugely essential movement both for the individual along with the countless amazing global benefits that shall occur when a critical-mass quantity of people independently embrace this custom. This particular Intentional Living Feng Shui cure teaches the almost forgotten art of receiving and allowing. With assistance from chi, intention, and your Higher Power comes the easeful manifestations of dreams and solutions.

Keep in mind that to enjoy and benefit from chi is your divine birth right. You are entitled. Along with its presence comes a host of other magnificent things, including a more enriching relationship with your Higher Power, love, opportunities, healing, materializations of wonder, feelings of abundance, and so much more. Whatever you want has enormous capability to begin to take place in your life—if it be so in the Highest Good.

Getting in the flow feels really good. Try it yourself. Watch the increase of effortless gifts! Because chi is invited and welcomed through your front door, remarkable benefits occur when The World Peace Intentional Cure is practiced regularly in the home and office. Positive results in the microcosm environment transform naturally to magnificent consequences in the macrocosm of the planet.

The World Peace Intentional Cure

1. The Action That You Take:

When carrying out the daily practice, it is suggested that you stand in front of your open front door—if the weather outside makes it uncomfortable to keep it open—keep it closed (and just imagine standing in front of it). It makes no difference—actually or in your mind, stand facing the walkway and street.

When you forget to do your daily summons of standing in front of your open entrance door, not to worry—it is just as acceptable to do your Intentional Living practice remotely whenever you do remember it—from the car, waiting in the lot for your child to get out of school, from your bed where you have spent the last two days getting over a cold, from the movie theatre, as you eat popcorn and wait for the main feature—just imagine that you are standing in front of your open entrance door, facing the walkway and street.

Stand in front of your open entrance door, facing away from thedwelling—towards the walkway and street.

2. Visualize/Imagine This:

Picture a glitter-like substance which stands for chi (or “imagine” whatever your picture of chi essence is) coming down opposite sides of the road in front of your dwelling. Observe it turning up your walkway and moving smoothly towards you until it reaches you and surrounds you in joyful exaltation before entering into your front entrance. Do not be conservative on the amount of chi you see arriving and going in through your door. Exaggeration is good. Make the amount of chi essence large and exuberant.

3. Speak Out Loud the Following Affirmation While Focusing on the Chi Essence In Your Mind:

“Now the chi essence easily and effortlessly
Finds my home (office) and my life.
Miracles, opportunities, abundance, love,
Health and joy,
Incredible financial abundance, a purposeful Life Path
(Next say out loud any daily personal specifics that you might
have like):
• The Highest Good solution to…..
• The Highest good job….
• The Highest Good tenant for….
• The Highest Good resolve with ….
• The Highest Good body/emotional healing of…
• The Highest Good true love…
(And so on)
Now come to me every day in every way.
As I heal, so does the planet.
Miracles happen everyday.
This or something better for the Highest Good now occurs.”

Do this ritual or one similar in style every day. Optimally. Even sometimes is better than nothing. That is it. Next, watch life twist and turn in its very distinctive dance. You shall see how much more graceful and flowing it becomes after you start to perform The World Peace Intentional Cure.

Go to work, pay the bills, put an ad in the personals for your love interest, apply for that dream job, see the doctor for your health, and other such day-to-day tasks. And pay attention to what happens when you program for the Highest Good best to come to you.

It is with the regular application of this World Peace Intentional Cure that you can experiment with the before and after of any Intentional Living Feng Shui cure that you might choose to learn at a later date in order to promote a rewarding and generous intentional life, existing in a nourishing world, on a healthy planet.

In order for your domino effect —micro as well as macro—to be impressive, chi must actually find your dwelling. Chi increases the optimistic results of all shifts you make. By virtue of the fact that everything you do in your small world affects your large world, inviting chi to your front door on a regular basis has a philosophical wide-ranging effect on the global subconscious mind: struggle becomes unnecessary.

This transforms the subconscious messages that we send out to each other.

Instead of vibrating survival statements and actions unconsciously towards one and all; we instead move into a peace/love/forever communication that, through the exchange of optimistic ideas, begins to renovate the outer world as we know it.

Of course, this concept of true surrender and acceptance must be deliberately exercised through the dedicated use of The World Peace Intentional Cure. Life ease is rarely instantaneous. But just as the repeated application of affirmations reassigns the grooves of your brain, effortlessness can be programmed and practiced on a daily basis and such perseverance will confidently affect your relationship to life in general.

Your day to day existence gets better. And little by little—everything around you improves as well.

© 2011 By Gabrielle Alizay. All rights reserved

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Gabrielle Alizay has been a Feng Shui consultant for nearly 20 years. She is the published author of the acclaimed book, Feng Shui For The Rest Of Us and has consulted and taught individuals, businesses, and educational institutions internationally. She has published many print and on-line articles on the subject of Feng Shui. She is the former West Coast Director of The International Feng Shui Guild.   To learn more about Gabrielle and her work visit http://homepeace.com

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For Leaders, Healers and Activists of the Evolution

Mission Statement

To teach and empower the Intentional Candle Practice to those who are led to amplify and enhance their work with themselves and others towards Self-Actualization and the co-creation of World Peace—the sacred, viable goal of the Evolution.

Cost: $50-150.00 sliding scale.

For more information and to register, please go to: http://www.homepeace.com/classes-events/

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