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The Secret to Super Mind Power…

I believe it is possible for anyone to achieve Super Mind Power.

Do you?

For the past ten years or more I have read, researched and experimented with various methods of mind expansion.

And the more I tried to hold on to the belief that who we were when we were 10 needed to dictate who we are at 40 the more I came to understand that what we are is truly unlimited.

And that there are as many mind power techniques as there are humans in the world.

But some are more powerful than others.

I first began to work with meditation in response to a significant panic disorder.

My initial meditation training centered on the breathe and specific visualization techniques.

Regular meditation left me calmer and more centered.

The more I meditated the more capable I became in handling the chaos that was my life.

My engineering training pushed me in the direction of learning what I could about what I was experiencing.

I began reading and studying what I could about the brain, it’s functions and capabilities.

This study led me to the field of brainwave entrainment and the use of brain wave entrainment audio recordings as a way to increase my effectiveness in the world, as a way to develop Super Mind Power.

I learned about the different brain wave frequencies that comprise our basically electrical brain

  • The very fast Gamma waves -which show up during times of high stress but also appear when one is experiencing very deep compassion.
  • The fast Beta waves that represent the human’s typical “busy” mind.
  • The slow Alpha waves of creativity
  • The even slower Theta waves that show up during trance and very deep relaxation
  • And the slowest, the Delta, which normally cannot be accessed in a conscious state, but have been shown to be very active in those who are highly intuitive or who are active in various Energy Healing modalities.

By working with a brainwave entrainment program under the guidance of it’s creator, coupled with focused advanced communication skills training, I am now advancing rapidly toward my goals of ever expanding consciousness and increased mind power.

I am learning how to “turn on” specific brain waves on command.  I am now much more conscious of what my thinking mind is doing and how to “turn it off” when necessary.  This has allowed me to become much more effective in my day to day life.

In addition to being able to easily get more accomplished during a normal day I have noticed some other really wonderful changes in my life…

I have started to “Dream Bigger”.  Where once I had very limited, very clear expectations relative to my life -  I now know that I can be, do and have whatever I desire.

I remain calm regardless of what is happening around me.  This hit me very strongly just last week.  I watched the chaos that was taking place all around me and I realized that I was not a part of it.  It was a strange, wonderful feeling – this knowing that I was at my center even in those moment when the center was not obvious to find.

I laugh more.  I laugh every day.  I use to think life, and my problems were real and important.  I credit the brain wave entrainment training with this new found realization that any problem presented to me is temporary and easily resolved.

And I have a strong knowing that what I can do anyone who has a desire can do as well.

Anything is possible with Super Mind Power.

Don’t you agree?

Cyndi is a student of  Jeff Gignac, creator of the Super Mind Academy.  To learn more about the Academy and what it can do, click here.

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4 Responses to “The Secret to Super Mind Power…”

  1. LaRemnant says:

    SO basically, you’re saying that the secret to super mind power is to listen to brainwave entrainment CD’s?

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  2. Ruth Read says:

    I am in total agreement with this! Until I started meditating and using brainwave entrainment, I was a complete mess. I rarely miss a day of meditation morning and night. I am a new person! I am so grounded that with everything falling apart around me I kept grounded. I even laughed daily. I keep thinking everything is getting better, a closer look and maybe it is not. However I know I will always be taken care of. It has been proven to me so many times, I can’t doubt it.

    Cyndi – YOU ROCK!

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  3. Steve says:

    Nice read! For the most part I do agree with the article. I feel to access your super mind power, you must open yourself to possibilities and believe in your unlimited potential. Belief is the key that unlocks the gate to your inner mind.

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  4. anand says:

    i have practiced hundreds of meditation techniques, read hundreds of books and articles on sub conscious mind. what really happened is from millionaire (indian value) i have become a beggar. i have found a way which works. which is “always think opposite”. for the last five days it is working. it is because we are already programmed that we are poor. when i say “i am poor” i got rs.500 for a work which i have done long back. so program opposite. say you are poor, so you will not have opportunities, you will not get married “EVERYTHING WILL HAPPEN”. I AM SORRY IF IT HURTS.

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