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The Root of All Healing by Misa Hopkins – Book Excerpt

Preface—How This Book Can Help You

If you are reading this book, you have probably tried more than one healing methodology, yet are experiencing minimal to no progress in your healing. There are reasons many of us continue to suffer through illness and The Root of All Healing will reveal some of the reasons people don’t heal, as well as offer simple yet significant insights that can help you experience true and lasting healing.

Many of us have accepted the conventional practice of giving up our personal power and leaving it to the “experts.” This conventional wisdom is based on an old model, dating back to the 1600’s, of treating the body more like a machine or an object that needed to be completely understood and controlled. It became an accepted belief that only people with certain educational expertise were able to repair the body when it became ill or injured. Though the intentions of any given expert may be notable, their skills extensive, and their ability to help us heal profound, this surrendering of power often leaves us feeling completely helpless to the will of our bodies and the current knowledge and theories of others. It has been my observation such feelings of powerlessness can keep us remaining ill until we discover the hidden powers of self-healing within us.

While the body may indeed be the physical vehicle of the human journey, and a vehicle better treated as it is better understood, the journey of the human is about the evolution of the spirit as much as it is about the functions of the body. Without spirit our progress is limited, for it is human spirit that overcomes the greatest challenges, drives us to discover greater knowledge, and sustains us in hope. It is the human spirit that beats the odds and continually redefines the playing field of human existence.

The foundation of The Root of All Healing is about claiming our personal power and recognizing our healing as a Divine journey that each of us embarks upon through our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits in our own unique ways. The healing journey gives us an opportunity, through our ineffable spirits, to discover our personal power—the living, breathing reality of our own creative and divine nature.

When I say spiritual or Divine, I am not talking about religion. Religion is not a necessary ingredient for healing—not even faith healing. If that were true, I would have been dead many years ago, along with many of my closest friends and colleagues. While I hold a deep respect for religions, I consider myself as a spiritual person rather than a religious one. When I speak about the spiritual or Divine, I am talking about a power within life that flows through all of us that we can access in our personal journeys of healing. How you define that power for yourself is entirely up to you.

I urge you to read this book from beginning to end. I tend to be one of those people who like to flip open to pages anywhere in the book and read for a while. This would not be the best way to read this book. My first career was as a teacher, and so this book is written with new concepts building upon previous ones. You will get the most out of it by reading one consecutive page at a time. I know this is contrary to our “sound bite” oriented world, but claiming one’s power in healing is more like a seven course meal than a fast-food fix.

If you were inspired to pick up this book, then you are someone who is probably very dedicated to your well-being and I commend your dedication, even if you may be feeling discouraged, frustrated, or stuck at the moment. I understand those feelings very well, so know from the beginning I fully empathize with you. Because I can’t stand to be stuck, I had to discover hope. I had to discover the profound healing power within me. Because I didn’t have a lot of money to put into professional assistance, I had to find the well of healing wisdom living within my subconscious and apply it with conviction for my own well-being. In truth, it would have been easier to linger in despair. So if you are reading this book, I trust you are someone who is willing to engage your will and creativity to becoming healed. My deepest desire is that in reading this book, you will find the source of your own hope—and more importantly, a deeper commitment to your own power to heal.

Introduction—Where the Healing Begins

In 1994, I received a call from my brother telling me my mother was in the hospital and not expected to live through the week. I had not spoken to my mother in years because I had chosen to take some time away from her in order to do some deep emotional healing around our relationship. My brother and I sensed she wanted some closure before she crossed over, so I made the decision to go to her quickly. While making the trip home, I reassured myself I would create emotional safety and understanding with my mother so that I could continue my life, and she could cross over with love and resolution between us. We had not seen each other for two years, and from the perspective of some, I was the prodigal daughter returning home. From my perspective, I had finally completed enough of my personal physical and emotional healing to be able to hold space for the emotional pain she was in and had been in most of her life.

When I arrived at the hospital in the late afternoon, I was told a nurse had given her an extra dose of morphine because family and staff were concerned about how Mom would react to me coming home. Deep inside I knew Mom would be just fine. Because I no longer carried anger and resentment toward my mother, I was confident I could stand calmly in my center with whatever feelings she might be having at this time. By holding both of us in this sacred way, I knew I could help her access her own truth and finally experience some deep emotional tranquility. Knowing my mother, I was certain she would want to make peace with me before releasing herself from this physical world, and I was ready to help her find her freedom.

Taking a deep, centering breath, I walked into her room, over to her bedside, and reached for her hand. I told her I had resolved the painful memories of my childhood and that everything was all right. She looked deep into my eyes, like a child hoping to find acceptance, asking for my forgiveness. Finally she found the words to tell me she was sorry and assured me she loved me. I didn’t tell her I forgave her. I told her I understood. After years of inner healing work, I knew real forgiveness comes when the resentments are gone and in its place we truly understand the source of our own pain and the pain of others.

We talked a while with a depth of regard and concern I had never experienced before that day. As the sun fell behind the hills, my mother grew quieter as the morphine finally demanded she sleep. Without even thinking, I started humming to her, the same way I hummed my brothers and sister to sleep when I was a child. A beautiful Native American chant, unknown to me until that moment, spontaneously welled up from my heart and as my mother listened she wept, perhaps her own Native blood stirred by the music.

The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with my mother. She was too weak for exploratory surgery so they put her on a penicillin drip for any possible infection along with some morphine for the pain, and given her condition, recommended the family be called. After singing my song, and without any warning, I discovered the source of her current physical pain. I could suddenly see inside her body where I observed what I would describe as a bronchial infection. I could see nothing wrong with her heart, which was a major source of concern to her doctor. Silently, I asked her spirit what she needed. I then saw a beautiful and bright emerald green light fill the places inside her where I had seen the infection. I watched in quiet awe as the green transformed into white and the vision disappeared.

By this time the sun was completely behind the hill and my sister, as if on cue, walked into the darkening room. Enveloped in the hallowed moment of day becoming night, she sat down next to my mother. I was already holding one of Mom’s hands. She picked up the other and reached for my empty hand. There the three women of our family sat in the silence and the darkness—for the first time ever, being together without words.

About an hour later, my dad, brothers, nieces and nephews found their way to Mom’s room. Instead of lying weakly on the bed like a woman who was getting ready to die, my mother was sitting up in bed laughing with the rest of her rowdy family, cheeks full of color and beaming. When the doctor came in to check on her, he looked puzzled as Mom asked him when she could go home. He had to agree she was looking much better, held her a day for observation and sent her home, assuming the penicillin drip had helped her. She stayed with us here on earth for another three months before finally making her journey to the other side.

I received a profound gift from my mother before she left this earth. After witnessing the power of love, sound, and intention heal my mother, I launched myself into an even deeper journey of my own emotional and physical healing, eventually evolving into opportunities to help others as well. Since that day, sometimes on my own and sometimes with the help of competent physicians, alternative healers, and my own energy medicine I have healed myself from a life-threatening hormone imbalance, and a collapsing ovary and fallopian tube. I completely sealed up a cut, normally requiring stitches, within less than 24 hours using sound and intention. I have stopped colds with nothing more than sound and symbols, healed infections with light and sound, and freed myself from limitations of multiple sclerosis using my own sound medicine.

I have been privileged to support people in their healing journeys as together we healed a weak heart by growing a new heart valve, sealed an intestinal rupture that had caused intestinal fluid to seep out into the body, stabilized the activity of red and white blood cells, eliminated cancerous tumors and more. I find these moments to be wonderful reminders about our healing potential as humans. Each time profound healing occurs for someone I am able to help or for me, I am humbled as I witness our tremendous capacity to re-create ourselves over and over into healthier, more vital beings.

I am equally touched by the power of the human spirit. In my first career, as a Special Education teacher, I spent one year teaching terminally ill children in their homes. Over time some of the children made their transition to the other side, but before they left each one of them made an imprint on the hearts of many of us who were privileged to know them. Though their bodies grew weaker, their spirits soared, resilient and strong in their loving regard and compassion for others. They taught me that healing is a journey, sometimes resulting in great physical achievement as they frequently brought themselves back from the brink of death and sometimes resulting in the great spiritual awareness that occurs when we cross over.

Those I have known who have embraced their healing journey have further shown me that the true power and measure of our existence here on earth is in how we live out our lives. Because illness insists we pay attention to how we are living, healing becomes an opportunity to look at what truly gives meaning to our lives. As we determine what is truly important to us, we discover the essence of who we are. This may be the single greatest gift the healing journey gives to us.

A year or so before my father died, I asked him what he perceived to be the mission of his life. He bowed his head thoughtfully, then looked intently into my eyes and said, “I’m here to suffer for the people.” My father was a deeply spiritual man, so when I asked him to explain it was no surprise to hear him tell me he willingly accepted suffering so that others would not have to. For him, this was a form of prayer. Both of my parents died from cancer. Indeed they both suffered greatly before they made their journey to the other side of the veil. At least I have the comfort of knowing my father accepted suffering willingly, finding personal strength by offering it up for the well-being of others. I also realize he may have chosen suffering that was never necessary for him to endure. However, because of his willingness to share his mission with me, I learned something important about healing from my father.

When illness grabs hold of me and I am suffering, I remind myself that my father and other compassionate people who have gone before him have offered prayers that their suffering be the last suffering. Then I ask myself if I am willing to receive the gift of their prayers. I ask myself if I am willing to let go of the suffering, and devote my strength to finding my relief and complete wellness. Sometimes relief comes quickly. Sometimes it comes after much effort. And if relief is slow in coming, like my father, I offer up my suffering as a prayer that perhaps someone in greater pain than me will find relief in this moment.

Because of my mother and father’s influence, and their painful deaths, I am devoted to healing myself and supporting others in finding freedom from pain. I am delighted when I can offer healing support and relief from pain to my client or when I release myself from physical and emotional pain. I am greatly pleased when I can maintain for myself and help others maintain vigorous health and well-being through thoughtful daily practices. I have become committed to the concept of creating life physically free and happy, and that is the life I live today.

Healing is a journey, so what I have to share in this book is what I have discovered along the way. Some of the discoveries I share may seem unbelievable, others may seem extremely obvious, and when it comes to healing I find it is the obvious that often eludes us. Though I have been actively involved in natural healing for over 15 years, I am constantly in awe of how the simplest treatment, or the slightest change of perception or behavior (that in retrospect seems obvious) can make a vast difference in my health. As this awareness has become increasingly apparent, I have made a commitment to break through my preconceived perceptions about what needs to be healed and how healing is supposed to occur, allowing a greater mystery to unfold itself in my body as I witness how healing truly can be. Because I now allow myself to enter fully into the mystery of healing, without so many preconceived concepts or sole reliance on conventional treatments, seeming miraculous occurrences become normal occurrences. I look at some of these “miraculous” healings with the realization I have witnessed only the surface of the potential that lives within us all.

Some of my own real-life stories I debated sharing because for some they will seem too fantastic. For me, they were simply a part of my journey. Some of these healing stories are moments where the mystery unveiled itself and I experienced what I knew to be ancient, and yet for me, new ways of gentle healing. I include them because they speak to the great healing potential I believe lives inside every one of us. During the moments I touch that potential, I am inspired to continue on in my day-to-day journey, and it is my hope these stories will inspire others as well in their own unique healing journeys.

Whenever I am helping someone, I am very clear the healing journey is theirs, not mine. More than once I have had someone come to me looking for a miracle cure. They are tired of being sick and want to get on with fulfilling their life purpose, or at least more meaningful work. This is certainly understandable. There have been many times, in my own journey, I desperately wished someone would take out a magic wand and cure me. I had so many goals I would have been accomplishing if I just felt better. It is very difficult to even think about creating prosperity, engaging in a new career, or attracting the love of your life when you don’t feel well. I’m not at all surprised when someone comes looking to me for a fast answer.

Yet, whenever someone thinks they need me in order to heal and they are not active participants in their own healing, I know we won’t get very far. As I have said before, healing is a personal journey. I can help and that is all. The true healing happens between the person choosing to be healed and his or her own relationship with the Divine power that dwells within them. The healing journey is each person’s opportunity to discover the life-giving, creative force of the Divine living within their own consciousness, and so I can be of assistance, but I certainly can’t do it for someone.

Sometimes we do indeed witness what appear to be instant healings. In my experience, this happens when someone is in a very receptive space with heart and mind fully ready to receive complete healing. More often; however, healing is a process of time, where the person is releasing old, stuck patterns that keep them feeling ill and replacing those patterns with healthier beliefs and habits. Or the person is teaching their body over time to respond in a different manner to an agent inside their body that has been wreaking havoc. Even with seemingly instant healings, the person who is healed will then need to fully embrace the new behavior or belief that allowed full healing to occur, and weave this new awareness into daily consciousness.

Healing is a practice of dedication and self-love, because very often getting to the root cause–the source of the condition is necessary for full and complete recovery. New belief systems and patterns of behavior need to be deeply anchored in both the subconscious and conscious mind if healing transformation is going to last. Especially in the cases of chronic illness and depression, making sure both the physical and emotional bodies are addressed is imperative if the healed person wants to prevent recurrences.

Even if a medical practitioner is adequately helping me treat the source of my physical discomfort, I know after years of self-healing work, there is a strong likelihood I will find an emotional root behind or accompanying the physical pain. I make sure I treat the physical and emotional roots, or the emotional effects, of the illness. I don’t tend to see much separation any more between physical and emotional pain, because I know before I experience complete well-being, I need to heal on every level. For example, when I had been exposed to environmental toxins, I knew I needed to respond to my emotional feelings about having been affected by something in my environment I didn’t put there. And when my hormones were extremely out of balance (I was an adult woman producing as much testosterone as a boy in puberty.), I knew I needed to understand and heal the psychological reason my female body was becoming male, seemingly on its own and without my conscious permission.

To understand my abnormal hormone production, I began listening to urgings from my silent meditations to embrace yet more stillness and less activity in my life. In a process of getting quiet and listening with compassion to my thoughts and feelings, I uncovered and healed the abuse that caused me to break faith with being feminine. Along with talk therapy, well-prescribed hormone therapy, some deep emotional processing, and the support of skilled healers from several healing disciplines, I finally brought my body and emotions into balance.

I have found the same to be true for my clients. Those who address the emotional content behind or accompanying the physical illness tend to heal more rapidly and with more lasting results. When someone tells me no physical treatment they have tried is making any long-term difference, I recommend they consult their emotions. Buried feelings of emotional pain are often blocking even the most aggressive healing treatments, or they can even cause resistance in identifying and fully receiving the best treatment for our condition. More than once, I have recommended my client enter into therapy with a psychologist so they can understand their emotions, experience self-compassion, and ultimately heal by developing stabilizing perspectives that calm the influence of overwhelming emotions.

Every now and then, a new client tells me I couldn’t possibly understand how difficult the journey has been for them because my life is so easy. Their observation is understandable, because I do live a fairly effortless and very fulfilling life—now. However, in the past, my own emotional or physical pain has been so intense, I entertained thoughts of suicide, so I know how daunting the healing journey can be. At one point, after years of a constant roller coaster ride with my health and emotions, I finally said to myself, “Stop dancing on the edge. Make a choice. Do you want to live or die?” “And self,” I said, “don’t answer until you know which decision you are willing to accept with complete and full responsibility for the outcome.”

Obviously, I chose to live and with that choice, I consciously made a commitment to discover how to live a happy, healthy life. I told myself I would not accept constant or chronic illness, or depression as a way of living. I would do whatever it took to live the life I wanted to live. That commitment eventually led me to a journey of significant self-healing and with it came momentous personal growth. There were many times I didn’t know how to create the happiness and wellness I desired on my own. At those times I sought help, and was blessed to find some wonderful healers from various disciplines. Like the people who sometimes come to me, I frequently wished one of the healers would take away my pain. As often as I yearned for an outside fix, there was a friend or therapist in my life reminding me that while it was good to receive help—the comfort, love, reassurances, worthiness, relief from my agony, and ultimately the creation of a self-loving life of health and happiness was truly within me—if I was willing to access that power.

In my case, as it has been for many of my clients, I needed help because I had been ill for so long I barely remembered what wellness felt like. When I got relief from my physical or emotional pain even for minutes, I could remember how wellness and happiness felt. I benefited from having someone assist me so that I could remember and hold those feelings in my awareness. Fortunately, my healers coached me to reinforce and affirm those feeling of health and happiness. As I reinforced the feelings I wanted to be experiencing, eventually, the painful, hurtful feelings were replaced with calm, peace and physical freedom.

Although now I do the vast majority of my personal healing work on my own, when I do seek medical assistance or alternative healing, I remain clear that I am the master of my body. Receiving aid whether holistic or conventional is a means of intelligently promoting my wellness, and my health is my job—not anyone else’s. I do not treat the symptoms and assume the problem is gone. I use natural remedies, energy, prayers, and knowledgeable advice, and an occasional over-the-counter medicine to reinforce my internal commitment to health, until my commitment becomes my daily reality without the help of remedies and assistance. This intensity of commitment has been the catalyst not only for creating health, but more importantly, for developing a profound relationship with the Divine power within me.

Someone once said to me, “All paths lead to the Divine.” When it comes to embracing my healing journey, those words became truth in action. Discovering the power of the Divine nature living inside me was and still is the greatest gift of the healing process. Learning how to heal myself from one ailment after another became paths or classrooms for understanding the ability of Divine creation that lived within me. Gradually, as the need for physical healing has decreased, I have been able to apply the same basic steps used in creating healing for creating greater happiness and fulfillment.

The human being’s ability to heal is extraordinary. The power of love and intention a person can generate for healing is remarkable. Using the power of your mind and heart is in complete alignment with the laws of nature. Bodies regenerate themselves naturally. Sometimes we need to help our bodies remember how to do that healthily and if we choose to do this consciously, we embark on a healing journey.

I have discovered that when I invite healing in absolute clarity and love, my cells respond to their master—me. In that moment I am giving voice to the will of the Divine as it flows through me, and I have witnessed others discover this source of the Divine within themselves. The healing journey gives us the opportunity to discover this essence in profound and mysterious ways, with each experience being as unique as the individual who embarks on the journey. Exactly how you or I believe or experience the Divine is not important. However, in order to heal at your core it is important to know there is a power, energy, or source flowing through all of life including you, and you have the ability to access that source whenever you wish. You may give this source whatever name speaks to your soul. I call it the Divine.

For those of you reading this book who may be standing very close to your transition to the other side, I see merging with the Divine in such completeness as the goal of the spiritual and healing journey. Sometimes, the greatest act of healing is to surrender to the call to return home. More than once I have sung someone’s sacred song as they died to this body and their souls entered the Divine light. I have seen and felt how splendid this act of ultimate surrender and gift of freedom can be. You may find the steps in this book serve you in your journey of surrender as well as someone who is going to be staying on this planet a while longer, because ultimately the healing journey is about a deeper awareness of the Divine presence within you.

As you read these seven healing steps, perhaps you will allow my reflections to stimulate your own thoughts and feelings about healing. This book simply offers guidelines—suggestions—born from years of observing the overall journey. However, the journey that counts for you is your own journey. May this book support you in accessing the root of your own healing, the Divine within you, so that you may experience a healthier, happier, more fulfilling existence.

In my heart and songs,

Reverend Misa

Let Me Support You

Thank you for allowing me the space to share with you this important foundation of my journey. I hope it has already begun to remind you of things you knew, and touch parts of you that have perhaps been waiting to be awakened.

If you would like to purchase the book to complete the journey we have started together here, you may find it on Amazon books at:  The Root of All Healing

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The Root of All Healing by Misa Hopkins - Book Excerpt, 9.0 out of 10 based on 23 ratings
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10 Responses to “The Root of All Healing by Misa Hopkins – Book Excerpt”

  1. A fascinating account!

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  2. Val says:

    What an engaging, touching story. I enjoyed your writing style. We have much to surrender and open ourselves to as we walk the path of awakening and healing.

    I would be curious to know how a healer can tell if a sickness is “unto death” with a healing of the spirit or if it will happen physically as well with a new chance in this life. Is this something you can see as you facilitate healing?

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  3. Misa says:


    You ask a very powerful question.

    I walk a razor’s edge between life and death when I am doing healing work. Often the realities collide for me; however, every now and then I can sense the distinction, if the person let’s me in very close to their desires and has clearly made up their own mind. That seems to be the key – whether or not their own spirit has made a decision.

    Truthfully, I’d be curious to know if that is something you can see?

    Thanks for asking!

    Hugs and warm blessings,

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  4. Misa says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful compliments. I do believe we need each others stories. We find our hope, inspiration and new ideas from the journeys of others. So I am happy to share my own and welcome hearing the stories of others. You can read a few more incredible stories at http://www.Self-HealingSecrets.com. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. If inspired, please add your own!

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  6. jerine law says:

    As i myself is a surviver from a stage 4 Brain cancer on my right parental lope for 17 years. as a voluntar i was hoping direct or indirectly i could be of help to the cancer patients. As i understand how and what they have to go through.

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  7. Tracey says:

    Hi Misa – wow – you are spot on – and it was so eloquently put – you can definitely feel the truth. I wish you huge success with the book and in healing others, I know I have been guilty of closing myself up and refusing to heal within and have just discovered what you are saying for myself. I look forward to reading more.
    Best Wishes Tracey

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  8. Lezlie Ely says:

    Beautiful – and makes so much sense.

    Love & Light ~ Lezlie

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  9. louis jekeler says:

    81 years old and 55 years in practice as a chiropractic neurologist.
    I had an allmost fatal car accident,lost consciousness for 3 hours. The medical examination found a lung tumor in the left upper lobe,no symtoms. It was there before the accident,but was revealed by the accident.After chemo therapy for one month I decided to stop and started intuitively working along the lines you so eloquently describe in your article. Two months later no tumor to be found.Thank you for clarifying what I intuitively stumbled on to.
    yours gratefully and sincerely, louis

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  10. Nathalie Carmois says:

    I am wondering if I leave here a message, could I get in touch with Dr. Jekeler, it is because I want to ask him a question and don’t find his email,

    thank you very much for your answer

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