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The Paintings and Vision of Cassundra Ryan – Part 2

Cassundra Ryan

The Paintings of Cassundra Ryan

~ Love is All there Is~

Born in 1969, to an Irish Father and Aboriginal mother on King Island; I am from Bunurong language group, Victoria. I’m strongly connected to the Dreamtime of my people and as a lot of our stories to the land have been lost since the arrival of white man to Australia, I like painting the visual stories of what intuitively comes through for me in our new age, while drawing on the techniques of my ancestry.

Living in Perth, Western Australia and mother of 4, till now I’ve spent 20 years as a hobby artist. To follow my passion, in 2012, I turned to painting full time.

I love creating and expressing through all creative channels, whether it’s writing, painting, sand art, sculpting, dancing.
I meditate and dance daily, to unwind and to get out of my head and to connect to our creator. I live my life full of wonder and being present in the now. I‘m a passionate believer that there are no failures in life, only lessons to be learned and shared. My spiritual evolution holds high priority in my life, and it goes hand in hand with accessing my creative ability.

I started painting in 1996, and I successfully completed my Diploma in Aboriginal Art and Design in 1998.
Painting is my passion. It gives me the freedom and platform to express my feelings, desires and dreams, which connects me to my higher self, and acts as a catalyst for my innate dreaming heritage. It is a medium through which to express my love for all that is, to inspire or impact others in a positive way through the painting itself and through unique stories attached to each painting.

Acrylic on canvas is my favoured medium and my style ranges from Traditional Aboriginal to Contemporary Aboriginal with European and Tantric influences. I like to produce a harmonious blending of colours, designs and symbols which amalgamate the vibrations of the body, spirit and mind. I focus on giving peace through the effect of colours. Painting from my dreaming evokes a state of awareness in the perceiver through both my art works and my stories.

Since 1997 I have entered numerous exhibitions in Northern Western Australia and I’m grateful to have won several awards in categories and acquisitions, and to have had all of my exhibited works purchased. I have continually been engaged in creating new pieces of art, and updating and experimenting with my skills as a visual artist. I’m looking forward to having a Solo Exhibition in the near future.

I hope that you can take something from my art that may inspire and fill your soul with warm, delicious love.

For more details about Cassundra and her art works, you are welcome to contact her at puunaguna@iinet.net.au

The Pictures

Five Elements & Four Directions – On canvas 10×12”


We are here to experience our Earthly points – Wind, Rain, Sun, Moon, the Four Cardinals – North, South, East, West, the Five Elements – Earth, Wood, Fire, Water Metal, to master these elements within our self and to feel love within our entire being and earthly substance. My painting is a representation of these experiences…

Five Elements & Four Directions

Five Elements & Four Directions

Earth Element (Balancing Polarity) is a balancing and stabilising energy to ground your being
Wood Element (Yang Polarity) Chi is an expanding, radiating outward energy to expand your physical
Fire Element (Yang Polarity) is Chi energy rising to heat your soul, which is warm to hot, quick to radiate and speedily
Water Element (Yin Polarity) the cascading Chi, is the downward movement of Chi to calm your heart
Metal Element (Yin Polarity) Chi is an accumulating, contracting, inward fusion of energy. To yield the Universe – Our body’s Chi system absorbs and accumulates energy for our own healing and also to heal others
North (Water Element) – The north is associated with the new phase of the moon, Illumination, Discovery, Logic, Understanding, Mental Wisdom and is that of Physical and Spiritual Purification.
South (Fire Element) – This is the quarter of the Will, Empathy, Trust, Faith, Inclusion, Love, Emotional Wisdom, directing and channelling the psychic energy and forces of nature. The south represents Intellect and Knowledge and Attainment as the sun reaches its climax, south is that of life and growth.
East (Wood Element) – The east is the quarter of the Mystical and the Eternal, Enlightenment, and the substance of lessons, is also the source of Illumination, Beginnings, Awakening, Ascension, Vision, Spiritual Wisdom. In this spiritually-focused quadrant, the intangible self lives vibrantly and scintillates Creative Wisdom
West (Metal Element) – represents Conclusions, Stability, Goals, Foundations, Physical Wisdom, Power, the Subconscious, the Psyche and Emotions, The West is where the sun goes down, and is thus the gateway into the Eternal, the doorway to our Afterlife. This is the place of Introspection, where we can turn to see our life’s meaning. It rules over Mediumship, Spirit Contract, and Telepathic Communication


Celebration of Humanity – On canvas 24×30”



Celebration of Humanity

Celebration of Humanity

My belief is as long as you’re on planet Earth you definitely are on a spiritual path even if it may not look like it to others.

It is time to reconnect to our true power and purpose and to activate our inherent potential, so that by coming together once more in unity and in love we may guide the people of Earth.
The Earth will Glow. It will hum with resonant energy, built from OUR Positive energies. Due to the Earth’s new gravitational and energetic ‘Place’ in the Cosmos, we will perceive time outside of Earth to move differently. We will be kept safe, immortal within Earth’s shell of Love, and our love will keep Earth safe. But for this to happen…. Ascension within each Human must occur.
We must do nothing but live our truth. We cannot make anyone make something! We can just send love and visualize that the highest truth will manifest for them. In that space everyone connects….everyone becomes one.
May there be Love, light, peace, harmony and Unity to our entire Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her. A new and better world is upon us and it will happen. Rejoice!


A Justly Ordered Universe – On Canvas 20″X 24″


“Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of chaos. It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together.” (1) Evidence for order is observed in mathematics, physics, and likely every field of science. (1) Sagan, Carl (1980). Cosmos (p. 18). New York: Random House.

A Justly Ordered Universe

A Justly Ordered Universe

In a justly ordered universe, individual responsibility must be absolute
We must constantly let go of everything we hold onto, in order to flow with the motion of life
We can raise our vibration and step into the higher realms
To look and turn inward for our true meaning of existing
We have our own destiny, purpose and connections to the creative source
The higher power of the universe which is in us all
Let the universe guide you
The sea of the universe – the ocean of truth
Truth is so huge, so enormous, that we are just drops against the ocean
When the drop disappears into the ocean, it becomes the ocean
Our journey home


Meeting in a New Life – On canvas 1770 by 980”


The Moon Goddess and Sun God represent our higher selves,
Our Eternal Soul Partners, the Feminine and the Masculine in each of us,
Who have met again in their new lives to be enlightened through love.
Their loves energy engulfs them both.
All the circles represent meeting places of previous lifetimes,
The snakes are symbols of energy, sexuality and desire,
The mysterious, the subconscious and the erotic desire of female for male.
They also represent the cyclic nature of the cosmos:
Hence the figure eight – continual

Meeting in a New Life

Meeting in a New Life

A soul love affair
Such innocent madness from the heart
Hearts of utmost love
A tremendous love they have known for an ever
Melting into each other’s being
Surrendering to the moment of pulsation, of being energy
Belonging to nothing but existence
Dancing, loving, rejoicing, creating waves of bliss
Of an everlasting love, on new ground
A Universal Spiritual Oneness


Middens – On canvas 8 by 10”





pometemerloonon boobyalla
Palawa’s nooredinger
nurer woneer yah
mapilriagunara leah le lembonguc
leena runnah nubny
penninna kembuc
Nee nay
Long time ago
West seashore
Palawa’s hold
Plenty greetings
Bellyful sea shell meat
Laughter and stories
Blessed be


My Dreaming – On canvas 20 by 24”



My Dreaming

My Dreaming

Earth has long been regarded as a benevolent mother – providing nourishment, shelter and stability for all life as we know it.
It is now we, who are watching over our ‘Earth Mother’,
Our newly vulnerable world
Who we are, what we think and what we do, affects not only ourselves, but
the rest of our living world and human race
Our past is deeply rooted in the earth and our future depends upon our
ability to recreate a relationship with our planet
We need to nurture our mother earth, as she has nurtured us
For we ARE the new generations that will inherit the earth in our many lives
to come
Our evolving in our consciousness, incarnation after incarnation, brings us
back to earth again and again
We have been given the time to live upon ‘Mother Earth’ so we can attain
consciousness and become love
And in love we may ascend with all the people of Earth.
Then one by one we will unite with our Ancestral beings and become whole.
This is My Dreaming
To be at-one-ment with our Source
~ The highest vibrational frequency of LOVE ~

For more details about Cassundra and her art works, you are welcome to contact her at puunaguna@iinet.net.au
If you’re an artist and you would like to be featured in this gallery, please contact us at Gia@evolutionezine.com

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The Paintings and Vision of Cassundra Ryan - Part 2, 9.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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7 Responses to “The Paintings and Vision of Cassundra Ryan – Part 2”

  1. Tammy says:

    Beautiful!! Enjoyed your art very much. You see with your heart.
    Thank you!

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  2. Evelin says:

    As an Aussie I’ve seen lots of Aboriginal art. This is truly magical! How wonderful to see someone following their soul’s purpose.

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  3. Kev Fong says:

    Awesome, lovely as you are….

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  4. joop says:

    Thank you Cassundra for sharing your beautiful work.
    It gave me a very special feeling of our universe we live in.

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  5. Phyllis says:

    This is beyond awesome!! I love the idea that there is no separation between the directions ~ that we are truly all ONE, all contained (uncontained) within each other … : 0) Thank you for bringing this beautiful lady into view.

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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  6. Bill says:

    It must be awesome being you! Live forever!

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  7. Cassundra - Alex -Ryan says:

    A loving thankyou ♥♥♥♥♥♥ for all your beautiful thoughts and comments : ) Such beautiful sharing amongst us all. It brings me so much Joy to have connected with you through my works.
    Namaste XXX Cassundra

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