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The Nature Sign Walk…

I have been in need of clarity in several areas of my life and the typical tools I had been using were keeping my calm – but they were not giving me what I was looking for.  And then just this past weekend I remembered the Nature Sign Walk – and sure enough – just by getting outside, asking my question, and allowing myself to just move with no logical destination I came to some amazing realizations (a story for another time).

Here is an article I wrote in 2008 – long before the Evolution Ezine – that describes my first Nature Sign walk.  This experience stays with me still and colors how I view my life journey – and when I realized I never shared it with our community I knew now was the time.

It would be wonderful if each one of  us takes time this week to go on at least one Nature Sign Walk and then to come back and share the results with the Evolution Ezine Community.  If we collect enough stories we will put an ebook together – one we can give away to as many people as possible so that we can all get back to a place of deeper connection and intuitive understanding.  Leave your stories as comments – or email them to me at cyndi(@)evolutionezine.com.  Together we are making a difference

Loving Life :-)

Of all the Spiritual Tools at our disposal, learning to look for Nature Signs is perhaps the most fun. And, at least for me, it is always an adventure.

It is 2003 and the beginning of my 2 years at the School for Spiritual Healing and Prophecy. I was “called” to the school. I couldn’t imagine not being there. And yet I also couldn’t imagine that I would ever be able to work with the energy as my teachers did every day.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed I set out on a Nature Signs walk. I left the hotel, centered, and spoke my request to “whatever” was listening. What was I doing here? For what purpose have I entered this school and what did I need to know to succeed?

Remembering that God was everywhere I began walking forward slowly. Getting quiet and staying aware I allowed my feet to guide me. As I walked I relaxed and allowed the peace of LilyDale to surround me and soothe me.

Without conscious awareness I found myself approaching a large stump to the right of the Healing temple. With a bit more urgency I climbed the small hill so I could view the top of the stump. Somehow I knew what I was about to witness would significantly affect my life.

A withered plant with several intertwining branches grew out of the top of the stump. On these branches I noticed two, no three ladybugs moving around. The ladybugs were easy to tell apart, each having their own number of spots.

No Spot was having a lot of difficulty maneuvering through the branches. She just could not get the hang of climbing over the intersecting limbs. For several minutes I watched as she continually approached a barrier and then backed up to find another way around.

I was not the only one who noticed her difficulties. Two Spot also noticed and made his way towards No Spot. Coming from the other direction he approached the barrier that kept No Spot from advancing and deftly made his way to the top and down the other side.

No Spot was ecstatic and as soon as Two Spot got out of her way she approached the same barrier again, with confidence, and climbed to the top and down the other side. Giddy now she turned around and did it again, and again and again. She couldn’t get enough.

That is until she spotted Many Spot. Many Spot was on the other side of the stump. Many Spot was not only climbing up and over barriers she was climbing up a branch that was going, well, up. No Spot had never done anything like that before but she decided to try. After all, if Many Spot could reach for the sky so could she. No Spot made her way slowly toward Many Spot watching as the colorful Ladybug made her way up and then down a branch. Many Spot continually repeated this exercise, almost as if she knew she was being watched. It was as if she very much wanted No Spot to learn.

No Spot approached the branch and began to climb. Higher and higher she climbed and I swear to this day I could feel her pride in my own heart as she quickly mastered this new skill. And then, as No Spot approached the top of the branch she turned slightly, spread her wings, let go, and glided slowly back down to the stump surface.

My friend No Spot did not just learn from her teachers that day, she surpassed them. No one told her she could fly yet somehow she just knew. In a period of about thirty minutes she went from a timid novice who could not get over a small barrier to a master, reaching for the heavens and then risking everything for the thrill of the flight. Risking and succeeding.

Thanking my friends I turned away and began the walk back to my classmates and my teachers. With tears in my eyes I knew I had been given a phenomenal gift and my gratitude was immense. I also knew that it was a gift not just for me but for everyone. Everyone willing to stay open, everyone who wanted to learn.

We are to watch our teachers, watch them carefully. We are to practice what they show us, practice until it becomes ours. And then we are meant to push the boundaries and move past our teachers. Each one of us, in our own way, is meant to fly.

To take your own Day Sign walk step outside, breath and say a prayer thanking the Universe for the messages you are about to receive. Ask your question, state your problem, and then let it go. Begin your walk in whichever direction your feet want to go. Pay attention to the wind, the animals you meet, the foliage that catches your eye. Do not ignore the people you might meet on your walk for they too may provide you with the information you are seeking. Do not judge your thoughts, simply watch them and allow them to go wherever they wish. Trust that all the answers to all the questions are available and will be provided as you learn to open to receive. End your walk when you sense it is time for it to end. Do not expect the messages you receive to be as clear as the one I received that day in 2003. They are often much more subtle, sometimes not fully forming for hours or perhaps even days. Trust that the information will be made available in its own way and in its own time.

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3 Responses to “The Nature Sign Walk…”

  1. Leila says:

    This kind of walk sounds like fun. I would like to try it. Thanks for the idea.

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  2. Wendy says:

    Of friend of mine forwarded the link to this article. Cool! I do this kind of walking everyday and have built a whole website around my experiences. A black ladybug with two red spots landed on me while I was driving around in my car the other day. World of inversion? Inversion of the world? Earlier this week a hawk landed on a low branch not ten yards from where I was walking. We looked at each other for three minutes, then it laid a BIG dropping. Lots of shit coming down soon. No worries… Spiders are prominent in my story. Two most recent posts… http://www.netwalkri.com/SURPRISE_.html and http://www.netwalkri.com/THE_FALL.html – trash, music, and other messages come into play along with nature to develop a fascinating story. Releasing a Children’s CD on this topic 10/10/11… http://www.netwalkri.com/AUDIO.html

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  3. nadimoon says:

    Thank you for this it is needed for me to finish closing out the “old business and old cycle” so I can begin anew with the New Moon as I have been instructed in my past week’s readings.

    This goes right along with my personal reading from today and I will take it as a sign it’s time for me like No Spot to mount up on my wings and fly! If No Spot can do it I CAN too! :D

    I will also take the nature walk this coming week, because as of my move this Mon I will be able to do this now more frequently as often as I desire. Strange… I feel as though I’m returning to my loving home, but I’ve never been there before as far as I can remember. Maybe the walk will help me clarify why it feels as if this new place is my old home. Sometimes the old is the new.

    ~nadimoon *)

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