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The Miracle of Your Mind

The human brain, as a whole, may be a truly fascinating specimen, but the real “star” of the show is perhaps the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for a myriad of bodily processes that, truthfully, would boggle your mind if you had to consciously ensure that each of these processes was not neglected.

Whether it is regulating your heartbeat, or blinking to constantly moisten your eyes, or to play chemist to your digestive system, your subconscious mind runs like an ultra-sophisticated computer that perpetually ensures all vital functions run as smoothly, and as seamlessly, as possible.

But apart from being the “maintenance man” to your body, your subconscious mind also works as a data repository, storing away memories and experiences and processes that your conscious mind deems important. It works around the clock, even as you sleep, and automates certain tasks for you, so you don’t have to consciously manage them, like waking up every morning at a specific time so you are not left waking up at random hours.

The subconscious mind can be more than just an internal alarm clock, believe it not. Have you ever had a particular dilemma, only to have someone tell you that perhaps you should “sleep on it?” And then somehow when you wake the next morning, you are struck with an idea or inspiration that would resolve the dilemma which had troubled you the night before? This is the subconscious at work.

Although the subconscious is not capable of rational decisions, remember that the subconscious mind also serves as a repository of information. The subconscious may try and match relevant information that it has stored over the years, and upon your awakening, it relays the information it has to your conscious mind, which then engages in the analysis and rationalization of the information it receives, resulting in a “Eureka” moment when the answer to the dilemma is found.

Feel free to try it for yourself. Give your subconscious a problem to solve before you go to bed. Ponder over the issue at hand, focus on it, and then go to sleep. Chances are you will be able to “stumble upon” an answer in the morning.

Even though you require sleep to ensure a healthy mind and body, your subconscious never sleeps. Instead, it is constantly providing you with a treasure trove of inspiration, aspirations, ideas, solutions and motivation. Not a lot of people are aware of this fact, but the world renowned painting ‘Mona Lisa’ by Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci, was the result of the famous painter’s subconscious.

It was through the subconscious that Beethoven managed to produce masterful symphonies, despite being completely deaf. Numerous other artists throughout history have also created masterpieces thanks to their subconscious minds.

Your subconscious mind has the power to make anything possible. It holds the solution to practically any question; any problem that you may have. This power only needs to be tapped into once you are made aware of its existence. Once you truly understand the magnitude of the power that lies within, you only need to give it the attention it needs to manifest into reality all that you desire.

Here’s how you can begin manifesting the deepest desires in your life.

  • Calm your mind and eliminate all negativity from your body. Simply instruct your body to release all tension, all manner of stress, and tell it to relax fully. The removal of such tensions will clear the path of communication to your subconscious, so that you may better relay your desires to it. The absence of negativity will make it easier for your subconscious to obey your will. Do this twice every day to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • While in such a receptive state, focus on one specific desire in mind. Know with utter certainty that that specific desire is what you wish to manifest into reality. Put all your faith and belief into it; convince yourself that it must come to pass, because you have willed it to be so. Fully visualize your life as if you have already manifested that desire into your reality. Envision the joy you would feel, the feeling of contentment that comes with the realization of your desires. If you desire a beautiful home, picture yourself in that very home, walking through the expanse of your dream home, enjoying the gardens and raising a wonderful family there. Make that mental picture as vivid as you possibly can.
  • Once you have a clear picture of your desire, turn it to your subconscious mind. Form it as a request to the Divine, to the Infinite Wisdom of your subconscious, so that it may reveal to you the means of how you can manifest your desire into reality. Release the mental picture of your desire with the same faith and confidence that a farmer would have when he sows his seed into the ground. Just as he trusts the principle of life and growth, so too should you trust the laws of the mind, which will manifest your thoughts into reality.

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2 Responses to “The Miracle of Your Mind”

  1. Leila says:

    I read about rules of creativity recently and they sound very much like the ones you’ve given above. Things like – make sure you’re very relaxed first. Someone, may have been Einstein or Newton, used to hold a ball (or maybe something that would make a noise) when he daydreamed so that if he fell asleep the sound of the object dropping would wake him. This was because the drowsy state just before sleep (and after sleep) is best for creative thought. I also read that while people do the preliminary work necessary for creativity they don’t always revist that work. That’s a shame as it’s the revisiting of the preliminary work that is so beneficial.

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  2. Asma says:

    thank you for this important issue, my inquirey is if it’s possible to give your mind order before sleep to acheive curing for another person , i hope your ansur depend on sintific approve
    thank for your help

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