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The Millionaire Stealth Secrets Course – Excerpt – The Success Codes….

Success Code Directives

You should follow these directives through thick and thin. You might disagree with some of them. You might think that I don’t know what I’m talking about. But you will find out eventually that I am right.

There are one or two directives in particular that look as though they’re wrong because everyone’s doing the opposite and the opposite is seen as desirable. But what everyone else is doing leads to a dead end. When you reach a dead end, you have to retrace your steps, go back to the beginning and start again. This is painful. This is where a lot of people are heading.  You don’t want to be one of them.

Read each Code Directive right though and note down any resistance you have towards each one. Then when you have finished reading all the Code Directives, look at your list of objections and you will most likely laugh out loud at how silly they are.

Every single HUGELY successful entrepreneur in history has followed ALL these Code Directives. If they didn’t, they soon learnt to. So see these as your shortcut to what you’ll have to learn anyway. Okay. Here they are…

Success Code Directive 1:

Only act with reason

To achieve success in business, you must not act on faith or guess or take blind and stupid risks.

Instead, look for reasons to act based on factual information you receive. But even this should not be taken ‘as is’ and just blindly followed.

All information received by you should be thoroughly checked out. A minimum of 2 external and independent clues must be found before you can take confident action. These ‘clues’ must be from another source other than where the original information came from.

Following this directive ensures you are able to take, what looks like to the normal person (Who I call ‘NPs’), very large risks. But, because you only act with reason, the risks are practically non existent.

For example: If you knew that a certain action produced a profit because of various sound reasons, then you can consistently take confident action to create profit. But to the NP, you are always taking a risk.

Success Code Directive 2:

Only compete with yourself

To achieve success in business, you must ignore your natural desire to compete with other people.

Instead, you should only compete with yourself. Here’s why…

All the trouble in the world today is brought about by people competing with each other. All the trouble in the economy today is brought about by people competing with each other.

The plain and simple truth is this: Money is not made by competing with others. It is only shared out. And only the most competitive survive in that arena.

Money is actually made by a small handful of people who only compete with themselves. These people effortlessly become leaders in their niche. Everyone else in that ‘niche’ is too busy and stressed out competing with their rival to get anywhere.

Following this directive ensures that you become the best you can be.  NP’s only ever become slightly better (at best) than their rival.

Success Code Directive 3:

Only react positively to every situation

To achieve success in business, you must never react negatively to any situation.

Instead, you should always see the silver lining or learn the valuable lesson.

If you do not see the silver lining then you will always feel like a victim of life. You will not actually BE a victim but you will still feel it.

If you do not learn valuable lessons from a situation then you will never be able to deal with life properly and everything will feel ‘awful’. It will not actually BE awful but you will feel it all the same.

Stress is useful. It is a sign that you must take action. When you take the correct action, the stress goes away… and so does the problem that caused the stress.

Following this directive makes you grow as a person. NP’s shrink at every situation. Good or bad. They see the bad in the good and the terrible in the bad.

Success Code Directive 4:

Only build value

To achieve success in business, you must never ever try to destroy anyone or anything.

If someone tries to destroy you, use the energy from the anger you feel to create something great so that this ‘something’ indirectly removes their source of pleasure. (Re-read that until it sinks in)

For instance: If someone tries to destroy you by spreading lies about you then create something great that proves them wrong to all the people who they lied to.

This is reacting positively and your self esteem always rises when you react positively… which makes you feel good… which makes you do better in life.

An NP would probably attack the person who spread those lies about them. This fuels the destroyer (makes him strong) and the NP’s self esteem plummets… which makes him feel bad… which make him do worse in life.

Success Code Directive 5:

Only have integrity

To achieve success in business, your primary concern should not be towards conquering other people.

Instead, your primary concern is to conquer knowledge.

If your main concern is to conquer other people then eventually they will see through your little plan and leave you alone to destroy yourself… unless you realise your mistake and begin the process of conquering knowledge.

If your main concern is to conquer knowledge then eventually you will have complete control over your circumstances AND other people will actually WANT you to conquer them. But don’t. Leave people alone. Seek knowledge.

Most of the NPs in the world are taking part in a never ending struggle for power. It eventually leads nowhere. They waste 90% of their time in this fruitless activity and as a result, anyone with any sense or skill will flee from them and gravitate towards the ones who are not interested in having power over them.

This means that the NPs attract more NPs who help each other make a mess of their lives. You, on the other hand, will naturally repel them and attract people who want to help you enhance your life.

Success Code Directive 6:

Only ‘give’ with reason

To achieve success in business,you must never ever give of yourself for free.

Instead, you must try to find some way of benefiting from your giving. If you can see something (anything) in the transaction that you want then negotiate your terms and go ahead.

For example: If a beggar holds out his hands for some spare change and by giving him something, you feel good, then go ahead. Give him what you think it’s worth to feel that feeling. But if someone holds out his hands and demands your money and you can see absolutely no benefit to yourself then… tell him to go do one!

Another example is if someone comes along and demands that you work harder for no reward. Tell them straight up that you will not unless they provide some sort of benefit. It doesn’t have to be money. It can be more responsibility.

As I write this, a certain situation has sprung to mind with a certain petrochemical company and a certain country’s Government who told them to produce more oil or else. As soon as they produced more oil, the Government in question proceeded to tax them much more heavily on their increased productivity.

This is what happens when you give of yourself without reason. People start to take the mick… and your life starts to go down the pan.

Success Code Directive 7:

Embrace losing

To achieve success in business, you must never fear losing.

Instead, you must always view loss as a necessity to win.

In everything that requires a certain amount of skill, the learning curve includes many losses amongst the wins. These (sometimes painful) losses are indicators of mistakes that you’re making and should alert you to the fact that you are missing the mark.

Here’s an example: A person wants to learn Karate. He goes to classes to learn the skill. Eventually he is good enough to be entered into competitions. Some he wins, some he loses. If he looks at his losses and tries to find where he was missing the mark then his chances of losing the next time are decreased. He wins more competitions. If he continues to look at his losses in this way then there will come a time when he becomes a master and hardly ever loses.

Following this directive means that you will always improve and eventually become a master at whatever you set out to do. There’ll be losses and there’ll be wins, but without the losses, there is no mastery.

Success Code Directive 8:

Never expect free help

The first thing you should do when you have a problem is think.

The second thing you should do when you have a problem is read. You should read for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. It is crucial for your survival in this information age to feed your mind.

The third thing you should do when you have a problem is to research either in the library or on the internet.

The fourth thing you should do when you have a problem is to think again… and then wait to see if the subconscious mind can solve the problem. The subconscious mind will most likely know the solution after all this research.

The last thing you should do is find someone who could help and ask.

This process means that you will hardly ever need any help.

NPs, on the other hand, go round asking people everything. They don’t even try to think, never read unless they really have to and have no idea how their mind works.

This process leads to a dependency on other people. And because most people don’t like telling others their secrets without payment, they will only learn ‘bits and bobs’ and not know how each of the bits fit together or the principles behind them. This leads to a lack of confidence and causes severe insecure feelings when faced with any future problems.

Success Code Directive 9:

Realise the power of goal setting

When this concept first came out, everyone went crazy on it. Everyone talked about it. Everyone tried it. But after a while, most people gave up setting goals because they came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work.

Setting goals works ten thousand times better than not setting them! But what usually happens is that as soon as people start to see a slight upturn, they think “Oh, I don’t need to set goals anymore.” and stop.

You should set goals. BIG goals. And you should set them every day. Spend at least 5 minutes each day reading your goals, usually in a morning. And do not stop setting goals just because you don’t see instant results. Setting goals is like turning the rudder of a heavy boat. It takes time to see results and if you ‘let go’ of the wheel, the boat will drift away from your chosen course.

However, sometimes big ‘waves’ come and push you off course. Don’t give up. Keep hold of the wheel regardless of what happens. As a result, you will achieve your goals… but sometimes not as soon as you thought you would. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from steering your course.

NPs, on the other hand, don’t just let go of their wheel, they hand it over to someone else! That someone else is usually of the pirate variety wanting to steal their boat or even worse, ram it into a bunch of rocks… without apology.

Do not allow anyone onto your ‘boat’ let alone take hold of the wheel… metaphorically speaking of course…

Success Code Directive 10:

Use positive internal questions

The human mind is extremely powerful.

Some of the most successful people on the planet couldn’t read or write! Some were classed as dumb at school. So how come they managed to beat the odds and become super successful? Simple. They used their minds correctly.

Now, the mind is fundamentally a question/answer mechanism. You ask it a question and it gives you an answer. Sometimes you do this so fast that you don’t notice it. Like when you’re talking, for instance.

You don’t stop and think about what everyone says to you. You just respond. But on a deep level you have asked yourself “How do I reply?”.

Think about it. Think about when you’re in a foreign country. How long does it take you to reply to a person speaking a language you haven’t spoken before? It takes ages because you have to stop and think.

The questions you ask yourself, knowingly or unknowingly, change your focus. For example, how did you feel that time when you were the most happiest you’ve ever been in your life?

See how I just changed your focus?

You should use the power of questions to keep your focus. Positive questions. Even in very negative circumstances. As a result, you will have complete control over your emotions and, ultimately, your life.

NPs always ask themselves negative questions. Even in the most positive of  circumstances. As a result, they always eventually drift back to negative circumstances because that’s what they are always focusing on. Instead ask yourself, “How can I…” or “How do I…” or “What can I learn here?”.

NPs are always asking themselves, “Why can’t I…” or “Why does it always rain on me?” or “Why am I so useless?” etc.

Positive questions trigger a forward motion towards your goals. Negative questions trigger a backward motion away from your goals and towards whatever those questions make you focus on.

NPs don’t know or don’t care. They drift aimlessly away from any positive circumstances. Sometimes they even destroy themselves because of it, blaming it all on bad luck when in reality, the blame lies in their bad questions.

Now for the last directive…

Success Code Directive 11:

Never brag

NPs are always talking themselves up because they are insecure.

They spend most of their lives borrowing money so they can show people what they have. They talk about profits when they mean turnover. They talk about how their house has gone up in value and that they’re worth many thousands of pounds, forgetting that everyone else’s house has also gone up and forgetting that they have to live somewhere and forgetting that they have paid thousands in mortgage payments and rates.

Do not delude yourself. You should be totally honest with yourself and your real net worth. If you are broke then admit it to yourself and take corrective action. If you are loaded then celebrate… privately.

Now, because the NPs are insecure, they are also prone to acts of uncontrolled jealousy. So you should only ever ‘appear’ to be slightly ‘well off’. Don’t borrow tons of money to look good. Because you won’t feel good.

NPs borrow heaps of money they can’t afford to pay back in order to look good, but in private they are feeling terrible about the crippling debt repayments they have to make.

There is another reason why you should not brag…

If you brag to the NPs you will notice some very weird things happening. First, they jump. This shock is the beginning of jealousy. They will dream about bringing you down to their level. They have no control over their mind but it still works the same way as in if you dream about something often enough then you will take automatic action to bring it about. (They haven’t figured out that they can use this same mechanism to better their own lives but… whatever)

They’ll start saying things about money and watching your reaction. They will talk you into ‘going round’ and when you get there, they will be funny with you.  They will do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality. They will lure you into a false sense of security and then start withholding approval or something pathetic like that.

But it gets worse than that…

Because you have bragged to them, you set up a ‘I hope I don’t go broke because they will laugh at me’ feeling. This makes you worry more if things don’t look too good. This in turn will make you think about going broke more. This will bring it about… as the mind automatically moves you towards what you’re thinking about… Bragging is a big no no!

If anyone asks “How’s business?” just say “Oh I’m rattling along. Paying the bills… just.”. Resist the urge to tell them how much you’re earning. If you do, they will smile because subconsciously they know you have just set yourself up for a fall.

Those are all the Code Directives. They are what underpin the superior business knowledge I will be teaching you in the rest of this course.

Pretty soon, you will have integrated enough knowledge so everything you metaphorically touch turns to gold.

Please turn over to begin your journey…

The Millionaire Stealth Secrets Course. What is it? It’s a set of wealth-building guidelines or ‘best thoughts’ of Gary Jackson, a self made English Multi-Millionaire. Speaking to you as he would, full of love and care. Do you realize that the trick in life is to be thankful, grateful, happy, even ecstatic in your present situation? Not letting your ‘situation’ define who you are but rather ‘un-linking’ and freeing your self esteem to soar high for ever more achievement. It is remarkable-rich, of the highest quality, but don’t just take my word for it….. check it out for yourself by visiting… The Millionaire Stealth Secrets Course


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4 Responses to “The Millionaire Stealth Secrets Course – Excerpt – The Success Codes….”

  1. Bob Schumann says:

    Wow. There certainly are a lot of grammatical errors in this. Should “reach a dead” be “reach a dead end”? And I’m assuming that “practically none existent” really means “non-existent”? I’m not trying to be snobbish but a little extra editing would make this excerpt more credible.

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  2. Leila says:

    Thanks Gary for an interesting and fun read. I think your directives are probably very accurate.

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  3. Sensei says:

    All my adult life I have followed these directives and more. It started with a book I read as a teenager by Anthony Norvell titled “Cosmic Magnetism” in 1978 before I started working.The problem for me was validation, so I would slip and falter from time to time.

    When the cycle of my life was highest is when I noticed I used to slip. This was due mainly to my environment and what we call haters and how I responded. For those who are like me, I always carry a mantra in my head now. “As above, so below” This is a powerful post.

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  4. A.R.D. says:

    I focused on the content, and found it insightful:) It made sense. Directive #8 was particularly “right on.” Having a mind set of self sufficiency should be a way of life. However, it is human nature to ask for help when we feel a bit lost, but I understand your advice: don’t fall victim of your circumstances. Thanks for your insight on the matter.

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