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The Meaning of Life by Jason Mangrum

Of all the greatest mysteries of life, what seems to perplex us the most is its meaning. We live it but when asked to describe what it means, we’re not sure what to say. Some believe it is our daily experiences that make up this concept called, “life.”

Yet others say it is a joke, and you are the punch-line.

The sum total collective of our experience as a human… is that life? What about the animal and plant kingdoms? They have life, too. The Earth is full of life.

So are the cosmos to the furthest reaches of the universe, and beyond.

The microscopic to the macro-cosmic is teaming with life. So this electric current of intelligence that flows through us all… this awareness of concept called life that connects and animates the entire universe as one Being, dissected into a plethora of individual aspects of Self… what is the purpose of the whole?

And if there is a purpose for life on this planet (or anywhere else) how do we find it?

Countless people throughout history have searched for their purpose, and found it.

Those who have crafted and carved out their own destiny, motivated by unshakable faith in their purpose and impenetrable Will have served their purpose and lived fully.

But for those who have no path, or one is chosen for them, or forced upon them… there is no future. No sense of destiny… and thus no Will, no motivating factor and no inspiring force to compel them and keep them going.

So is it true that we were all ‘created’ with a specific, individual purpose to serve while we are alive… or is this concept an incredibly clever way to control the thoughts, feelings and actions of the masses? Because if the TRUE meaning of life is simply “to live” then there is no pre-determined destiny for anyone, or any thing.

And yet we understand there is a purpose for each cell in our bodies. Our cells know their purpose without question. Their entire lives as individual cells are dedicated to serving the greater good for the whole – you. This is the true meaning of life. To serve.

When you are in a spirit of service, you bring good into the world. Not service to any one thing, idea or concept… in service not just to mankind, but to the whole activity of life itself, in all its majestic, mysteriously divine aspects and qualities.

This demands respect for life, as the whole that it is. It is common for mankind to love one thing and hate another… yet both of these are coming from the same source… you’re both cells inside a gigantic conceptual ‘Being’… you’re still on the same team.

So what does it mean then, to be in a spirit of service? Every spiritual document of every creed and belief has this value at the core of every system. Be kind to others. Treat others the way you prefer others to treat you. Help people whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself, without demanding monetary reward or status for it.

Everything we do, is for selfish reasons. Even if you help another person, you are doing so to feel better yourself… about yourself. Deeply within, we understand the hard truth that we never do anything for another person that does not benefit us in some way, even if to confirm our belief that “I am a good person” etc… so this is paradoxical.

It is our purpose to serve the greater whole, and yet it selfishly gratifies the ego.

But even though that may be true, to wear an attitude of doing good in the world from the smallest action to the biggest world-changing idea or invention can only bring one into full alignment with the sensation of fullness, of self-satisfaction, which when we feel this sensation we say we are fulfilling our purpose, because it feels ‘right.’

So our purpose then is to live and create in our world, and to serve our creation so that it manifests our life as beautiful and in harmony with the whole.

It doesn’t matter if the people you surround yourself with don’t see it quite that way, and have hate in their hearts from ignorance of the whole and like to talk about other people in a negative way, or wish harm on others for whatever reason.

Your life is not theirs. You’re sharing the same current of action and intelligence called “life” but your perspective is unique, just as the perspective of each cell is unique – and yet they all work together for the whole.

Don’t worry about what others think of themselves, other people, or you.

Remain focused on your purpose, your destiny… it is whatever you create it to be through the thoughts you hold in your mind and accept as the truth… the emotions you attach to those thoughts, the actions you take based on those emotions… the habits you make based on those actions… and the lifestyle you live based on those habits.

Service to the whole is service to Self. The greatest service you can do, is to find what brings you the gift of passion… and do that. When you are in the state of passion, you uplift everyone around you, which can impact their lives in dramatically positive ways.

It doesn’t matter what activity that is, let no one rob you of it. Find your passion for this is your purpose as the cell-to-the-greater-Being that you are. Your cells are you, just as much as the whole thing called the body, is you. Microscopic to Macro-cosmic.

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