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The Mathematics of Creation by Dr. Katie Garnett

Recently we had the privilege of interviewing the brilliant physicist, Dr. Brooks Agnew on our radio show, Living in the Quantum Field on Contact Talk Radio. His book Remembering the Future: The Physics of Soul and Time Travel is a goldmine of information on the mathematics of creation and actually a terrific support for direct, straightforward communication with your Source-self, such as The One Command.

If you are a regular devotee of the Through the Wormhole Series with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel, then you already know that everything in the universe can be addressed through mathematics. And our media has been slipping that information to us for decades, from Star Trek in the 1960s, to the TV show Numbers, to the Science channel, the History2 channel, and many PBS stations.

One of the current shows on Through the Wormhole suggests that we are actually in someone else’s holographic computer program, and the scientific explanation is compelling. Anyone remember The Matrix?

Dr. Agnew’s key concept is that everything past, present and future can be affected by the intention of a single sentient being. And more critically should millions of our seven billion souls on the earth apply our intention in a focused and coordinated way, there are no limits on what we can create.

We are all creators of the universe, and it doesn’t matter if we are aware of it or not. When we accept this truth, we can discover the process of living large and give up our sense of limitation and lack.

You can insert your conscious energy at the right moment into the creative process of life on purpose, and at exactly the right moment, which allows a very small amount of energy to massively improve your quality of life.

So what are the mathematics of Creation?  Well – here goes:

V = ∏ d² h

Ok – so  rendering mathematical symbols is different than understanding them. What I understand from Dr. Agnew is that the equation means that the future, as it emanates from a particular Source Point forward, is shaped like a cone and not a circle, and the volume of the cone represents the potential of all potentialities. (To really understand what that means you can read his book and listen to him on our radio show, Living in the Quantum Field on contacttalkradio.com).

Why is this equation important? Because it refers to the fact that most people, when they put a dream into the universe, they make a ‘but-first list’. They start planning it all out and telling the universe how to make it so. That is why with The One Command, for example, we start with the words, I don’t know how…before we state our desire and our preferences. This is because our beta-mind, our pre-programmed intelligence, doesn’t know how to fulfill our dreams, heck…we often don’t even know why we actually want what we want!

So what happens is, this perfect cone of potentiality with great smooth sides, gets off-kilter due to future threads (all the ’yes-buts’, and ‘gotta have it this way’ demands), which may not resonate with the way what you want is available in vibration in the universe. So the perfect cone of potential becomes more like a tornado and the number of potentials is reduced. Your own ego may even squeeze it down into a process that your personal cone can’t support, thereby blocking the abundance that the universe had in store for you.

A story from The One Command by Asara Lovejoy:

One day there was a rag merchant whose donkey died. He became very agitated because his ability to provide good for his family was gone if he couldn’t drive his rag cart around the city to sell his rags. At the end of the street, there was a corral with an old, broken down horse, and the rag merchant sent up a plea and a prayer to God and his angels to please, please let him have that old broken-down old horse in order to survive.

Two of his guardian angels looked down at this good man and turning to each other, said, ‘He has specially asked for that old nag in the corral, so we have to give him what he requested, but I’d like to know what we are going to do with two fine thoroughbred horses we had lined up for him instead.’

So what do you want instead? What do you want instead of what you have, and even – what do you want instead of what you think you want when you are thinking small and when you are believing that is all you have the right to ask for, all you deserve.

You deserve so much more and it is in your Cone of Possibility.

Dr. Agnew demonstrates in his book that:

Manifestation is the literal creation process of a human soul. Each soul has all the potential and tools of godhood built into it. One of the most important things a person has to do is remember who they are, and that their potential is absolutely unlimited.

He also reminds us that:

The universe does not discriminate. It cannot. The program has rules in order to exist, and this is a rule. Whatever energy is sent out to the universe from a sentient being will vibrate everything that will sympathize with that energy.

Dr. Agnew reminds us that our Self can see both backwards and forwards, and the narrow part of the cone is the place from which we can make observations and create new intentions, it is not meant to be a place to live and be stuck in, it is a place to move forward from.

It is important to remember that the past is small and the future is unlimited and it is the power of our intention that energizes our movement to creation. So back to the mathematics of creation…

Dr. Agnew says that:

The slightly more distant future is wide open to the potential of all possibilities – unless we force one of the future threads into it by dictating how the dream must be fulfilled.

There is a Golden Proportion of 1.1618 to 1. The energy of intention can achieve the golden Proportion and be supported by the resonance rules of the Universe. One decimal  point away 1.619 becomes The Golden Mean – the ratio by which chaos becomes order.

Katie says:

Whether you understand the mathematics of creation or not, it is like gravity, it functions in the absence of your attention or your belief. There is enough substantiation from the science of quantum physics, from techniques like The One Command and from many of our ancient writings including most of our religious texts. Ask and you shall receive, and with your thoughts you make the world.

Love, blessings and loving creation to you all, Katie

Dr. Katie Lynne Garnett is a Heart-Space TOC Coach, teacher of The One Command, Founder of Unfolding Your Spiritual DNA, co-founder of The Brave Woman Seminars, radio host on Living in the Quantum Field on CTR, published author, and Principal in The One Command Life.

Dr. Garnett’s study of the phenomenon of quantum physics, paired with her research in the psychology of human behavior, healing, social change and the significance of the theta brainwave and energy shifts in relation to human potentiality, brings her clients the capacity to reprogram their lives as they choose and align with their spiritual mission.

Find Katie at:



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2 Responses to “The Mathematics of Creation by Dr. Katie Garnett”

  1. Leila says:

    Fascinating article. Thanks Katie. I enjoyed a lot the way you described the phenomenon of time as a cone and how it becomes like a tornado if you are too specific about how your desires manifest.

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  2. Hi Leila – that is directly from Dr. Agnews book – Remembering the Future – a truly interesting book. He gives us such a nice vision of how we affect the unified field when we keep trying to take ‘control’. It is the mathematical version of Let go and Let God – we have so many linguistic versions of the same truth. Hugs, Katie

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