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The Key to Everlasting Happiness by Alvin Huang

Everlasting Happiness - Spring DayThe subconscious mind holds infinite potential that can be used to overcome practically any obstacle we may face in life. It provides us with Infinite Wisdom when we need it the most and, as noted by renowned American psychologist and philosopher William James, this makes the subconscious mind, “the greatest discovery of the nineteenth century.”

Because the subconscious mind gives us the power to overcome any difficulty, would it be wrong to say that the subconscious mind also holds the key to everlasting happiness? After all, if the subconscious mind is able to eliminate that which vexes us, surely it must be considered a crucial ingredient to happiness?

The answer is a simple and emphatic, “Yes.” Everlasting happiness comes when you are at peace with yourself and the people around you, when you are in touch with your subconscious mind and all its abilities to heal your body, bring prosperity and abundance into your life, and manifest the kind of life you have always desired for yourself and your loved ones.

Happiness is not as elusive as you think. You may have experienced little moments of happiness in life that were taken for granted. For example, you might remember graduating from college and the jubilant feeling of triumph during that particular moment in your life. Or perhaps the time your partner accepted your proposal of marriage, or when you welcomed your firstborn into the world, or when you received that long overdue promotion at work. Yet not many people are content with these short-lived moments of happiness, and understandably so.

Choose To Be Happy

A lot of people tend to forget that they have the choice of whether they want to be miserable or they want to be happy in life. Happiness is not something physical that you can buy or hold in your hands. It is a purely mental state, one that is definitely attainable if you so desire it. Like so many things in life, attaining happiness is about how much desire it and how much effort you put in, in order to manifest it into your life. And again, like other things you wish to attain, you can achieve happiness by way of positive affirmations.

Start each day with the following affirmations:

• Today – and each day of my life – is taken charge by heavenly order.
• This is a brand new day for me, and everything will work in harmony for me.
• I am in control, and I will prosper in whatever I seek to do.
• I am surrounded by love and I will move forth in life in peace.
• I attract everything that gives me an abundance of prosperity and blessings.
• I will be protected from distractions and negative thoughts.
• I will be happy throughout my entire day.

Each time you evoke such prayers or affirmations, you will essentially build a strong foundation of love, acceptance, peace, and most importantly happiness.

Cultivate Happy Habits

Years ago, I was fortunate enough to experience life through the eyes of a farmer on the coast of Ireland, for all of two weeks. Despite his simple life, this man radiated happiness. He did not possess the riches that so many of his peers seemed to covet; his house was Spartan at best, and he once mentioned that he did not have enough in his bank account to properly fix the leaking roof of his house. Yet he was always in high spirits, often with a smile on his face. It was not uncommon to hear him whistling a tune or singing, while working in the fields.

I was curious how someone living such a simple, almost austere, life could be so happy. His reply was as simple as the life he led, “It has become a habit! Each day, before I go to bed, I give thanks and show my appreciation for my family and for everything that has been provided. I thank my family, the cattle and the crops. Each time I do this, I feel a sense of happiness flowing through me and, over time, this becomes a habit. Now I feel happy all the time.”

If someone who owned so little in ways of material wealth could find happiness, why then does happiness elude so many who have been blessed with a more-than-decent life? Why have YOU not found happiness?

It’s simple. Most of us live in a society that emphasizes the pursuit of excellence and material gain. We scratch and claw to get to the top, with thoughts of riches and success in our minds. The one thing that is at the forefront of our minds is not happiness, but something else that we believe would lead to happiness; things such as a successful career or a life of abundant wealth. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in aspiring to be at the top of the corporate ladder or earning a six-figure income, in order for you to attain the everlasting happiness that you desire, you have to be explicitly clear that happiness is what you really desire.

Another thing that keeps you from being truly happy is resignation. A lot of people are used to the idea that happiness is so elusive, so unattainable, that it is mere fantasy and that they should not waste time pursuing such trivial matters. It is this mentality that prevents the majority of people, who are not happy, from being happy.

Many of these people are so used to being sad and unhappy that even if they are blessed with wonderful news, they react cynically; consciously or subconsciously rejecting the sense of happiness that they should be receiving. Just as the happy-go-lucky farmer earlier had made a habit of cultivating happiness in his life, these people have made a habit of cultivating unhappiness in theirs. Even though happiness is a state of mind and a choice, these people have chosen to be unhappy, whether they realize it or not.

Because of the survival instinct ingrained in them, they continue to try and free themselves.
But there comes a point in time when the elephant stops trying altogether, as it realizes that any attempt to free itself is futile. It is convinced that it has not the strength to do so, even though it is now an adult elephant, fully capable of ripping out the stake from the ground and freeing itself from captivity. Its mind has been conditioned by time and the circumstances that it has been subjected to for years, and the sad truth is that now what stands between the elephant and freedom is simply its belief that it cannot free itself.

Just like the elephant, many of us are “tethered” to our past. It does not even have to be a past that we personally experienced, it could be a cautionary tale we might have heard about someone’s failed attempt at trying to find happiness. It could be something we might have read or seen on television that instills in us the fear of reaching for the stars. More often than not, it is the influence of our parents that hold us back from pursuing our dreams, as they tell us that we need education, a good job, money and other “practical” means to find happiness. Personal failures, or even fears of such, serve as the strongest obstacle in our bid to break free and seize happiness for ourselves.

To attain true everlasting happiness, you must believe that you CAN and that you WILL achieve such a feat. You have within you the means to attain true happiness, and it is called the subconscious mind. You need nothing else other than the desire, the decision to be happy. Nothing in this world can sway you from happiness if it is the one thing that you truly desire, above all else.

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  1. Leila says:

    That is a very interesting conclusion – that nothing can stop you from being happy if you desire it above all else. Thanks.

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  2. Irene says:

    I have heard variations on this message, but none so compelling

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