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The Difference Between Feeling Blocked and Being True Brilliance by Melissa Wadsworth

At this time in the evolution of our planet’s consciousness, I find that I and those around me are being challenged and called upon to heal our primary blocks to expressing and expanding our authentic being-ness, our true brilliance.

This is showing up as clients and friends dealing with issues around three primary areas.

  1. How do I keep my heart open? The challenge to keeping an open heart is showing up in relationships as dashed expectations, judgment of others, and not feeling received or having one’s best intentions understood. At these times the (ego) instinct is to close our hearts for protection. We are also challenged to keep saying “Yes” to the universe instead of shutting down by world events and circumstances and by other people’s perceptions of these “scary” realities. First, knowing that our brains are wired to over-react is helpful. From that knowing we can then choose how we want to be in the world this minute and then the next. We may not be able to shut off our “buttons” completely but we can spend less and less time in reaction and more time being in purpose.
  1. How do I stand in my true power? This challenge shows up related to feelings of one’s value and worthiness. Do you feel your value no matter who you interact with and no matter how society evaluates worth? Old standards of traditional value just don’t fit anymore as many people are striking out on pioneering paths of individual purpose and meaning. This worthy shift is about defining value from soul consciousness instead of social consciousness. Being clear of your personal definitions of value helps. Also, examining one’s limiting beliefs can effectively open pathways to understanding, knowing and transformation in this area.
  1. 3. How do I really love myself? This is directly related to your awareness of how you see yourself, think about yourself, feel about yourself, and how much you appreciate what you have to offer. So often we are at war with ourselves on every front: with our bodies, our emotions, our thinking, and our ability to take action on our soul-directed dreams. Loving yourself starts with knowing how you dis yourself and then choosing to relate with more kindness, encouragement and affection. Totally the hardest thing you may need to shift and the one that makes the most difference to your sense of abundance and wellbeing.

Each of these challenges is an opportunity to get off the roller coaster of rising and falling emotions that correspond to factors outside oneself.

Each of these challenges is a reminder that you can make choices and decisions in each moment to stay on track in the expansion of your true self. You know your brilliance is broadcast out into the universe when in each moment:

  • You trust that the universe is a safe and supportive place
  • You bask in the beauty of nature and feel your connection to everything around you
  • You approach life as a remarkable learning opportunity
  • You appreciate the wonder that your body is and all it allows you to do
  • You create and innovate as you’re inspired to
  • You bring facets of soul into physical manifestation through your work and leisure activities
  • You show up in life as a vehicle for kindness, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and others
  • You speak your truth
  • You pay attention to and follow your intuition
  • You look for and see the miracles in life, and point them out to others

Want Exercise

To identify an area that may be blocked for you try this: Think of the messages that you received around “want.” Messages like, “What do you have to complain about, you want for nothing.” Part of our socializing as humans is around wanting: wanting more, wanting for something we can’t have, etc. This often contributes to our sense of lack. By first identifying your own programming you can then choose to reboot your brain and start believing differently.

Secondly, list all the ways in which you are FULL or list all the ways in which you choose fullness. You may choose to list FULL qualities like: trust, love, compassion, and acceptance. You could choose to be FULL in…heart, in creativity, in action. You can choose to feel your FULL vitality, excitement, heart, and radiance. The main point is to express the fullness of you and to affirm that you are perfectly abundant right now.

You are brilliance no matter what. You are light and your life is a vehicle for that light. Have confidence that you are always evolving toward your brightest expression of that light.

About Melissa

Melissa Wadsworth is a Certified Dream Coach®, Intuitive Dream Board Artist, Inspirational Speaker and Author. She guides evolutionary midlife makeovers for women at a crossroads, helping them to transition from Blocked to Brilliance™ for a life of full of purpose and passion. To access her complementary 11-day video course, How to Live the Life of Your Dreams Through Clarity, go to www.melissawadsworth.com

Are You Ready??

Take action to move through any blocks that prevent you from shining your brightest. Get clarity about your dreams and the beliefs that support those dreams. The Blocked to Brilliant 8-week video course and coaching session will empower this evolution. Go to www.melissawadsworth.com/blocked-to-brilliant-video-course for more information.

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2 Responses to “The Difference Between Feeling Blocked and Being True Brilliance by Melissa Wadsworth”

  1. paraluman says:

    thank you so much Melissa…just the words i need to make sense of what is happening around me. Atma Namaste!

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  2. Rosalind says:

    This worthy shift is about defining value from soul consciousness instead of social consciousness. – WOW! Thank you so much for these words; written them out and pasted above my PC. I sooo need to be reminded of this in the face of criticism and mockery ….. Namaste

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