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The Best Mind Power DVD in the World EVER!

There are only a limited number of these special DVD’s still available, which contain the full Super Mind Evolution System, plus MUCH more…

  • Save yourself many hours of downloading time (hundreds of hours if on dial up)
  • Plus get access to exclusive bonuses, a HUGE total value of $1732
  • The complete DVD contains 37 mind power reports and ebooks, 45 subconscious programming audios and 7 subliminal videos…

…so we’ve modestly called it…

The Best Mind Power DVD in the World Ever!

It includes-

The complete Super Mind Evolution System and all the 3 star bonuses Value  $982.60



Plus Limited Edition Bonuses -

The Randy Charach Hypnosis Sessions Value $679.15


A rare opportunity to experience the magic of these self hypnosis audios recorded by popular magician and hypnotist, Randy Charach.

His list of corporate clients includes giants like Disney Corporation and Microsoft and he has performed alongside such notable celebrities as Hootie and the Blowfish, Tony Curtis and John Travolta.

You’ll get 17 powerful self hypnosis sessions…

  • Stop smoking once and forever
  • Lose weight without dieting
  • More money and prosperity automatically
  • Play better golf from your chair
  • Improve your memory
  • Migraine relief without drugs
  • Quick and easy stress relief
  • Master the art of effective public speaking
  • Back pain relief without drugs
  • Set and achieve your goals automatically
  • Become a creative genius
  • Guided relaxation made easy
  • Allergy relief without drugs
  • Amazing sales power magic
  • Master your time
  • Become a master problem solver
  • Master martial arts


Subliminal Video Collection Value $198


7 Powerful videos produced using newly available scientific breakthroughs. These have been created by an expert with nearly two decades of experience as a leader in the subliminal message field…

  • Feel a new confidence growing in yourself
  • Feel more carefree, more fun, attract tons of friends!
  • Become a manifesting master as you feel totally in control of your future
  • Feel charismatic, magnetic and attract your ideal partner
  • Become more energetic, more powerful and effortlessly achieve your goals


2 Mystery Dream Programming audios Value $39.90 $29.90



Concepts from The Edge Value $19.95 $14.95


In this collection of articles and reports from Jim Francis you’ll learn various psychic techniques.

A fascinating journey into psychic phenomena and mysteries of the mind…

  • Learn how to make your own dowsing rods and how to use them to find buried objects (this can be great fun!)
  • Find out the strength of your psychic abilities with a quick and easy test
  • In Psychic control of the weather, you’ll learn how native North American tribes may have affected the weather with their rain dances.
  • Basic instructions on inducing an out of body experience
  • Learn the basics of telekinesis…how to move objects with your mind – plus much more


Click here to get the Limited Edition DVD for just $127 plus S &H*

So get all this…

  • The Super Mind Evolution System – 21 reports, 20 audios
  • 8 bonus reports and 6 bonus brainwave entrainment audios
  • 2 Dream Programming Audios
  • 9 Mind power ebooks
  • 7 Subliminal Videos
  • 17 Randy Charach self hypnosis audios
  • $1723.58 worth of top quality mind power products on 1 DVD.


Get the the DVD for just $127 …and each purchase comes with -

  • NO Risk, No questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee
  • 24 Hour technical support
  • And tons of positive feedback

Please note: The DVD contains mp3 and pdf links and needs to be played on a pc or mac

Click here to get the Limited Edition DVD for just $127 plus S &H*

* Shipping and handling fees information available on the order page

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  3. shirley fagg says:

    I have been psychic since i was about 3 years old and have seen a lot of ghosts in my time but this one I will never forget. I was living in a 100 year old cottage at the time and I had just gone to bed when I heard horses coming up my passageway it was so loud with there hooves which I could not understand because the hallway was carpeted then my door swung open and I was surrounded by a pack of snarling wolves I was so scared that I asked god for help next minute a beautiful angel swooped over me and encased me with her wings and everything went back to normal.

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