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The Ancient Experience of Sacred Sites

Since the beginning of time, people have described mysterious places around the world as being “sacred”, having an “intense energy”, or having “presence of spirit”. Ancient legends from indigenous cultures tell of amazing, even miraculous, events: divine beings appear, mystics see visions, and others attain spiritual enlightenment. Nearly every civilization in human history has sought to honor the Divine, the mysterious, or the supernatural in some way. Most often, this happens at sacred sites: special places where the physical world calls forth the spiritual world.

A few years ago, I received a channeling that said: “Part of your Divine Purpose is to guide others to sacred places of ancient civilizations.” I was shown that each of these unique Experiences would attract those who were ready to reconnect and identify with the energy and wisdom contained at these sites.

sacred_spaceA sacred site’s mysterious spiritual magnetism calls us to embark on deep exploration of Self, for each contains knowledge of vital importance to the well-being of humanity and Earth herself. They allow us to be a part of the story of ancient times and to journey through mythic realms of the indigenous peoples. By learning from the different mythologies and legends we, through divine awareness, can understand not only our individual Selves but also how ancient cultures have influenced our current realities.

Each sacred site like the Pyramids of Egypt, México and South America; Stonehenge, Sedona, parts of the Hawaiian Islands, and many more (visit http://www.sacredsites.com for more information) has its own unique energy field, and each of us responds in some way to this energy: some simply notice a subtle vibration, while others see, feel or sense the esoteric wisdom and transformational energies held by the site.

hawaii_sacredConnecting to these energies of the sacred site and intentionally attuning ourselves to the higher frequencies of each site will help us transcend on our spiritual path of ascension. These energies resonate within us, awaken and realign our meridians, and energetically clear our subtle energy bodies. This, in turn, enhances our creativity, renews our passions, helps us gain clarity about our life’s higher purpose, and accelerates the natural flow of harmony in the world. The resulting spiritual growth can transform one’s life.

As a guide, my intention is to help participants transform through sacred alchemy, or the act of bringing spiritual perfection into contact with the material plane. By tuning in to the energies held at these sites, we can bring forth amazing personal transformation through loving intent, which has the potential to heal the sites, our lives and the lives of others-past, present and future. We can tap into-and affect-space, time and form through love and respect. I am honored to watch as each participant embraces life changes through sacred moments of introspection and reconnects with the ancient energies of these sanctified places.

cancun_ruinsIn Cancun, I led a group through the Mayan ruins and to the top of Coba pyramid to be inspired by the wisdom, knowledge and compassion that the pyramid awakened. Through guided meditations, the group members recalled Mayan past lives. Two participants, one masculine and one feminine, were called back to understand a life in which they held great spiritual power and also great physical power over others. It helped them understand that the purpose of their current lives was not random but a step along each of their Self’s evolutionary paths. Another participant finally understood her life-long fear of heights when she remembered the life in which she was sacrificed by being thrown from the top of the pyramid. This experience helped her to understand and clear the fear and reclaim her power.

I’ve led similar transformative experiences among the red rocks of Sedona and within the “Motherland” Lemurian energies of Maui. Through meditations and ceremonies, each participant reconnected to his or her true Self and experienced wondrous adventures and personal growth.

While it provides a unique benefit, it’s not necessary to physically travel to a sacred site to obtain its benefits-or to benefit the site. It is possible, through a state of unconditional love and intention, to travel through visualization or prayer to a specific sacred site. This can be accomplished through meditation, quiet contemplation, pictures, music and even dream time. Simply intend to connect with the wisdom/energy of a particular sacred location and receive inspiration and guidance as to why you were guided to visit that site.

Remember, your thoughts expressed will carry the message of your intentions with them, and you are able to send healing, peace and love to all. In doing this, you can support Mother Earth and all those who reside upon her, for all aspects of creation want to be loved, remembered and understood.

Cathleen L. Balfour is a holistic health practitioner, sacred site guide, spiritual teacher and published author. Cathleen also offers spiritual retreats (Experiences) around the world several times a year. Visit www.CathleenLBalfour.com for more information.

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  1. Leila says:

    As I was reading this I could feel the urge to travel to these places and experience the energy for myself. I love the idea of this kind of travel!

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  2. Joseph says:

    Here here

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