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Your Cash Wants to Talk with YOU! By Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command

I know that like many of you I am concentrating on increasing my cash – especially now, in the atmosphere of our current economy.  But before I share some really great tips on the right mind set and skill set to promote your relationship with cash, increase your cash and forever stomp out your fear of not enough cash I want to share some things about you and your cash.

Not long ago, while in the theta mind state, entered through my 6-easy steps and One Command process, I had a conversation with cash. That is right, a real live conversation.  It seems there is an organization known as the Mystery School of Cash and it has something quite profound to say.

It asked me if I realized that cash had consciousness, just like regular folks that respond to my thoughts and feelings and judgments.

“What”, I said, “You mean like it has feelings and responds to my thoughts?”

”Yes,” the Mystery School of Cash answered.

“Wow,” I replied, “That is kind of spooky – like in Einstein’s spooky theory of relativity. How does that work?”

Here is the reply.

We are happy that you are interested in a conversation with cash, and a conversation with the Mystery School of Cash, because by listening you activate a residence field of wisdom and receptivity and attractability to cash.

We want you to know that in cash consciousness, there is a dimension of reality that exists that is as real and as full and as fulfilled as your reality in the physical world and in the physical aspect of your thinking, as you are manifesting now.

Cash says, in reality, we want to be in a relationship with you; to play with you and to come to you in a relationship of friendship, in a relationship of service, and in a relationship of availability.

We want you to know that in the dimension of consciousness, in which the mystery school of cash and cash consciousness operates, there is a whole field of thought, there is a whole field of experience; there is a whole field of knowledge that is yours that is available to you.  It is an invaluable rich rewarding world of plentiful cash, money, and goods that is waiting for you to experience and for you to have manifest in the physical form in your life.

What prevents you from coming into a conscious relationship with cash and to tell cash what you would like to have, how you would love to have it, how you would like it to manifest more cash in your life – is your training that says you cannot.  Your training that says it is not correct to ask.  Training that says if you ask you will get a “no” rather than a “yes.”  And training that says that there is no other reality than the one mandating your physical experience in the world; such as this and that, and maybe or not maybe, or I can or I cannot.  Of this duality of thinking that is what you call your truth, that you call this reality.

And as a result of these ideas of this reality as your truth you believe there is limitation rather than expansion, creation, manifestation, abundance, endless supply, and endless creation.

Now, you have heard and you know that every experience of good that arrives in your life comes through a thought, comes through an idea in some way that you can have something that you desire to have – and almost simultaneously is the thought in opposition to that feeling – that you cannot.

And when you are in a relationship of friendship with cash, we are here to tell you that there is something so profoundly deep and worthy within you to receive great good, to receive great wealth, to receive greatness, and to have it come to you in a relaxed easy way – that it removes your conflict and doubt.

We want to converse with you until you open yourself to the possibility that coming into a relationship with the greater capacity of cash intelligence can enhance your life.  Physically can enhance your life, materialistically can enhance your life, and spiritually can enhance your life in such a great way that you begin to live in the delight of every moment in a new universe, a new universe of cash consciousness in which you live right now!

“That is quite a message,” I replied and thank you for sharing it with me.

Jumping right on the band wagon in response to this conversation, I began every day to implement the ideas from the Mystery School of Cash to such an extent that I applied the principles of expanded possibility rather than limitations and noticed that my One Command company and business keep increasing it’s success until one day I turned around and noticed that coming from broke and in debt I had realized over $1.5 million in generated income from my products and services.

My message is that if I can, so can you because you do have the innate biology of skills and ability to receive cash and to be in a new relationship with cash.

The first skill is to develop the: IT IS POSSIBLE rather than impossible thought.  And the second is to say – when you run through the “what if it goes bad” scenarios – to turn that into – “what if it goes right” question instead.

Soon you’ll find yourself pulled to an increase of cash.  And remember cash really is ready for a great friendship and relationship with you if you are ready for one with it. Say, “Yes I am now!” and watch your cash increase in almost magical ways.

Don’t ask for MORE CASH – Command it and see what happens!
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Asara Lovejoy is author of The One Command, radio host of Living in the Quantum Field, author of Nightingale-Conant programs; The Theta Code, and The One Command: Imprint Your DNA for Lasting Wealth and Happiness and founder of The One Command Seminars worldwide.  More about her at www.asara.com and www.commandingwealth.com

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Your Cash Wants to Talk with YOU! By Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command, 9.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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4 Responses to “Your Cash Wants to Talk with YOU! By Asara Lovejoy, author of The One Command”

  1. anne says:

    Money is a devisive fiction and the sooner humanity rids itself of the this ultimate tool of human enslavement the sooner we can get on with building the world we long for

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  2. adams says:

    Extra ordinary thinking.am so delighted to read this.

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  3. charles says:

    Derren Brown did the ONE COMMAND in one of his shows. Basically he tied to scarfs together tightly… got his volunteer to imagine in her ‘minds eye’ the knots melting and slipping away. The volunteer then took the two scarfs on put them on the table and put her hand on top of the knot. He then told her to ‘Command’ that the knot to come loose. The scarfs magically came apart when she pulled one to the side.
    Try it out for yourself!

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  4. Leila says:

    Thanks for a very positive read. I enjoyed it a great deal :)

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