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Susy in Florida says Thank You

Initial results with Gamma.
Hi, Jeff I am a female 70 years old,this is my 3rd month in the Super Mind Academy. I
listen to the entire Gamma tape with no negative side effects towards
the end I did feel a deep compasion for some one that has done me
harm, I asked my Higher Self to open the doors of opportunity and
happiness for this person. Since I started with SMA I have lost 10
pounds easily and have increase energy. I do the program every day I
use the tapes plus I practice your lessons I did meet my 30 day goal
of increasing my monthly income with ease by 300.00 a month.  I am
planning to use the Gamma tape once a week for a month and then
increasing to twice a week unless you think different. I love the Super Mind Academy and
I want to thank you for creating it. Love Susycw

Thank you again and God Bless, Susycw

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