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Super Mind Evolution System – Super Psychic Value Pack

Take a journey into the cutting edge research of consciousness. Discover the extraordinary psychic powers you already possess and how to harness these powers with step by step instructions.

You’ll also receive subconscious programming audios inspired by the revolutionary research of Jim Francis to help supercharge your development.

  • See people, places and events in the past, present and future with Remote Viewing

  • Heal people from a distance with Remote influencing
  • Influence people with your mind for good causes with Subjective Communication
  • Protect yourself with Prevent Attack with Remote Hypnotic Commands
  • Increase your insight whilst sleeping with Dream Programming

  • Live out your fantasies in your dreams with Lucid Dreaming

  • Find out the answer to almost any question with The Amazing Mental Pendulum

  • Reduce aging, sleep better and feel healthier with The Extraordinary World of Alpha

A total of 7 reports and 4 mp3′s for just $29  That’s 83% off Individual Price and 57% Less Than Normal Value Pack

  • Remote Viewing report $14.95
  • Remote Influencing report $14.95
  • Subjective Communication $14.95
  • Prevent Attack report $9.95
  • Improve Insight mp3 $19.95
  • Amazing Remote Viewing mp3 $19.95
  • Lucid Dreaming report and mp3 $29.95
  • The Amazing Mental Pendulum $14.95
  • Alpha report and mp3 $29.95
  • Total Value =$169.55

Get The Super Psychic System today for just $29  (For A Very Limited Time)

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Super Mind Evolution System - Super Psychic Value Pack, 5.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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