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Super Mind VIP Club

In 2008 I was essentially unemployed, thousands of dollars in debt, and struggling to find my way into a fulfilling expansive life of love and purpose.

…maybe you’re currently in a similar situation?

In 2008 I took a leap and made a $27 a month commitment to something called the Super Mind Academy – and I very intentionally took advantage of everything that was offered.

It was a revolutionary online training school for people looking to maximize the potential of their minds…

…so they could create a better life for themselves…

And in February of 2009 I stepped into my new life – one that is continuing to bring me more opportunities to expand, to create abundance, to experience more love and joy and creativity…

…and I credit so much of it to that moment where I said yes I will find a way to invest $27 a month in my growth.

Wow – has it paid off.

And I am one of MANY members whose life has been transformed.

The Super Mind Academy has now become part of the Super Mind VIP Club, and in addition to containing all the tools and training I received in 2008 including…

* Specially designed monthly Brain Wave Entrainment audios that systematically guide us into a greater sense of awareness, connection, and brilliance – created by leading BWE expert
* Unique ‘Adaptive Response Training’ designed and taught by NLP Master Jeff Gignac
* Master level training in communication, goal setting, and goal achievement

The VIP Club now also contains….

* The Super Mind Music Lounge – Lifetime Access!

You get online 24/7 streaming access of all the Super Mind Music Albums …forever! (now over 25 albums and growing every month!)

…and every month you get to download a Super Mind Music album …forever!

* Mind Gold

For 12 months you get a new mind power audio with private label rights and a special bonus worth over $100.

You can use them and/or sell them and keep 100% of the money!

In the first month you get the ‘In The Zone’ BWE audio. This track will quickly help you attain Peak Performance states. Ideal for increasing athletic performance, public speaking social competency, memory coordination, reaction time, confidence and personal power.

* Private VIP Club Facebook Page

You can also interact with other VIP Members (and me) at our members only VIP Facebook page. Find out how others are using the technology – share in your successes – and troubleshoot those areas that perhaps just need another perspective.

From where I sit, the VIP Club is just about the best thing out there for those who are really looking to take their lives to the next level – and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

Which is…

You don’t even have to pay $27/month for it anymore…

Because after careful consideration we have decided to offer all of this for a single one time payment of $227.00

Read enough and want to get started?

Yes, give me lifetime access to the Super Mind VIP Club worth over $6500 for just $227

Or ForĀ  more details visit:

Super Mind VIP Club Lifetime Membership

Get all of this -

* The full revolutionary 1 Year training course in the Super Mind Academy ($1200 value)
* Lifetime online streaming of all the Super Mind Music albums ($2000+ value)
* Lifetime free Super Mind Music downloads ($2000+ value)
* Lifetime Super Mind Music discounts ($250 value)
* 12 Brain Wave Entrainment and 12 ebooks (1 each per month) yours with reseller rights – sell them and keep 100% of the profits ($1200 value)
* Lifetime membership to the VIP Facebook page ($250 value)

…and not only that – when you choose to say Yes today you will also receive…

* Millionaire Mind (Our powerful multimedia course designed to bring you abundance …with a ton of extra bonuses – $100 value)
* Lush Life (Popular Super Mind Music double album – $30 value)
* $100+ worth of extra mind power audios from Jeff Gignac

Getting started is as simple as clicking on the Add to Cart Button below…

Yes, give me lifetime access to the Super Mind VIP Club worth over $6500 for just $227

Say yes to the Highest and Best version of you.

Once inside the club be sure to say hi :-)

Loving Life

P.S. This is another lady’s experience at the Super Mind Academy… (which is just part of the VIP Club…)

“Words can never express how grateful I am”

“Thank you Jeff. Without finding my way here I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined myself where I am now and in such a short space of time. I really felt trapped in a very negative and unfulfilled mindset and lifestyle. Now I feel calm, relaxed (mostly lol) very positive and for the first time I have an idea of where I want to be a little further down the road. I can truly see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and it seems to be approaching fast.

The best thing of all is the way my new me seems to effect those around me, my friends, family and those I have contact with on a less regular basis such as the people in the supermarket or on the other end of the phone.

Jeff, words can never express how very grateful I am to be making this journey.” Fiona

Yes, give me lifetime access to the Super Mind VIP Club worth over $6500 for just $227

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