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Sunflower’s Relationship with Her Teenagers Blossom…

Re: Sharing my month one experiences

My last day of month one of The Super Mind Academy has arrived. I thought I’d share my feelings and experiences along the way – maybe someone else will be able to find an answer  (or trigger a new question) for themselves.

First, some background. Most people would probably describe me as more quiet and shy person – which does not make sense if I tell you that – on several occasions – my kids told me I was yelling at them – when I was in fact just trying to explain something.

That was a big mystery to me and I had no idea how to control my voice and how  to stop making impression of  someone who yells – when I don’t yell.

And then – finally, a month ago – I learned about pacing. That felt like such a relief to me – I can’t even explain what a tremendous discovery that was. Again, to make a long story short: I have never been accused of yelling again. I have an outstanding relationship with my two teenagers. We’ve been together through a lot and have always been very loving and caring with each other. So, I never thought that this part of my life could get any better…

A miracle that makes me almost overwhelmed with happiness – ever since I started practicing pacing, my kids seem to be drawn to me to talk. And I enjoy every single moment with them!!

I was also using Holosync before – but never experienced anything this powerful. I gladly embrace every new challenge – with support like we have in this forum I know I can master anything.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all of you!!

With love and gratitude,
If every tree tried to look like another, they’d forget that they’re special and unlike any other. ~ Mike Dooley

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