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Stretch yourself and live life! by Jim Francis

Boring – Mudane – Dull – Drab

That is the way 80% of Australians describe their lives … and another 10% won’t admit it. Less than an estimated 10% of our citizens consider their lifestyle acceptable and pleasant. – That is – only one in ten people are satisfied with their lot in life. Some consider it exciting – others merely consider it as non-boring!

And what is it that causes this 10% of the population personal satisfaction?

Simple …..they are prepared to live outside their own personal comfort zone. If you do NOTHING to stretch your talents, thinking patterns, knowledge, experience, and inter-action with others, you are living INSIDE your own comfort zone. You are living on your own personal Island….welcome to boredom!!

But, if you are prepared to push yourself slightly, life takes on a new meaning. Take the true example of a lady whose husband died and left her all alone in the world. Her kids were grown up and were involved in their own life. She had made few outside friends as she had been totally involved in her husbands work. For three years she virtually did nothing socially but suddenly she “flicked” into a different mind-state. She joined a dance club and an up-market singles organization. Now, 12 months later, she is an excellent dancer and is also secretary of the singles club. But most importantly, she is enjoying the life that used to pass her by. She pushed herself outside the security of her personal comfort zone – she took the first step to a better life!

The simplest way to “break out” is to join a club – any club – but obviously one that appeals to you. Clubs are basically groups of like-minded people who do things that they would not do if left to their own devices. Make sense?? Virtually all clubs have a couple of dynamic members who DO things. Quite often these are the same people who initially formed the club. These people “push” others along with their enthusiasm. The net result is that you do things you wouldn’t normally do. If you don’t want to join a group like this but you want to extend yourself personally, then the simplest way is to set a few personal goals which push you outside your aura of comfort.

For example, if you feel uncomfortable driving your car in heavy traffic and big cities, take a few days off and do just that! Push yourself. If you are a shy, nervous type and want to gain massive dollops of self confidence very quickly – take a hot-air balloon ride, or approach a rappelling club for a trial rope descent down a 2Oft cliff face, or take a ride on the back of a commercial Harley Davidson motor bike, or take a helicopter flight, or, if you’re really daring do a tandem parachute jump. Some of these ideas might sound a bit radical (or maybe a bit tame!) but if you’ve never been involved in anything like this before it will give you such a giant “buzz” you will remember it for years.. AND …. you will feel really good about yourself.

Let me give you a personal example of what I mean: Many years ago I did a trading/exchange deal which left me with a number of small lower priced items, one of which was a fairly old jet ski. Now I was NOT a good swimmer and felt very nervous if I got out of my depth in water, so the idea of falling off the ski in 2Oft of water was somewhat daunting. However I donned the life-jacket and started the engine. I was decidedly nervous, not about the ski, but about the water.

After a couple of weeks it suddenly dawned on me that I was not only staying upright on the machine (it was one of those stand-up models) without any fear but I had occasionally forgotten to put my life jacket on! In view of the fact I was being “dumped” in the water regularly I was rather amazed that my fear had been so easily overcome! And the funny thing was I didn’t notice it happening – it sort of crept up subconsciously! Shortly after that I took up scuba diving – something I’d always been keen on but my nervousness of the water deterred me.

Seeing I’ve mentioned all this, I may as well tell you about another experience I had many, many years ago. I’d always had this urge to do a parachute jump, and because my parents were dead against, I went ahead and did it! And, it was so totally amazing that skydiving became my weekend relaxation for nearly 10 years. Which is even more surprising – because I was terrified of heights. Let me just say that with skydiving there is virtually NO sensation of height or falling – the overall sensation is one of floating! (And you can’t drown!)

These are classic examples of facing your fears …. step by step.

What I’m saying is that if you want to improve your satisfaction in life, tackle those things you wouldn’t normally do! You don’t have to go “overboard” – just tackle things slowly and deliberately. Each achievement, no matter how minor, will give you an inner glow of satisfaction. If you don’t continually step outside your security zone, things will become mundane! And the interesting thing is that as you join into an increasing number of outside activities, you will meet more and more like minded people – who will carry you along with their enthusiasm.

Be aware thought, that when you intentionally embark on “pushing” your comfort zone, you will receive quite a lot of implied criticism from well meaning – but boring – friends. You may have to leave them behind as you develop a new range of contacts! It is a fact that your immediate circle of friends are probably all inside your current comfort zone.

New, as yet undiscovered friends…. are not! So, push yourself to look for them. Once you start on this course of action, it’s a lot easier than it looks!

See you at the next national skydiving champs!

(What have you always wanted to do …but have always put off? – Please share in the comments section below)

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2 Responses to “Stretch yourself and live life! by Jim Francis”

  1. Leila says:

    Thanks for the exhilarating read :) I would like to travel – both locally and exotically.

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  2. Vilde says:

    Thank you, this was perfect timing!
    I have just quit my apartment to live in a yurt this winter so that I can save up for the motorcycle license and the motorcycle of my dreams. I feel so alive having let go of almost all my belongings and starting out on this very new kind of life for me. I can’t remember the last time in life I felt excited to wake up in the morning but now I do. And for everyone who doesn’t it may be time for some radical changes in a direction that will be motivating to you! I do not think we are supposed to go through life uninspired. Having said that my thoughts go out to all who deal with mental/physical pain. I have seen how that can drain all initiative and strength out of a person. If you can, get help to start small. I think it will be worth it :)

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