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How To STOP a Heart Attack Dead In Its Tracks Part II

NOTE: If you missed Part I on How to Stop a Heart Attack Dead in Its Tracks, you can view it here: How to Stop a Heart Attack Dead in its Tracks Part 1

The chief botanist on the David Livingstone Expedition (“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”) was the first to discover the beneficial Ouabin plantheart activity of the West African plant Strophanthus gratus, and brought the plant to Europe in 1862. It was used to treat heart disease in Germany as early as 1906.(1) Early on, many German physicians recognized the powerful beneficial effects of this plant medicine, which is now referred to as g-strophanthin (stro-FAN-thin) and its byproduct ouabain.

Unfortunately, because of Germany’s political and scientific segregation before and during WWII, this valuable heart medicine became isolated from the rest of the world.

Strophanthin has a chemical structure similar to digitalis, a commonly-prescribed heart medication derived from the foxglove plant (D. purpurea). While both medications strengthen the heart, one important pharmacological difference is that strophanthin has a deacidifying effect on the heart muscle—which makes it extremely effective both in preventing heart attacks and stopping a heart attack already in progress.(2)

Heart Attack SymptomsGerman physician Dr. Berthold Kern reported the results of his clinical practice between 1947-1968 involving more than 15,000 cardiac patients treated with g-strophanthin. These patients included many who previously had heart attacks. In this group, there were no fatal heart attacks, and only 20 non-fatal attacks.

In contrast, government statistics for the same time period would have predicted 120 fatal heart attacks and over 400 non-fatal attacks for a group of this size.(3)

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study(4) of oral g-strophanthin in the treatment of angina sufferers, after 14 days of treatment 81% of the participants experienced a reduction in attacks, while the placebo-control group experienced a 72% increase in angina attacks.

Another German study of 150 patients with severe heart disease, who collectively had experienced 254 heart attacks, demonstrated an 85% success rate in preventing further attacks. The study coordinator remarked, “A positive result was registered when the severe heart attack abated within  five minutes after the g-strophanthin capsule was bitten through, and after ten minutes at the latest, they disappeared completely.”(5) (The symptoms, not the patients).

At present, there are approximately 5,000 German physicians using and prescribing oral strophanthin. A recent booklet (available in German only) gives the results of a survey of 3,645 German physicians who offered statements on their use of strophanthin between the years 1976-1983. Of the doctors interviewed, 3,552 offered exclusively positive testimony with no reservations. None of the physicians gave a negative response.(6)

The cost of strophanthin, which is currently available to German physicians and their patients, is about USD $30 per month. It is possible to obtain this product from Germany with a prescription from a physician in your country. For those living outside of Germany, there are several strategies for obtaining strophantin, depending upon where you live. A German pharmacy (apotheke) can be located through an international telephone operator.

Call the pharmacy to arrange delivery by mail. Also, through a travel agency, arrange for someone traveling to Germany to bring back the drug.
Be sure your country’s customs permit these arrangements.

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3, 4, 5, 6. www.wrf.org/news/news0016.htm

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