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How To Get The Life You Want (…And Make Money Helping Others…)

I have wanted to be NLP certified for 5 or 6 years but have not wanted to spend the $1000+  I was told it was going to cost me.

So I read books – and absorbed what I could from my teachers who had studied NLP but were not certified to teach it and I used the skills I learned to enhance my life and the lives of my family and friends – and those I worked with in my counseling practice.

I learned just some basics – but those few things really made a huge difference – there was no doubt that NLP works – and works well.

So when I learned that Steve G Jones was offering a Certification Program for only $147 my initial reaction was highly skeptical. I was recommended to offer it to all our readers – but was adamant that I wouldn’t until I was certain that the course was legit and of value.

Only $147 for the skills – and for the right to call myself Certified (which by the way – enables you to work as an NLP Certified Practitioner and be paid for it – some practitioners charge $100.00 an hour for their services). I was having a hard time believing there wasn’t a catch …especially as the usual price of this course is apparently $675.

Well – I got my copy last week and am not quite 1/2 way through the videos and I am more than convinced that this is a product that you should strongly consider if you have any interest in getting the life you want – and in helping others get there as well.

I have worked with some of Steve G Jone’s other products and I am becoming more and more convinced that this Master Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner has a passion – and a gift – for providing us with the Mind Power tools we need to take control of and live our Highest and Best Lives.

And – based upon the $$ he is charging for the quality of product he is offering – I am convinced his mission is to get this information to as many people as he can. That said – I have heard some rumblings that the price will not stay this low – so if your interested – act now – you don’t want to miss out on accessing these life transformational tools.

Wow – I just realized that in my excitement about this program there may be some of you that haven’t heard of NLP and don’t have a clue what it is…

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, was created in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It is essentially a tool chest of techniques that once learned can be utilized to dissolve “blocks” or “problems” in peoples lives that had previously kept psychologists busy for years.

Within the teachings of NLP you learn how you and the people you work with interact with the world. You are given everything you need to go in and disengage from limiting thoughts and actions and to engage in those activities and ways of viewing the world that will be of greatest benefit.

That said – be warned – NLP is experiental – it works when you work it.  It is to be used and played with and implemented into your life.

And it is fun to learn how people think so easily – how they process information – and how you can use that information to create a better world for yourself and for those around you (and with the Certification program you can choose – if you want – to even get paid for the joy of being of service).

To get started immediately (yep – this offer is for a Digital Download – you can begin right now…) just visit….

NLP Practitioner Certification Program with Steve G Jones

And for a little taste of Steve G Jones Teaching NLP check out this youtube video of Steve  sharing the NLP technique “Anchoring”….

One last thing (can you tell I am excited?) once you decide to take this step and you click the link and make the purchase – you may just find that you want to have someone to talk to about it – ideas on implementation – or questions – or things that you may not understand – or you may just want to share with someone your successes…

Well if that’s the case know that I am here and I love talking NLP – have been playing with it for years and would love to connect with you.  So leave a comment or send me an email.  Together we can all live our Highest and Best Lives – and take as many with us as we can :-)

With Joy and In Celebration



Evolution Ezine may receive a commission if you buy through one of the links – these proceeds help keep the Evolution Ezine free.  Thanks for your continued support.

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How To Get The Life You Want (...And Make Money Helping Others...), 5.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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6 Responses to “How To Get The Life You Want (…And Make Money Helping Others…)”

  1. Leila says:

    Hi Cyndi, thanks for sharing this video. I love the clear description Steve gives of how to get into the moment you want to anchor. I felt I was there.

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  2. Pam says:

    Thank you so much for this. I used NLP to stop smoking. I know how well it works and have been holding it in the back of my mind for my creative coaching practice. What an incredible addition this would make to the tools I offer!
    Just signed up for the program! Can’t wait to get started!
    Thank you again Cyndi!

    With much gratitude

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  3. Mark says:

    Hi Cyndi

    I took an NLP practitioner course about 5 years ago and have been looking at doing my Master’s soon, so when I saw advertising material promoting Steve G Jones’ up-coming homo study course at such a low price (compared to the face-to-face ones), I was of course very interested.

    Although the idea of saving a large chunk of money is definitely appealing, the main thing that has made me hesitate in buying this is the uncertainty over whether a video-based course can provide the real experience of the various tools and techniques (which seemed central to me when I took my practitioner course).

    You said that you are about half way through the videos. I would be interested to hear your views about this side of the course. Is it ‘just’ a matter of having the discipline and drive to work through the techniques either on your own or with others? Or have you found that just watching the videos and reading the texts has been sufficient to absorb the material? I understand that some courses are taught predominantly in trance and get ‘installed’ in the unconscious.

    As you say, with an NLP certificate, it is possible to offer such services at potentially high rates. This was emphasised on the practitioner course that I took, but whilst I studied with some lovely people, I would not have wanted to entrust many of them with my psychological health after just a week or so of (intensive) training! In my experience, it is possible to do quite a bit of damage by knowing a set of techniques and having a lot of good enthusiasm, but lacking any real or deep understanding of psychology. So I find this aspect a bit concerning at times.

    I am interested to know your views.

    Many thanks

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  4. AdminCyndi says:

    Hi Mark;

    NLP is experiental – and whether you learn from someone in person or from a video training course practice is essential – and Steve makes a point of that from the beginning.

    To me NLP provides a different way of seeing the world – a different way of processing – and provides really effective techniques for shifting beliefs and states – both for myself and for those that I work with.

    But it doesn’t work until you work it – and you won’t really work it until you practice – and it will take practice and experimentation for anyone to get good at it.

    How much practice? That depends upon your affinity to it and your focus. It’s the same thing I tell people who come to me looking to hone their intuitive skills. Everyone can learn – but for some its much easier than for others.

    As for who I would trust my psychological health too – hmmm – I have worked with quite a few people after they have spent years working with psychiatrists/psychologist/etc… and I have my own opinions of the different ways “highly qualified” professionals affect the people they work with. The most qualified of the bunch can cause quite a bit of damage….

    Will Steve G Jones $147 course give you the same experience an on site weekend course will give you? No – no it wont
    Will simply watching the videos and reading the manual make you an expert – no, it won’t do that either.

    But it gives you a good roadmap – and exercises to work with – and an opportunity to work with something a bit outside the norm. It can give you the instructions – the individual will than have to take the information and practice and make it work for them

    And for those that already have much of this knowledge – and even the skill – but not the certificate – this is a wonderful refresher and an opportunity to get that certificate – which – whether we like it or not – helps when one is looking to develop a practice.

    Would love to continue the conversation if you have some more thoughts. Did you watch the video on the post – or the 8 on the offer page? I would be curious to know what you think of them. I don’t know Steve G Jones personally but of late I have been exposed to quite a bit of his work. Truthfully I didn’t want to like it – (there is so much of it) but as you can tell I have come around

    Sending Joy

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  5. Mark says:

    Hello again, Cyndi and thank you for your long and helpful reply.

    I take your point about ‘highly qualified’ health professionals…

    To answer your question, I watched the video on the Evolution post. I had watched some others of his a while ago (I think it was probably his Master Prac sample videos) and, to be honest, wasn’t left with a feeling that this was a ‘must have’. However, the one on the post regarding anchors and stacking anchors was good. Maybe it was my own state of mind at the time…

    It is my plan to do a classroom course, but I can see that Mr Jones’ course might well be both a useful preparation beforehand and reference tool afterwards.

    I can also see that it would be a great way in to NLP for someone who could not afford a classroom course.

    I was very interested to read your ‘Why Ask Cyndi…’ article on the Evolution site.

    I have had a growing interest/passion to know myself etc over recent years, but can’t say I have done anything like as much work as you seem to have; it is an impressive list. I have studied a few things (NLP, Reiki to practitioner level, EFT etc) and read loads, but none of this seems to be yet making the fundamental shift that I am looking for. I guess it is a matter of persevering…

    I was particularly drawn by what you wrote about spending three days in the state of awakening. I have not experienced this, but can easily imagine the truth of what you say about there being nothing else more important.

    Thank you again.

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  6. Jane says:

    I have really enjoyed this thread. Like Mark, I too wondered about how much someone would get out of this format vs the on-site training. The back-and-forth between the two of you has been very helpful and I can see, as Mark said, how this program could be a good lead up/introduction to taking the “main” training.

    I have read some of Richard Bandler’s books and, although I can learn from reading, the experiential nature of NLP would be easier to learn, I think, if I saw it demonstrated, at least for me. So, this program, at this price, could be quite useful in deciding whether or not to invest in the full training.



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