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Standing Your Ground by Henk Schram

In an earlier communication I had written…

Still, once you make the conscious decision that you want to break out and bring about a transformation and change your life, the field of ‘infinite awareness’ (often dubbed ‘the universe’) comes at your aid… but not always in the ways you might expect. Because here’s what happens:

The experiences you attract tend to be tailored to break down those energetic walls around you that block your vision!

So yes, true enough, the process of ‘transformation’ may bring challenges. But if you stick with your intuition through all of these experiences (nice and less pleasant), after a while your life changes because of what you’ve experienced going through these challenges, NOT despite of it.

But many people give up entirely, degrading this whole concept of ‘attraction’ as mumbo-jumbo the moment the going gets a little tough:

“This wasn’t what I wanted to attract! This doesn’t work!”

Well, actually it does. You’re attracting the very experiences designed to break through whatever is keeping you from experiencing your desired reality.


Of course, the process of transformation doesn’t take place like this for everyone all the same. People tell me different stories all the time:

  • For one person, their lives may change radically practically overnight… through the mere act of evaluating the mind frame that their reactions come from, and adjusting based on their new awareness… And before they know it, their entire life transforms into this ‘magical’ experience they had always wanted.
  • For others, at first things may seem to go exactly the opposite way as they envisioned when they started their attempts to change their lives based on their new-found knowledge of the principle that has become known popularly as the ‘Law of Attraction’.

And in case of the latter, some are able to easily deal with it… while others start to really have a hard time. And true enough: this process can be a tough one to swallow, especially if you’re not fully aware of the mechanism that’s at work here.

And I’m speaking from personal experience here!

Here’s the thing:

When you wake up from the ‘programming’ inside of you that’s been keeping you small, and you consciously state the intention that you want to reclaim your power and make the change in your life that you desire, what happens is that (as I call it) “your egg begins to crack”.

Your life changes… often even seems to ‘fall apart’… And you wonder why you’re going through such challenges when you just wanted to ‘be spiritual’ (and perhaps have a fancy car).

It’s the ‘being spiritual’ that people often associate with the images of ‘birds flying’, ‘flowers blossoming’, and having a choir of angels rhapsodizing in the background as they speak.

There are also more than a few (often self-proclaimed) ‘gurus’ on the Internet who put a significant material label on the process, in the form of ‘attracting new cars’ and Ferraris magically popping up in your life being the ultimate confirmation of personal, spiritual power.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging this… I mean, everyone’s free to decide for themselves what their definition of ‘being successful’ is.

However, here’s what few of these gurus tell you, while it’s really something that many people can expect:

You’ll often experience that the ‘material payoffs’ come only once you’ve cracked through the energetic concrete that may have been holding you back from experiencing your true desires in the first place.

And that’s the crux. We’re all projecting a vibrational field that reflects our current mental, emotional and spiritual state. And this belief system dictates which energy fields within ‘all that exists’ (<– the “Universe”) our consciousness decides to ignore or to ‘read’ (and thus manifest).

It’s like our consciousness chooses which track to play on a ‘universal DVD’, and then makes that one visible. And the choice which track to play is based on what we currently believe and think/feel of ourselves.

I’ve been through this myself. Once you make the conscious decision to change yourself and your life experience, you make the decision to change in a total way.

It’s not like you can change just a bit, so you can attract that Ferrari (or something like that) while everything else in your life stays the same… so others will look up to you, and you get an artificial confirmation from others that you’re now ‘successful’ and ‘powerful’.

It’s not like that at all! Not least because that particular example would mean you’re still looking for confirmation by others of your alleged ‘success’. 

Instead, you either change in a total way, or you don’t change at all. It’s like being pregnant. You can’t be a bit pregnant. It’s not a continuum. You’re either pregnant, or you’re not.

Similarly, when it comes to a process like this, you either change totally, or you don’t. That’s the way it works. It’s not a matter of small changes, of a little thing here, a little thing there. It’s a matter of turning yourself inside out!

Now, I mentioned earlier that I’m speaking from personal experience here… For me, it has been like plowing snow for a while, to make way for a new ‘reality’ (put differently: another track on that universal DVD).

Except that metaphor doesn’t really convey how it felt for me going through this process. I really had to… how shall I put this? To a certain extent… I suppose… let’s say I had to do an awful lot to break free.

But to give a more accurate impression of how it really felt… and I beg your pardon for my Swahili…

I had to really shovel some shit!

Evidently, it wasn’t always pleasant. Still, ‘shoveling my shit’ was the greatest liberation I ever felt. And my life has transformed magnificently.

You know, we create our reality based on what we believe, consciously and unconsciously. But here’s what I’ve learned on the process:

We may appear to believe something on a conscious level. But that’s often a front to hide what’s really going on subconsciously.

For example, you can see this with apparently highly confident people who are really consumed by severe self-doubt just below the conscious threshold.

Let me pull up my ‘Law of Attraction’-jargon vocabulary again for a moment:

  • The way what people call the ‘Law of Attraction’ works, is that energy (your energy) attracts energy of similar vibration. These energies manifest in the form of people, places, jobs, relationships, experiences, etc.
  • So once you awaken from your programming and consciously decide to make a change, the ‘energy matrix’ that you’ve been calling ‘your life’ begins to break down and change as well.
  • As a consequence, this must reflect itself in your ‘outer’ world of people, places, jobs, relationships and experiences. After all, the ‘outer’ is a reflection of the ‘inner’, and must and cannot do anything else but follow changes in the ‘inner’.

We experience this as the life we knew ‘breaking down’. But what you’re really doing is breaking through to a new reality and thus to a new life experience. Your energy changes, which means that the people, jobs, places, experiences and relationships you ‘attract’ change as a consequence.

Now remember:

Turning yourself inside out can be different for everyone. After all, we all have our own issues locked up inside. So for some the process can be heavier, scarier, more unpleasant than for others… who might naturally flow into their new experience.

But the underlying mechanism is still the same. You have to change what you do and what you are, in order to change what you get. And what you attract is tailored to what you need, in order to experience whatever you want to experience.

And in most cases, that includes experiences that’ll help you ‘shovel your shit’… if you’re up for it.

Obviously, this transformation can be extremely challenging. After all, oftentimes needing to shovel your own shit isn’t even all… You’re also pressured to ‘stay in the box’… You know, the box that everyone’s used to (or rather: programmed to accept).

For example, those around you can be ruthless in their use of some sort of ‘emotional blackmail’ to stop you from expressing who you feel you truly are inside.

Parents and friends can be extremely cruel. And they’re often not even doing this consciously. It’s just that apparently the change you’re bringing about in their programmed reality can be quite confronting.

In the same way, we ourselves are often more concerned with what the neighbors, parents, boys at the bar, etc. think about what we do, rather than with pursuing with full dedication what we know makes our hearts sing.

Once again, I’m speaking from experience here. So many people don’t pursue their dreams, simply because they’re afraid of the reactions of other people.

But as I’ve written multiple times already, to break free, we must not succumb to this, and let our intuition be our guide.

True enough, awakening people may experience challenges like losing their jobs, and seeing their friends, relationships and acquaintances change.

But let me ask you this:

How can you free yourself from your programmed reality… the one you’re somehow not satisfied with in the first place… without changing the very lifestyle and mental/emotional/spiritual atmosphere that created that very programmed reality to begin with?

The trick is to trust in your intuition. And if you stick to it, you’ll eventually begin to see where it’s all leading you.

I once took note of this passage somewhere:

“True love does not always give the receiver what it would like to receive. But it will always give that which is best for it. So welcome everything you receive, whether you like it or not. Ponder on anything you do not like, and see if you can understand why it was necessary. Acceptance will then be very much easier.”

What appears to be a problem can be a wonderful opportunity waiting to be discovered. Life often so brilliantly disguises our greatest gifts as our worst nightmare.

But as said, if you stand your ground, before you know it you’ll notice your life has changed because of what you’ve experienced going through these challenges… NOT in spite of it.

The trick is to trust your intuition… to trust what you KNOW is right for you… And then stand your ground, give it your best shot, and give it everything you got.

That’s right. Hang tough, and be confident in yourself. Trust who you truly are, and live that image with full self-esteem.

And you watch the brilliant mechanism of life helping you ‘shovel your shit’, ‘crack your egg’, and transform your energy and experience in order to live you dream.

You’ll be glad you did.

It’s like the Greenday song goes:

It’s something unpredictable
But in the end it’s right
I hope you had the time of your life.


Henk J.M. Schram is the author and creator of the ‘Crack Your Egg Program’, which is commonly regarded as the most unique and innovative system available on how to literally “push the ‘restart’-button” of your entire subconscious mind.

To ‘Crack Your Egg’ means to break free from that strange, ‘uncanny’, and unsettling energy that is so hard to define, but that always seems to put up a block in whatever endeavor you pursue.

It is to deliberately put yourself on the fast track towards ‘life mastery’ and self-actualization, and get back in ‘flow’: the elusive state we’ve all experienced fleeting moments of, where life seems totally effortless and things consistently work out exactly as they should.

The ‘Crack Your Egg Program’ is welcomed and enjoyed by its users as the most honest, authentic, and effective information on self-empowerment available today… void of the prevailing ‘Law of Attraction’-hype, ‘guruism’, wishful thinking, false promises, and sometimes even downright shameless lies.

If you too are ready to say goodbye to your limiting beliefs, constant negative chatter, imbalanced ‘cellular memories’ and vague inner blockages – and to do so in a way as though they never existed in the first place… then all you have to do is to ‘Crack Your Egg’, and the world is yours!

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7 Responses to “Standing Your Ground by Henk Schram”

  1. caretakerray says:

    Thanx so much for clarifying this. Too often we don’t understand what we ask for

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  2. Leila says:

    Thanks for posting this excerpt. I found it especially useful to read ‘how can you free yourself from your programmed reality without changing the lifestyle that created it.’ Of course. How true. But at times the fact of it changing is more apparent and so it’s very helpful to be reminded of it.

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  3. M. Farooq says:

    Great and most appealing write-up. The greatest challenge is to break the old beliefs and habits. But you have some very practical steps to acheive that. Thanks

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  4. Sara says:

    An Excellent and insightful article. Thank you!

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  5. Temple Uranta says:

    I’v always thot dat once one decides to take the decision to change ones life, everythhng begins 2 change 4 the better, but now i understand. Thank you!

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  6. Vanessa Kanu says:

    Thanks for this! I needed to be reminded.

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