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Soul Journey – A Review by Nikki Morgan

Soul Journey

Soul Journey – The Greatest Secrets to Living the Life You Want

I love discovering new books and new authors, and this one landed in my lap thanks to a Facebook connection. I followed the path of it’s creation and eventually its publication, a first foray into the publishing world for Lisa Cherry.

Soul Journey is not another self help book that promises all the tips and tools to take your life from surviving to thriving, instead you get taken on a journey of exploration, where each chapter focuses on another theme that forms part of the recurring patterns that the journey to wellness seems to produce.

Lisa’s story alone is one that made me so grateful for the ‘normal’ life I have led so far. Her childhood involved foster homes, 2 years of living on the streets, alcoholism and drugs and a phone call to AA at the ripe old age of 20. She has never touched another drop since, and turned her life around to include college, university, setting up a trust to help financially assist others with severe social problems and has her own business dedicated to making women feel wonderful and empowered.

This book is not just her story, it is lots of stories from many women, who have faced unthinkable trauma, trials and tribulations, but knew there had to be a way to move through and beyond, to find and allow healing and move on to wellness. This book is about women-for women. These are everyday women that you could meet in the street tomorrow, you can relate to their stories as they are not women who have overcome adversity and gone on to become famous icons. You will feel their pain, find compassion that you may not have realised you were capable of, and you will dramatically increase your belief that anything is possible for you too. All of the contributors are acknowledged at the end of the book, with the projects they are involved with, or the blogs they write at or the businesses they have created, so you are able to continue to follow their development and success. Just like at the end of a good movie, instead of just seeing the credits, you get a bit more of the story you have really enjoyed.

One of the amazing women who shared her story, created this very powerful mantra that opened my heart to all that is possible and is now a part of my daily affirmations….

“It is my intention that I experience a harmonious lifestyle” “It is my intention that I experience health and energy that leads me to creative adventures”

“It is my intention that I am well provided for, that shelter, food and all of the things I need for life will be given to me in great abundance”

“I will then pass this great abundance on and share it with others”

All of these women understand the pain and suffering we allow ourselves to experience when things don’t work out the way we wished and hoped. Fear and anger are such powerful emotions that they will overpower any happiness that we should allow ourselves to experience. All of these women managed to change their focus and open to the amazing power we all have, and that is to create what we do want, no matter where we are starting from.

Only you can heal yourself, only you can learn to love yourself, only you can forgive the past and make room for the future, only you can nurture and believe in your dreams, only you can choose whether to focus on the good in your life or the bad, only you can give what you have to offer, only you can turn the lemons you have been given into lemonade!

Creating the life you love is an inside job that only you can do. This fantastic work will open your eyes and heart to the unlimited possibilities that are available to us all. Start your journey to healing and success NOW .

Nikki Morgan is a Natural Therapist, EFT Coach, Author and Blogger at wonderfullywomen.com

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Soul Journey - A Review by Nikki Morgan, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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