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Shamanic Journey: A Personal Experience with a Powerful Message by Cyndi Krupp

A Shamanic Journey is a healing practice in which the person undertakes a journey in imagination during which help is sought from spirit helpers or spirit guides (www.transpersonalscience.org)

Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta is our newest Super Mind Album and has quickly become one of our biggest sellers.  Wanting to take full advantage of the power of this recording I decided to take my own journey using the simple how to guide contained in the article, Ten Great Reasons to Take a Shamanic Journey, and to share the results.

My Shamanic Journey (including an easy to follow “How To”)

1) Before every journey decide, specifically, on what you want to get out of the Shamanic Journey and create a single sentence that you repeat over and over to yourself as you begin the process.

Knowing I was going to share the results I choose….”to bring back a message that will make a significant impact”

2) Create in your mind a beautiful Nature Scene in which to begin your Shamanic Journey. Give it as much detail as you can and imagine that you are there and begin to repeat your intention statement.

I imagined a beautiful willow tree near a large lake.  As I repeated my intention statement I walked barefoot in the grass, I swam in the lake, and then felt the hot sun dry my skin

3) Enter into a trance state by whatever means you have available. It is this step that many people can get stuck at, but to make it very easy we have created a Super Mind Music Album Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta, that will help ease your mind into a deep conscious Trance State.

Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta has four separate tracks.  For this experience I choose to listen to The Calling #2

4) Continue to repeat your intention statement as you enter trance, and then (after about 5 minutes) imagine a door appearing in front of you. You can make the door as simple or as elaborate as you want.

I looked around for the door half expecting to find it in the willow tree – but instead a fountain sprang up in the lake and I could see the door in the center of it.  I stepped into the water and made my way to the fountain – continuing to repeat my intention.  I moved through the water easily – and had no trouble breathing even though I was under water.

5) When you are ready open the door and step through. On the other side of the door you will find the answers you seek. The answers may come from spirit guides or ancestors or perhaps even a Power Animal (a spirit guide in animal form). You may be taken on a journey, shown a vision, or perhaps just be given a word or two. There is no right result on a journey and only the person on the Shamanic Journey can fully evaluate it’s meaning.

I moved into the fountain and it opened into what felt like a tunnel.  I moved through the tunnel and out into….

6) At the end of the journey step back through the door and into the original nature scene. Take your time moving back into full consciousness – and as soon as you can grab a pen and some paper and write down everything you remember, including your initial feelings about the experience. This step is important because it will help you more fully integrate the experience and remember it’s meaning.

An open field  filled with flowers.  My attention was drawn to a butterfly gliding through the air.  As I watched the scene around me faded and then I was standing in front of a campfire.  I expected others to come to give me a message but instead the scene faded again and this time I was on a beach in front of the ocean.  I started to collect shells, thinking I should do something – perhaps even build a shelter – but as soon as I attempted to do anything I felt a strong resistance. 

The scene faded again and this time I was in front of the fire which I now noticed was on the beach near the ocean.  I was also very aware of  a cool breeze….

Campfire from the Shamanic Journey

I sat and  watched the fire.  Day turned into night and then back into day and back again into night.  Eventually I felt movement within me and I got up and danced with the flames and when I did children came and danced with me – but as soon as I attempted to find meaning the children disappeared and I sat in front of the fire again.

and  I notice a pulsing coming from my tailbone and so I take the fire, the air, the sand and the ocean and I go and sit inside my tailbone.

and thoughts/worries begin to invade my space and so I get up and walk into the fire.  I sit in the fire and feed the fire my thoughts.

The music ends and I am still sitting in the fire that is burning on the beach in my tailbone – but when I go to move I understand that there are still thoughts to burn and so I sit for a few moments more,  feeding the thoughts to the fire, and when all the thoughts are gone I get up and walk out of the fire and into my body sitting in the chair.  I breath for a moment, wiggle my toes, and begin to document the Shamanic Journey that emptied my mind.

I have some thoughts about the significance of this Shamanic Journey but before I share them I would love to learn your interpretation.  And I would also love to hear what happens when you bring your own questions to the process.

If we can collect enough of your stories we will bring them together into an ebook that I am certain will bless many.  And if that is not enough incentive we will be gifting random contributors with either a free audio or a valuable coupon to http://mindpowermp3.com

PLEASE NOTE: Today (31st January) is the LAST day you can get Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta for FREE – Click here for details

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Shamanic Journey: A Personal Experience with a Powerful Message by Cyndi Krupp, 9.1 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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4 Responses to “Shamanic Journey: A Personal Experience with a Powerful Message by Cyndi Krupp”

  1. Wai says:

    The first element was the door in the fountain and having to go through the water in order to get there. It reminds me of crossing over what is known and what we know we don’t know, to the realm of we don’t know what we don’t know, and finding out that we can breath is a sign of discovery, that we can expand ourselves beyond our limitations.

    The changing scene reminds me of impermanence. Where instead of trying to do something, as encountered by the resistance, it is important that we sit in observation, live in the moment (dancing with the children) and not form conclusions.

    Thus, all thoughts are burnt away, leaving only the clarity and void where which creation begins from the base chakra point.

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  2. karen says:


    Thank you, thank you, for the free listen of the Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta. So, so beautiful! With the tears steaming down my face as I listen, I could listen all day! Very healing for me……this music has so connected with my soul thank you!


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  3. Alison says:


    Firstly, thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us. I received quite a few things from reading your experience & although the experience was yours hence, what came through in your own interpretation is that, which the ‘voice within’ wishes for you to hear – a message/guidance specificaly for your path at this time…As you have opened for others’ perspectives, I humbly share mine…

    I feel that your opening statement of wanting to ‘…bring back a message of significance, or one that shall make an impact’ was perhaps striving for a message of a more general nature (as you were making this public & opening up for feedback), however I feel that through encompassing ‘the many’, the ‘ONE’ – YOU – was answered…We are ALL one after all :-)

    By beginning with the introductory visualisation of the willow tree (incidentally, my favorite :-) ), the lake, barefoot in the grass & the hot sun’, brings to mind the symbolism of who we are – that Divine Spark residing within us all; the willow tree representative of the eduring, unbreakable strength to withstand anything…walking barefoot in the grass, representative of a re-connection or rooting oneself in the knowing of ‘who we are’…the lake or body of water & you swimming in it, representative of emmersing oneself in that which is at times unfathomably deep & vast, yet cleansing & refreshing…drying off in the hot sun, representative of ‘taking in’ the energy as well as ‘sealing in’ the ‘knowing’ of Source…

    So, the scene has been set – in preparation for the ‘journey of rememberence & re-connection’ – although the knowing of our true essence is within us all, our humanness masks it hence the process of removing the proverbial ‘veil’ requires many experiences & twists & turns along our path so that REMEMBERING becomes a state of existence as opposed to a concept that we get from reading or hearing about it – although this is a tangible catalyst to ignite a deeper yearning to ‘shed our layers’ so to speak…

    At the risk of this becoming long & drawn out, my apologies to all as the word ‘concise’ is not in my vocabulary, lol…I shall attempt to be as brief & direct – this is after all only my interpretation…

    The rest of the experience basically signifies the path of transformation to me; from the ‘opening/gate’ within the water & swimming under water without concern about breathing – it is in the ‘body’ of Source/surrender, that all sustenance arises so that one, does not need to be concerned about ‘bodily needs’ (as in this scenario of how to breath under water), also when surrender occurs, Source opens up to us & the ‘way inentry’ appears (as with first thinking a doorway would be found in the willow, but instead appeared within the water…the tunnel simply represented the initial ‘corridor/path’ once ‘entry’ was accomplished, (sometimes when we first surrender, there is a time where we may doubt or have second thoughts etc…so I would liken this period to being enclosed or as in this case, in a tunnel which could bring to the fore, some inital fear – opening to an opportunity of perhaps backing out, & not continuing forward…)

    Once, any fear barrier is broken through (moving to the other side of ‘the tunnel’)the scene opened to a field filled with flowers & your attention brought to the butterfly – representative of entering the ‘inner garden in full bloom’ the butterfly illustrating of course a transformation that is taking place…

    Your expectations of receiving messages from others that were not forthcoming simply illustrates the fact that in this inner ‘reservoir’ of Source there is no need to receive messages from ‘others’ as the messages or answers one is waiting to be given are already there…from the very one seeking them…you ARE the answer! The beach is representing the ‘Ocean’ of Divine Love that is your & everyone elses’, true essence & the fire representing the eternal flame into which all illusion falls to be ‘burnt away’ allowing your ‘true essence’ to just BE…the fact that you attempted to make a shelter but couldn’t, simply illustrates the small level of ‘humanness’, that still wanted some level of control as opposed to just BEING – after all, here in the space of ALL THERE IS, there is no need for shelter – you ARE IN the shelter, YOU ARE the shelter…

    Further, the thoughts & worries you speak of are representative of the ‘monkey mind chatter’, the ‘inner dialogue of the ego/lower self/the illusion’, that can blind us or at least attempts to blind us from who we truly are. The children too, are an illustration of this, they represent the Pureness of who we truly are, see how as soon as the ‘human control’ attempts to step in & as in this case, trying to make some ‘sense’ or get ‘meaning’ from the scene, they dissappeared – because there is NO meaning to be gotten, from what JUST IS!

    In regards to you dancing with the children (at ‘letting go’ & just BEING, that pure essence of who you are is showing itself to you, the thoughts & worries that came about, being placed in the fire is allowing the ‘illusion/ego/lower self’ to be consumed & thus allowing more ‘layers’ of the ‘human condition’ to shed. The fact you had movement in your tailbone & ‘sat in’ your tailbone, was representative of the connection made to your true essence – connecting to your true identity so to speak, as this is where the kundalini or shakti (the Divine spark of life force) rises from…also, it is the area of the base chakra which is representative of our traditional familial beliefs of support & from where we form our early sense of identity & sense of belonging (to a group)in this case pertaining literally to the connection of knowingness; that of BEING our Sacred Truth, ALL IS ONE…Being one of the many that is in TRUTH…The One…

    What a wonderful experience, Coming Home!

    Okay, this is purely my interpretation – for anyone reaching thus far, thank you for reading.


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  4. AdminCyndi says:

    thank you so much for these wonderful interpretations – I love them.

    and I am still sitting within the experience of this journey – and going back into the fire often :-)

    I also plan on taking another journey soon and will share the results – it really is so much fun – and so powerful. And for anyone drawn to share I would love to hear about your journeys as well

    Sending joy

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