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Shaman Consciousness Part 1 – by Jim McElwee of The Unexplainable Store

Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about Shamanism. At its core, a shaman is the oldest known type of conscious magical practitioner. In order to become a shaman, in days before consciousness was more thoroughly explored, a tribesman would have to undergo a near death transformation and return with messages from the other side of the veil as well as an ability to speak with the dead.

As many ancient cultures revered their ancestors and even asked them for help and guidance, the Shaman would be used as a mediator between the spirits of the dead and the living. As time went on, cultures merged, and safer methods of developing a shaman consciousness were discovered. Let’s take a moment to discover what some shamanistic beliefs are, and how you can use these tools to help you every day.

Cultures with a strong tradition of shamanism believe that spirits, both good and evil, are interacting with us every day. Some are working to improve our lives by imparting us with good luck, moments of inspiration, secret insight into situations, and occasional bursts of energy and focus that allow us to do good in the world. Likewise, evil spirits are working against us, making us sick, chronically weak, and giving us a generalized sense of unease in certain places and situations. The shaman detects the presence of spirits and beseeches the help of good ones, while banishing the evil.

Before advanced techniques of meditation, and before there was such a thing as brainwave entrainment therapy, the mental state of openness to the other side was very difficult to observe. Those attempting to acquire shaman consciousness should be warned that the painful process is beyond what most today are capable of enduring. And why endure such suffering when the mental state of the shaman is scientifically studied? If Shamanism is something that interests you, be sure to visit our Shamanism entrainment therapy page at Shaman Consciousness.

Those hoping to communicate with the other side should practice focus and protection first. As you attempt to see your surroundings, remain calm and imagine a bright blue or white circle surrounding you. Focus your imagination in a way that says that nothing from the other side can enter the circle without your permission. If you find a magical incantation that reinforces your ability to focus your energy on the circle of protection, feel free to whisper it to yourself.

Some people find this communication is better by themselves, while others like the presence of others who will take it seriously. If those in the room are in harmony, they may be able to observe the circle with their third eye. The third eye is the name of our ability to understand the position and general appearance of objects in the spiritual realm. In this realm, everything works as a symbol that is interpreted through the subconscious into a series of images the viewer can understand. Often shamans will see images from their own mystical traditions (angels, demons, Egyptian gods and goddesses, figures from mythology, etc.) and find this confusing.

This is because all energy is interpreted through the lens of our own beliefs. As you practice, you may be able to even shift your paradigm of belief (if you choose to) and pick up on useful or important symbols you would have missed with a different lens. Of course that would be up to you.

Next time let’s take a look at more techniques of contacting the spirit world. You’d be surprised how possible it is to confidently communicate with the other side once you’re in the right state of mind and know how to interpret symbols.

Jim McElwee


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Shaman Consciousness Part 1 - by Jim McElwee of The Unexplainable Store, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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