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Audio of the Month: ReWriting Your Story

Immediate Download now available for only $8.00.

ReWrite Your Story

“I chose now not to provide any theories or “truths” as to why this 18 minute journey has such power to change your life.  I do not know if the stories that we change as we go through the journey represent a past life or the life of an ancestor who passed on its memory through our DNA – or if it is only a metaphorical representation of a limiting belief that we have been holding in our space.”

“What I have experienced and know to be true is that as I work with this journey, and implement the teachings I am learning, my life is expanding in so many wonderful, thrilling ways.” – Cyndi

During This 18 minute guided meditation by Aila Accad recorded especially for the Evolution Ezine Community, you’ll be taken on a journey through a mansion with many doors. One of those doors will call to
you.  Behind it lies the story or experience that locked in the the Limitation you are now looking to
release. You will be directed to open and step through the door…

…a magical experience could be waiting…Visit…

ReWrite Your Story

Click the button below to get this Powerful Life Altering Recording for Only$39.95 $8

Warning: This recording is hypnotic in nature and is never to be used while operating a moving vehicle or other times when you need to maintain awakened consciousness.


Special Note: Once you complete payment thru paypal you will be taken to a page that contains a button that reads “return to Evolution Ezine” When you click this link you will be taken to a download page. You will also receive an email with download instructions – this email occasionally winds up in the spam folder :( so please take a look there if you don’t see it within a few minutes of purchase

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