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Release the Gunk – To Some Pretty Cool Funk :-)

At the end of this post I will be giving you the link to our newest Super Mind Music Album – Release the Gunk.. so you can listen for free.

But before I do that I wanted to discuss how you can use this audio – and then to ask a favor…

We believe this may be one of the most powerful audios we have ever produced – and when used with the right intention, it may be one of the most transformational.

This audio is designed to take the sting out of past memories – even the most traumatic ones.

This audio can also help you dissociate your future fears of anticipated events.

Amazing – right?  Just imagine the possibilities…

Ok – So now for the instructions on how to use the audio…

1) If you are experiencing a general state of unease – or discomfort – or fear then all you want to do is listen to the audio all the way through – from beginning to end.  The audio contains a series of  dissociation patterns that can help you pull that unease right out of your space.  It is also designed to lead you into a very organized state of high beta towards the end of the audio – which is where you can start generating some feel good neurochemicals which is a very good thing :-)

If your normal state is generally one of unease then regular use of this audio will help you move into a new – more positive, happy normal state.

Cool – right?

2) If you are dealing with past memories that are interfering with your peace of mind then you want to bring those memories – one at a time – with you when you listen to either of the audios (did I mention that this product is two audios – each with the same brain wave entrainment – but with different music – so you get to pick and choose depending upon mood or preference).

Allow yourself to keep replaying the memory as many times as you like as you listen (always with headphones) to Release the Gunk.  The brain wave entrainment will be continually working to dissociate the emotions from the memory – and as it does you may find that you begin to get bored with replaying that memory over and over again – and that’s when the fun begins

Because that is when you start to play with the memory – and there are quite a few ways you can do it.  You can….

1) Play the memory backwards in your mind – just rewind it

2) You can pull the color right out of it – just turn it all gray – and then begin to lighten the gray

3) If the memory is of a conversation you can change the speaking voice(s) to something fun – or silly – or hard to take serious (Donald Duck anyone?)

4) You can shrink the main villians in the memory – shrink them right down until they fit into the palm of your hand

Essentially play with the memory in whatever ways feel good – because these mind games will be working with the dissociative properties of the audio to completely take the sting out of the memory.

When you have had enough of the memory (hmmmm is it possible it just doesn’t feel that important anymore?) then just kick back and enjoy the remaining minutes of the recording.  We recommend processing just one memory per listening – and giving yourself some time before working on another one.  It’s important to give your mind some processing time – which will extend past the length of the audio (how long depends upon the intensity of the memory, and the individual – but a few hours is a good rule of thumb)

It is possible that one session is all it will take to completely take the sting out of even your most troubling memory – but it is just as likely several sessions may be required.  If that’s the case then I expect you will notice that each session will get easier and it won’t be long before you begin asking yourself what the big deal was :-)

3) If  it’s future fears that keep you up all night then those are the ones you take with you into the session.

Fear speaking in public? Not for long.  Just put the headphones one, begin the recording, and begin to imagine a future public speaking event.

For as long as you want play out the worse case scenerios in your mind – from as many different angles as you can imagine.  See yourself make fumbling for the words, listen as people put you down – even see yourself faint right there in front of all those people.  Whatever your fears – play them out in your mind – over and over and over.

For as long as you find it interesting to do so

And then start playing with script in the same ways recommended for past memories.  Play the story backwards, pull the color out of it, make the audience very small – or turn them all into cute kittens.

and then…

Begin to imagine some better scenerios.  Put yourself back in front of a huge audience only this time see yourself as confident, capable, entertaining and informative.  See the audience paying attention and nodding in agreement.  Allow yourself to imagine what it will feel like to know you are doing a phenomenal job – and loving it.

Can it get any better then this?


Because there is a little bit more to these audios then just some dissociation patterns and a feel good ending.

During much of this audio you will be entrained into a low Theta – almost a Delta brain wave state  – which is not only a great place to be for letting negativity go.  It is also a space associated with strong intuition and a wonderful space to hang in when you are looking for those out of the box ideas that can catapult you out of the Gunk and into someplace much much more enjoyable.

I told you it gets better

So are you ready to listen for free?  Great – just visit Release the Gunk for your 24 hour access …

It’s just that easy

Oh – and the favor?

We have this vision of a world where nobody nowhere has to hold on to anymore gunk – and we think this audio can really help us get there – but only if people know about it – and are convinced to give it a go.

So – please – help us spread the word – give your friends the link to the free listen page – and tell them to tell their friends…

Loving Life

To Listen Just visit….

Release the Gunk Free Listen

Is it safe for me to use?

Those who should consult a qualified physician before using BWE technology are — Pregnant women — People who wear a pacemaker — Individuals who have had or are prone to stroke and seizures — Epileptics- People that are under the influence of medication or drugs — People who are taking mood altering substances, legally or illegally — Individuals under the age of 18

Do not listen to the audios whilst driving or using heavy machinery.

Do not listen to BWE more than 2 hours in a day.

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  1. Karen Corbett says:

    Hi I have a pacemaker implanted and have never before read anything about not listening to brainwave entrainment if you have one. I love listening to your audios and have done so for several months now since buying a whole heap. My pacemaker has never gone off and is designed only to kick in if my heart stops. Can you please please send me your opinion on this?
    I love your audios, Regards, Karen

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