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What Students Are Saying About Reiki Training the Chikara-Reiki-Do Way

Just thought I would take a moment and say that I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Judith’s program and I think it is awesome. She has found a way to utilize the internet to pass on Reiki Training to everyone who desires it.

It is no longer available only to those who can find teachers, convenient classes, and have the sometimes very large fees some teachers charge. Reiki Distance Attunement with Judith as my guide was a wonderful experience, and one that I plan to repeat many times in the future.

This really is a great time to be alive.

Don’t you agree?


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I have taken Chikara-Reki-Do on line course with Judith and Chris and have enjoyed their knowledge, easy approach, strait forwardness and kindness. I was ready for a Reiki training, which was confirmed by two Reiki practitioners. Since I took a course in November, I was able to heal my self from a depression, a few friend from pain, and have distantly (3,000 miles distance) healed a friend with a nerve simpatico problem. I feel I am groing stronger every day, and am very much thankful to Judith and Chris for their coaching and support.
It is an intention and good will that will guide every practitioner. Teachers will support you and teach you to trust your self but we (the practitioners) all need to grow using meditations and hand’s on practice.


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I have been through both methods of training for Reiki (classroom and via Chikara-Reiki-Do) and must admit that Judith and Jim’s method cannot be beat. Once I learned that I did not “have to” pay a fortune for training to become a Reiki Master, (I admit, I was a bit skeptical) I dove in completely and found it to be much better than a classroom.
Any time I had a question, all I had to do was email Chikara-Reiki-Do and my answer came right away. The course is wonderful. All the information you require is in the manual and the attunement process is simple.
I have great success with my Reiki treatments given to all my “subjects”, be they local (hands-on) or at a distance.
So for all you skeptics out there, I highly recommend this Reiki course.
Blessings to all,
Louise G

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Judith and Jim are as she might say “chuffin grand.” They are truly evolved and understand the power of gifts given in love. I use their tools as I need, I read the weekly posting, and I love her voice. It brings me great joy.


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What an awesome program Judith and Chris have created. An honest and genuine approach to Reiki. With Judith you can feel the energy, such blissful energy, energy filled with light and love. I have always argued that the energy that surrounds us belongs to us all not only those that claim to be trained and so on. How can this energy be reserved for only a select few. I am sure many will disagree but that is the beauty of our opinions and thoughts. When I stumbled across Judith and Chris my thoughts and feelings were only reconfirmed. Judith and Chris are truly remarkable and have made Reiki belong to everyone.


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I did the Chikara-Reiki-Do thing in 2006.

Fed up with being told what to believe and what to think?

Want to be the navigator of your own spiritual path and throw reiki in for good measure?

Me too!

Reiki can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. It’s win win all the way. Take the leap – the water’s lovely!


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Rec’d my Master Reiki from Judith last April while on the road in my RV in the US. I live in Canada. This program is excellent with wonderful support on a weekly basis. Took levels ! & 2 in a class format at home and it all went well together.
Highly recommend this course!


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Judith was the spring that set me on a grand and wonderful career as a Reiki Master with her wonderful course. I was attuned originally to Usui and floundered around for a couple of years doing nothing and not teaching anyone.

That is until I happened unto Judith’s site. Since 2005 I have worked with over 1000 people with great results using Reiki…

If you have any interest in Reiki get a hold of Judith today. Her course really is that good.


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I completed Reiki I and II with a local Master here in Florida, and then also took Chikara-Reiki-Do for Tibetan and Master.

My interest is in using the power of reiki for animals.

The results are wonderful!

If you have reiki, and pets, make sure you share it with them. I am now helping our local Shelter with the poor animals who wonder what happened to them and why they are in jail…Thanks Judith and Chris

Dr. Dave

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I will always be grateful to Judith, Chris and Chikara Reiki Do.

At a time when I wanted deeply to include Reiki in my new career doing healing work, I was attuned using Gayatri Reiki, also an internet attunement.

It was wonderful and profound.

Still I wanted to find an ongoing connection that would grow as my skills and client base grew. Chikara Reiki Do and the Inner Circle provide that on a daily basis.

It is easy, and even important to investigate any program offered through cyberspace. Still, one ultimately listens to one’s own intuition. If Chikara Reiki Do calls to you, it is probably, as Judith says, perfick. If it does not call, then find the way that does call to you.

Take what serves you, release the rest. Judith and Chris serve me very well.


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I had been a Reiki Master in the traditional sense for several years.

I had never felt comfortable with many of”Old School”ideas and teachings.

Chikara Reiki Do as taught by Judith and Chris confirmed every radical view I had about Reiki!

Eloquent,Powerful, Loving,and Affordable!

Self Attunement is the most dramatic way I know, of reconfirming that “We” are the energy and anything is possible!

I salute Judith and Chris and wish them many,many years for this great work to expand and included us all,

kind Regards Egon

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I’m very skeptical about Reiki. No amount of explanation could convinced me to enroll. But when I come across with Judith and Chris’s Chikara-Reiki-Do I was magnetically attracted to enroll in their course. Their words are full of real truth and Wisdom that emanates from their beings as overflowing bliss.

Judith and Chris are  perfect twin flames. They are God’s special guest to our beautiful planet showering unconditional love to All!.

May they continue to overflow with God’s Grace.

Loving Regards’

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Reiki Training the Chikara-Reiki-Do Way

What a Great Time to Be Alive!

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