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Notice What the Reflection Tells You… By Len Wright

When you look into a body of water, you see your reflection.  This is a normal experience and we’ve all done this many times.

When you look into that reflection and see something out of place, like your hair sticking up, do you try to fix it in the reflection or do you realize that the reflection is just that and not something real and lasting.  You simply are shown what needs to be fixed on your physical self, right?

It is really no different when thinking about your inner world verses your outer world!

Your outer or physical world is a natural reflection of the world that exists within you.  If you are seeing conflict, distrust, a lack of love, etc in your physical world then you can be sure it’s stemming from within.

Do you see how wonderful this can be for you?  We are always given an opportunity to observe that which we can perfect within.

“Throughout life, we get clues that remind us of the direction we are supposed to be headed …

if you stay focused, then you learn your lessons.” ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The challenge is that most of us try to fix, solve or basically deal with the reflection and wonder why the changes never last!  Why, after we try to make changes, they fade away like the sandcastle built beside the ocean tide.

When the tide comes in, as it always will, it simply washes away the beautiful creation of the sandcastle.

This simple illustration tells us a whole lot if we take the time to really contemplate it.  In our physical dimension, everything is always fading, rusting, dying and moving away from us.

It is always in a state of change, it’s not a static world.  Where the world within is not the same.  The changes that are made within are lasting and we get to keep them.

That is why in the bible, just one book among many, says in Matthew 6:19 & 20: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

Heaven here is referring to your inner world and treasure meaning the lessons learned!

“We run after values that, at death, become zero.” ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

How loving is that!  Think for a moment of the wayward child that keeps turning away from the lesson.  Rather than giving up, the loving parent shows infinite patience and continues to leave the door open for that child to learn and mend their ways.

This example is us, the human family!  Our loving source has left the door open each moment in every experience for us to return home and learn thus putting an end to that specific learning cycle.

So ask yourself, where is your treasure being stored up?  What do you value?

It’s an incredibly important point of introspective to be able to open our eyes and finally see the folly of the immense amount of work we do to build our castles in the sand then to realize we keep building them next to the tide that is sure to sweep them away!

Wake up and see that this journey is much more than the tawdry distractions of our everyday here and there, chasing after this and that.  It can be used to grow, to become so much more.

To awaken to ourselves by becoming that observer allows us to “see” the reflection, then do the inner work necessary to let it go, to become accepting rather than embody resistance.  We then reap what is sown and start to relax and enjoy the journey.

We end up actually accomplishing more along the way because we have let go of that resistance which slows us down and keeps us asleep to what is real.  We stop fixing the reflection and start to make changes where they last.

We can finally come out of our cocoon and become the beautiful butterfly we are meant to be!

Start to wake up and notice how many times you allow the outside world to affect you.  How many times do you get caught up and answer that little voice telling you to rush or it will never get done.

Be aware of what your reflection is trying to show you and you’ll gain a whole new perspective that will teach you in your every experience.

Awake. Be the witness of your thoughts. You are what observes, not what you observe.~ Buddha

Len Wright – Self Realization Author & Speaker. Turn any moment of darkness into a guiding light!  Find out how the Transformative Power of Letting Go can Change Your Life forever by visting www.LearnToLetGoNow.com

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Notice What the Reflection Tells You... By Len Wright, 9.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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3 Responses to “Notice What the Reflection Tells You… By Len Wright”

  1. Lea says:

    Great article, and I thank you. Impressing me isn’t difficult, but impressing others who ‘pooh-pooh’ the idea(s) is another story. :)

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  2. Isabella says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder of what’s true. And isn’t it wonderful that when we do the inner work and make changes, everything outside of us changes too?! It’s an end of the need to change others – which is futile/impossible/uninvited – and the realisation that it’s all up to us (me & you), with our viewpoint/choices/thoughts/actions.

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  3. Vincent Royet says:

    Great article on something we tend to forget: self-observation of our thoughts is essential. We should constantly be in a state of alert and real consciousness. We have a tendency to identify with our thoughts and be fascinated, or rather mesmerized by them, which induces our conscience (state of awakening)to go to sleep. Our egos are so strong that they will very often try to take control. They will compell us to identify with these thoughts whereas we should remain the one which observes the thoughts instead of identifying with what is observed.

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