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Reduce Stress by Boosting Your Creativity – 25 Tips Free Mini E-book

Boosting Your Creativity

Does stress quell our creativity?  When we are stressed, no matter the cause, our minds signal our body there is danger and we speed into fight or flight mode. Hormones are released and blood is rushed from our brain to our bodies to bring optimal response to the perceived danger.

This leaves our minds sluggish and vulnerable to low energy, thoughts of lack and limitation, not to mention self-judgment. Our focus can narrow and with this  tunnel-vision we become cognitively predisposed to habitual behaviors.  It also leaves less resources for creative thinking.

The good news is that reducing stress can boost creativity AND being more creative reduces stress! Whether you are naturally creative  or this is a stretch of your neural pathways, we’ve got some great tips to help you access and animate your creative talents!

Try these strategies to Reduce Stress by Boosting Your Creativity  (right click and save as)… and let us know what works for you!

25 Strategies to Boost Your Creativity

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Reduce Stress by Boosting Your Creativity - 25 Tips Free Mini E-book, 7.5 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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