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3 Great Ways to Raise Your Vibration by Kevin Schoeninger

Do you ever get a worry in your mind that you just can’t seem to shake?  Or maybe a feeling of frustration, anger, fear, or sadness comes out of nowhere and changes how you feel about everything.  Maybe those thoughts and feelings are accompanied by chronic tensions in your neck or back that reduce your world to a small place of pain and discomfort.  Sometimes all of these combine to create an overall state of stress or depressed energy.  In this article, we’ll explore three ways you can shift your inner state to feel more relaxed, positive, clear, confident, and inspired—what I like to call a Core Energy State.

One of the most promising findings of current neuroscience is that your body and brain have a magnificent and life-long ability to adapt, change, and grow.  We used to think that how we think, feel, and act, and the results we get in life, were strongly determined by our genes or our upbringing—nature or nurture.  We’re now discovering that we can trump both of these by what we consciously do now—in our thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions.  Certainly, our genes and upbringing give us a range of possibilities, but what we do with these and the extent to which we can grow what we truly desire is greatly up to us—right here and now.

Let’s look at three ways that you can take charge of your inner world to create the life you truly desire.

A first thing you can do is become aware of your thoughts and choose which ones you’ll focus on.  Now, you may think that your thoughts just happen to you.  They are like an inner voice that speaks in your head—uninvited by you.  There’s certainly some truth to that.  You aren’t going to control every thought that pops into your mind.  However, you can take charge of which thoughts you consciously give energy to.  As you become aware of the stream of words in your head, you’ll find that you can either entertain whatever comes into your mind or you can consciously focus on specific thoughts and images.

As you start to notice the thoughts in your head, you may realize that what you think affects how you feel.  As you tune into your feelings, you may start to notice certain patterns.  For example, you may have certain feelings when you wake up every day, when you go to work, or when you interact with specific people.  Did you know that you can consciously choose your feeling state as well?  For example, how do you feel if you choose to smile?  Go ahead and give that a try.  Just smile. . . How do you feel?

In a similar way, you can consciously tune into the sensations inside your body.  Many people do not notice how tense they are until they really pay attention to the sensations in their muscles.  Did you know that you can consciously release that tension and relax your body, just like you can consciously choose your thoughts and feelings?  When you do that you release amazing amounts of energy that you can use to grow what you want in life.

One of the most powerful ways to consciously “tune into” and “learn to choose” your thoughts, feelings, and physical state is to practice meditation.   In meditation, you discover that, as you turn your attention inward to notice your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, you can use specific cues to quiet your mind, calm your emotions, and relax your body.

As you begin to shift your inner state, you discover that underneath all the worrisome thoughts, troublesome feelings, and tight muscles you can find a relaxed, positive, clear, confident, and inspired state of being.  You can experience an inner calm and clear knowing that feels amazing.  This is a universal human experience available to everyone that I call a Core Energy State.  In a practice I teach called Core Energy Meditation™ you learn how to raise your vibration like that at will, at any time.

Now, that all sounds great, but you may wonder if it’s really possible for you.  I invite you to explore that for yourself by trying what I call The Core Energy Technique.  In a few short minutes, you’ll get a taste of what you can experience in Core Energy Meditation™.

To discover what it’s like to experience a powerful, positive Core Energy State Click Here


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    Hi Kevin, I agree it makes a big difference to your wellbeing if you can be sensitive to small changes in tension and clarity in your body and mind. Thanks for the gift.

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