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Radical Aliveness with Richard Moss

Today, in this moment, we have been blessed with the most amazing gift.

Today we have the ability to  reach out and touch the present moment.

As I listened to the recording of Richard Moss speak to Jennifer Mclean on Healing with the Masters I became aware of a stillness within me.

And then I went to Richard’s website, www.richardmoss.com and signed up for his 5 week ecourse

And I allowed my self the full experience of part 1 – the reading, the journalling, the activity, and the audio.

And I write to you now – from this place of knowing that this moment, now, is where I begin.

That all that I am is new and alive and connected.

I write to you from a space of knowing that the ego may continue to work to pull our belief of what we are into the past, or the future, or into a sense of me or you and yet…

All of that disappears when we come back to the only space that  can ever really be

That place that exists NOW.

Our life begins Now

and Now

and Now

What an amazing, expansive, phenomenal space this is.

What a tremendous gift.

I invite you to visit www.richardmoss.com and sign up for his 5 week free ecourse and join me on this amazing journey back who I am

Back to the center

And if you want even more of Richard Moss’s teachings check out his new book,Mandala of Being

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2 Responses to “Radical Aliveness with Richard Moss”

  1. Judy says:

    I, too, have started the 5 week course from Richard Moss. Today, I opened my mail box and lesson 2 is ready for me to begin. I cannot tell you the difference I feel just from the first lesson, and in the understanding of the mandala. This is truly an amazing teaching, and I am grateful for this coming into my life. I got the book The Mandala of Being from the library yesterday,not that far into it,but what I have read so far is fascinating and resonates within me.

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