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*Quantum Physics* Life As You Know It Does Not Exist….

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It always amazes me – what happens when I watch videos like this – and when I begin to contemplate the meaning of what is being discussed.

Often my rational mind gets upset and begins to argue against what is being said – sometimes it creates a sensation I call “brain fog” – making it difficult to move too deeply into the teachings – forcing me to stop and take a break – to do something else.

It’s what happens when I “think about it” too much

On the other hand – when I decide to play – miracles happen.

I am not sure but I believe it is because the rational mind gets fooled by the “laughter” , the play – somehow it doesn’t think it’s important and so it lets its guard down and allows the miracles to flow.

A few weeks ago I was on a two lane road with a friend when we got behind a gentleman driving 20 miles below the speed limit.  In a playful mood we decided to just “create” a way to get around him.  For a moment we became like children – allowing laughter to flow as we made our request.

The words hadn’t left our lips before a turn off lane appeared out of nowhere – and the car in front of us took it

I would love to read your stories – either “simple” like the one above – or big ( “light poured from the sky and an  angel appeared and….) that have provided evidence to you that nothing is quite what it seems…..

(to watch directly on youtube: Quantum Physics)

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