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Napoleon Hill’s Weird “Invisible Counselor Technique” and Why it Inspired (and Scared) So Many People by Vishen Lakhiani

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When Napoleon Hill published “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937, it wasn’t as critically acclaimed as it is today. But it’s since gone on to become one of the most quoted, read and critically acclaimed personal growth books ever. Yet despite written for an audience that had never heard of things like “meditation”, the book contained one technique that was highly controversial.

It is called the “Invisible Counselors Technique”. Napoleon Hill claimed that it allowed him to tap into the imaginary minds of anyone living or passed one, to source ideas and inspirations.

Napoleon Hill admits to having spiritual meetings with Jesus, Lincoln, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Homer, Newton, Burban, Edison and William James, among others.

Hill said “while the meetings of my cabinet may be purely fictional , and the meetings existent only in my own imagination, they have led me into glorious paths of adventure, rekindled an appreciation of true greatness, encouraged creative endeavor, and emboldened the expression of honest thought.”

Later, publishers edited out parts of this chapter, fearing that Hill’s audience might question his sanity. Personally, I think Hill was ahead of his time.

What’s so cool (and so strange) about this technique? Watch the video…

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Napoleon Hill’s Weird “Invisible Counselor Technique” and Why it Inspired (and Scared) So Many People by Vishen Lakhiani, 9.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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3 Responses to “Napoleon Hill’s Weird “Invisible Counselor Technique” and Why it Inspired (and Scared) So Many People by Vishen Lakhiani”

  1. This is the second time that I have seen this video in a few days because I subscribe to Vishen’s Finer Minds ezine (He is the person speaking in the video). This time something clicked for me though. The book Think and Grow Rich is based on years of research on very successful people. Napoleon Hill is a skilled researcher and he has studied many successful people, so he will know how people would respond in many situations.

    My blog is called the Invisible Mentor, and an invisible mentor is a unique leader you can learn things from by observing them from a distance. With advances in internet and other online technologies, once information exists, almost anyone can be your invisible mentor, both dead and alive.

    I have been talking about this on my blog and I show people how to choose their invisible mentors. I say that you should know a lot about your invisible mentors so that you could ask and answer the question, “What would XYZ do in this situation?” Because you are so steeped in XYZ, you can predict how they’d react.

    Hill didn’t have access to the internet, but he spent a couple of decades studying success, so he was immersed in the subject and had accumulated a substantial body of knowledge in the area. That could be an explanation for Napoleon Hill. And, his subconscious mind had a place to start, and was then able to build on what he already knew. Because of his specialized knowledge, and his general life knowledge, he is better able to identify more creative solutions than people who did not spend the time to study the topic that they are interested in. He is also able to fill in the gaps and make connections where none existed before.

    I am a researcher, and based on 15 years of research experience, I can often fill in the gaps when information is missing and this is something that I do without thought. I am also able to make connections among disparate pieces of information. It’s a skill that I have.

    I think if someone wants to learn how perhaps Steve Jobs would solve a certain problem, I think that a place to start is to read up about Steve Jobs, so that their subconscious mind a place to start.

    That’s my two cents worth.

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  2. Shankar says:

    I first read Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich in1979. I followed the six steps described in that book and achieved my financial target during 2001.(My target date was 31st Dec 2000). I never used the Invisible Technique at that time. Thanks to Vishen, I have decided to use that technique, starting today.
    I have added the video clip to my list of Favourites on YouTube.

    Shankar, India

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