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Psychic Self Defense by John W Hill

This section is introduced at this point at the request of those who have taken this course. They have all found that the practice of meditation and raising energy does increase their awareness. They become more aware of energies, forces, and interactions than they were before. Becoming more sensitive can also mean becoming, or at least feeling, more vulnerable. We interact energetically with each other in non-physical and often unconscious ways. Some of these interactions involve destructive energy and some involve constructive energy.

  • There are non-physical intelligent beings that interact energetically with us.
  • Some of these non-physical beings are souls of departed terrestrial humans.
  • Some of these non-physical intelligences are not human.
  • Some non-physical intelligences are predatory or negative in character.
  • Some non-physical intelligences are benevolent in character.

All of the sensational movies and horror flicks that you may have had the misfortune to see are garbage and do not represent reality. Non-physical intelligent beings are real and come in a wide variety of types and characters ranging from divine, enlightened, and benevolent to parasitic and destructive.

There is a basic principle that defines the kind of friends you have, the kind of associates that you have, and the environment that you reside in. That is, “Like attracts like and like associates with like.” There is also an issue of vulnerability. Predators live an unenviable and dangerous life and they only continue to exist if they are smart enough to identify and exploit vulnerable prey. It is analogous to sharks smelling blood and tracking down the wounded fish for an easy meal. If you are mentally and emotionally vulnerable because of erroneous beliefs, guilt or other complexes you may attract parasitic entities who feed on this energy. This only complicates and exacerbates ones problems and makes it more difficult to deal with and resolve issues.

Sometimes the soul of a departed individual may remain attached to this plane rather than ascend to a higher plane. In the Huna and Cayce models, the conscious mind withdraws into the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind becomes the operative mind. Among entities who remain attached to this plane, their awareness may not be very broad or refined and they may not even know that they are dead. These entities may also have some base attachments to the material plane that is keeping them here. Attachments like addictions to alcohol, sex, drugs, or emotional issues or the possession of material things may be among their reasons for remaining. For example, someone with an addiction to alcohol may hang around a bar and attach themselves to a living being who shares their addiction. That individual then has a second mind exerting will to direct his or her behavior and draining vital energy.

This does not fit the picture of spooky Hollywood dramatized possessions and other nonsense. It is, nevertheless, quite common. Sometimes the attached entities have benign intentions. In other cases, there may be a type of co-dependency relationship between the possessed and the possessor. At any rate, they are both in need of healing. Some professional and shamanic therapists practice “compassionate depossession therapy.” For some background and perspective on this aspect of dealing with attached entities and energy loss, read the book The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession by Edith Fiore.

One key element of protecting ones self is establishing a positive attitude. Recall that like attracts like. If you dwell on angry thoughts and feelings, you actually weaken your energy fields and attract other angry energies, both in physical form and non-physical form. Simply being aware of your thoughts and making choices to disengage negative thinking and replace it with positive thinking goes a long way towards self protection. If you find that difficult, pause and ask yourself why. Also ask yourself if these thoughts are really yours. Changing how we think and make choices is part of our growth process and will be an ongoing development through this entire course.

Another key element of self protection is setting permissions. We are all endowed with free will by our Creator. It is very difficult for other beings, physical or non-physical, to do us harm unless we allow it. Free will is sacred. To think that free will cannot be violated is not entirely correct, however. Think of it as being analogous to a physical confrontation. If you are assaulted by a bully and you give in, you can be certain that the bully will keep returning to continue abusing you. If you say no, you may have to fight to protect yourself, but whether you win or lose, the bully will know that you are not easy pickings and there will be a price to pay for attacking you. He will be motivated to choose easier prey in the future. In the non-physical realm, the fight is conducted through the exercise of will, determination, clear resolve, and choice.

In nature, the most common cause of death among predators is starvation following having their teeth kicked out by dangerous prey. Predators are not stupid; they are very astute in picking vulnerable and easy prey. Individuals who deny permission to have their energy bodies attached and drained are not easy prey. This applies to physically embodied entities as well. If you have an attitude and determination that you will defend and protect yourself without compromise, people who might ordinarily hang around you to absorb some of your energy will stay away. You don’t even have to say anything.

Here is a sample affirmation for setting permission:

“I hereby revoke all permissions that I may have given, consciously or unconsciously, to any entity, being, intelligence or thing to influence my thoughts or take any of my energy. Be gone and stay gone!” You may wish to experiment with combining this assertion with EFT.

Another way of setting boundaries and permission is to use visualization. Here are two examples:

(1) Visualize a blue egg or blue orb. Clearly define what its presence means – that is – it is a region where only you have permission to be, a region where all entities, beings, intelligences, things, or energies are forbidden, a region where you are always safe. If you spend some time creating this space and defining its meaning, you can apply it in an instant without any further effort, like a reflex. When you need to, simply call the blue egg into view and step inside it.

(2) Perform the same procedure only use a blue circle rather than a blue orb. When you sense an intrusive consciousness or energy intruding upon you, pause, visually draw the blue circle around yourself and assert your permissions affirmation. The effect can be quite dramatic.

An attacking entity can avoid the effort and cost of attempting to violate ones free will if they can obtain permission or agreement from the intended victim. This is generally accomplished by disinformation, lying, deceit, deception, manipulation, baiting, withholding information, and remaining invisible and hidden. If an attack is visible and recognizable for what it is, free will can be activated and resistance engaged. To protect ones self, one must develop the habit of looking at everything with a sense of penetrating awareness rather than unconscious acceptance or passive ignorance.

Another factor in vulnerability to attack is ones vital energy level. Those with higher vital energy are more difficult to attack than those with depleted energy. Sharks can sense, find, catch, and eat an injured fish easier than a healthy fast one. It is the same story in a different format. Practicing the techniques presented in this class will assist the practitioner in enhancing their vital energy and overall health and strength.

You may have noticed that there are some people who either project negative or attack energy, or parasitically draw energy from you. You may become more aware of this as your sensitivity increases. When you are aware that this is happening, you can intervene and stop it. Your improving sensitivity is your friend, not your liability. Using the techniques above for setting permissions is generally effective. You will be more effective if you simply act decisively rather than react emotionally.

The ultimate in self protection is to shift ones frequency to the Source, as in focused meditation. All predatory and destructive consciousnesses are associated with a separation from the Infinite and cannot follow. If you take this step, you become invincible.

The following experience was offered by one of the course participants:

One winter of my youth I was living in New Orleans following a dream of working with horses. On weekends I would visit the many art galleries in the French Quarters and have a long walk home. On this day I was passing a window with a large sign offering Tarot Readings. Currious, I knocked on the door and was greeted by a woman that I instinctively knew to stay away from. I told her I was just inquiring about her fee. She was very aggressive with a clinging kind of desperateness pointing out this negative energy surrounding and trying to harm me. She warned me that I must allow her to remove it. I knew it wasn’t so and again I told her I just stopped by to inquire about her fee, knowing I wouldn’t return.

That night something attacked me while I was sleeping. I’ve never had this happen before. I was struggling for my life but paralyzed at the same time. I couldn’t open my eyes or lift a finger. Whatever entered my body was overwhelming and powerful with intent. Eventually I broke free but was exhausted, sweating and afraid to go back to sleep, but too tired to stay awake. I didn’t know how to protect myself.

This happened to me about 4 times that week and for obvious reasons I thought about the Tarot reader and her warnings. I was sure she sent her dogs after me to scare me into returning for her services. I eventually began to notice that the more I panicked in the struggle its grip seemed stronger and the more exhausted I became. One morning while meditating on this I asked for guidance and the answer came to me.

I knew that I needed to stay in my core essence, one with source and affirm with decree that “I Am love and I Am light , , all energies not of this essence must leave my presence NOW.”

Soon I had the opportunity to put this into practice. It was very empowering realizing that these dogs (fear and control) no longer had anything to feed on. The results were quick and complete as I expanded outward they slid away like hitting Teflon. I didn’t have to fight with anything. I only had to BE clearly in my I Am center and give the command. ….

This awareness was the beginning of learning to carry the medicine of the shield.
I offer this story that it may serve anyone who finds them self in a similar situation.

— Talitha

Lesson Objectives

  • Read the article on Psychic Self Defense.
  • Read the book Practical Psychic Self Defense by Robert Bruce.
  • Pay attention to people, places, situations that you can associate with feeling discouraged, depressed, fatigued, or fearful. List these in your journal.
  • Apply the techniques in the lesson to one item at a time and note the results.
  • You may also want to apply the EFT procedure to some situations. Not all negative situations and energy drains come from attacks.
  • Cultivate an awareness of which situations involve an intentional attack, unconscious attack, or are the result of your own internal complexes.
  • Continue your Meditation practice.

Additional Reading

The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession by Edith Fiore

Practical Psychic Self-Defense: Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences by Robert Bruce

John W Hill is the Author of Changing the Paradigm and creator and genius behind http://1paradigm.org where he offers a comprehensive FREE course – Recommended

A paradigm is a way of thinking with a set of assumptions and boundaries that define what is possible, what is not possible, and how things work. Paradigms are built on other paradigms. At the heart of it all are two core paradigms that explain everything that is destructive in our world and everything that is constructive. From this understanding, a path is presented for shifting the dominant paradigm to the constructive win-win way. This path is one of personal growth and transformation. The book is a training manual for healers, spiritual warriors, seekers and finders. It is a practical course based on the real experiences of real people. The content draws on Judeo-Christian, Eastern, Native American, Mystical and Shamanic traditions. The application of this training is both a personal growth process, and by extension, a method of contributing to a major paradigm shift.

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7 Responses to “Psychic Self Defense by John W Hill”

  1. Leila says:

    I found this post very interesting. It had some good ideas for protecting your increased sensitivity. I liked the blue egg idea a lot. Thanks.

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  2. The question is, can we really influence someone else. Just try to influence a friend in a positive way, but you can’t, if he/she wants to stay in his little hut and doesn’t want to change anything. How could you possibly change anyone in a negative way?

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  3. Arun says:

    Can anyone elaborate about energy vampires
    My parents ( My father) are of the same kind Can that be true true. As he is always ready to help in his own way, roaming in the house, making others emotionally, mentally, financially weak and dependent. Focusing on the weak aspect of family members thus making mockery out of the situation. Making us uncompetitive by praising and comparing with others. Clutter collection in the house. Money wastage. No proper usage of house hold things. Not respecting or using the things brought by us. Keeping 2nd to 3rd hand furniture. Making his wife bedridden by not allowing to work or encouraging not to work physically and mentally. He is really a bastard. How to get rid of this bastard and negativity of the house.

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  4. [...] a starting point, read the section on Psychic Self Defense and the preceding material. In general, people who possess self confidence are less vulnerable. [...]

  5. sher says:

    v interesting and useful…thank u.

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  6. Lynn says:

    Please post this information for Arun (above)
    I too had an evil step-father.
    Go to youtube.com and type in the search bar this title: How to pray against Evil spirits (Demons) and listen to it. It is very powerful and works immediately. I repeat(say it out loud) the prayer as it is spoken. I have NEVER had such immediate results. It states that you will feel peace immediatley. This, I experienced immediately. Play it as often as you feel a need to do so and say it out loud. This prayer gets the dark forces off you and the family immediately and you will feel it immediately.
    I found a spiritual removal treatment that also works immediately as well. What you do is get a porcelin bowl or metal bowl, pour two tablespoons of Epsum Salts into it and two tablespoons of Rubbing Alcohol into the bowl, make sure that you cover all of the Epsum Salts with the Rubbing Alcohol so that it burns evenly. Place a pot holder under the bowl as it gets very hot when you light the contents with a match. So light a match and throw it into the bowl of Epsum Salts and Rubbing Alcohol… let it burn and die out. Open the doors of the home to allow the darkness or negative entities to quickly escape you home. If you have dogs or cats put them is the room where you are burning the solution. Pay attetion to you loving pets as they can see the entities that often attach themselves to homes and people like your negative father. The pets will watch the dark forces leave immediately. So pay attention to you pets and you will notice them leaving by following your pets view of the darkness leaving or running for the front door of the home. This work wonders, however, if the entities have an attachment to the house they will use the dominent family member to reak havic on the other members of the home so you may have to do this several times a week or when your father starts acting up and misbehaving.If he is home do this treatment in private.If you are selling your vacent home or buying an older home use this treatment as well to get rid of the residual energies from the past residence occupying the new home.

    Regarding your father: The prayer above should take care of his negative behavior immediately (as it steals his power and neutralizes all of his negative thoughts, energies or spiritual attachments) you may also find your father leaving the house more often and staying away for longer periods of time. He may even want to move the family to another home, if so keep using the prayer.Believe me it works!

    Also on youtube.com type in the search bar: The Spirit Attachment Removal Special Edition CD.(This is by Dr. Mitchel Gibson)This helps as well. The prayer works the fastest (abovr)! Best of luck and thanks for sharing.

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  7. Mohammed says:

    I amazed by the correctness of all information presented here, but there is one thing i would to explain our view about. You mentioned: Some of these non-physical beings are souls of departed terrestrial humans. The correct in my opinions is these souls are property of god and goes back to his custody once human died. The one we interact are our demonic avatars that were created by the god are put us in
    test for the good and bad and they do, in fact look like us and know every thing about us becausr they are 24 hours accompnaied us. but they are not our souls. They were given direct access to the our sibconscious by thr command of god. God has also givens us a ways to defeat them by prayers and closr bond with the god.

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